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Madlax-Capital All-Stars

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New Maryland State Teams Starting Fall 2015. Register Today!

The Top Players from Maryland & Virginia will be Invited to play on Madlax-Capital starting Fall 2015.

New Virginia State Teams Starting Fall 2015. Register Today!

Welcome to the Madlax All-Stars Academy Program


Madlax All-Stars Academy is a Comprehensive Elite Lacrosse and  Character Building Program for Boys.

Madlax offers a complete all-stars program for boys ages 8-18 in Virginia, Maryland, DC, Florida and California. Please visit those sites directly and check out the appropriate seasonal page for information.

Our All-Stars program progression starts with a Madlax Regional All-Stars team that offer 1-3 teams for each graduation year or youth age level. Generally, we offer teams for 3rd-12th graders. Once you make a regional program (California, Capital, Maryland, Virginia or Florida) the best players in each grade will be recommended and considered for the national teams for each graduation year. We also have partner programs from Texas, Oregon, Michigan and Canada. Then, finally, the pinnacle is achieved if you are recommended and invited to play for the Madlax NATIONALS Team which is comprised of only 25-30 of the best players in any grade from any Madlax regional program. 

Play With Passion - MADLAX

Main Reasons to Tryout & Play for a Madlax Regional All-Star Team


  • Very competitive All-Star Program well-established since 1999
  • Respected and renowned by college coaches
  • Amazing college placement record of over 275 boys and counting
  • College Recruiting Directors on staff to consult every player and family throughout the process. 
  • Unique 'academy' year-round teaching that increases skill development rate, while also enabling multi-sport play
  • Advanced, up-tempo, organized and professional practices
  • Same offensive and defensive system nationwide at all levels across all programs
  • High level offenses and defenses similar to what top colleges use today
  • National Team advantage to experience playing with the best players from all Madlax regional programs (MD, VA, FL, CA) and Partner Programs (Canada, OR, MI, TX) on a true national team in some of the most competitive tournaments in the country
  • Quality positional and team coaching from college and high school coaches at all levels
  • C.A.S.E. Program. Character-Attitude-Success-Effort all emphasized  
  • Guest Play in tournaments in another region to supplement tournaments and potentially play at higher levels in different parts of the country 
  • Madlax All-Star Teams are invited to the most prestigious and elite high school recruiting events nationally like: Black Card, Platinum Cup, Nike Blue Chip, NSCLA, CrabFeast, Crabs Young Guns, UA Shootout, IL Invitational & More. 
  • Competitive pricing with fellow clubs in each region and considering our quality level of coaching, advanced players, professionalism, national platform and all of these reasons listed above, we feel playing for Madlax All-Stars is also a GREAT VALUE!
Madlax Defender, Will Rock.

Will Rock, 2017 LSM, UVA Commit, locking down an attackman.

Capital Area MADLAX All Stars Registration

FALL 2015 REGISTRATION is OPEN for New & Returning Players!

Madlax-Capital All-Stars Alumni at Loyola showing off their 2012 D1 National Championship hardware. (Left to Right) Derek Zook '10, Paul Hummer '11, Thomas Robinson '10

Madlax All-Stars Academy lacrosse teams are made up of elite level boys ages 8-18 (3rd-12th graders) from Virginia, Maryland, DC, Florida and California. Madlax All-Star teams attend national recruiting tournaments and elite level all-star tournaments in the spring, summer, fall and even winter. Madlax coaches and staff all emphasize our C.A.S.E. (Character, Attitude, Success, Effort) initiative in every aspect of our all-stars academy. Madlax is the only lacrosse all-star program in the world that has a dedicated character development segment. We cover college recruiting exposure, advanced skill development, and overall character growth through the high school and junior high school years. Madlax has placed over 375 of our student-athletes in excellent academic NCAA D1, D2 and D3 colleges with strong lacrosse programs. 

Madlax All-Stars is an original member of the NSCLA (National Scholastic Club Lacrosse Association) which is made up of the top 20 clubs from across the country. Madlax offers a true National Team and a national development program for boys from all regional club teams. Madlax players throughout the country have the opportunity to play on the National Teams in the best recruiting and all-star level tournaments each season, such as The Platinum Cup, Black Card Showcase, UA Shootout, NSCLA, CrabFeast, Crabs Young Guns and more. Madlax offers year round positional and speed workouts that are part of a comprehensive academy program unmatched in the country. Madlax has some of the best coaches in each region who teach the game clearly and with methods that make playing extremely fun, as well as learning the game of lacrosse at a high level. Many of our head coaches have impressive high school or college coaching experience.

Madlax is a founding member for both the National Scholastic Club Lacrosse Association (NSCLA) and the National Premier Youth Lacrosse League (NPYLL). The NSCLA and the NPYLL are the most competitive high school club and youth club organizations in the country. Madlax-Capital All-Stars compete in the NPYLL in the spring which is considered to be the most competitive youth league in the nation. The competition and integrity of these leagues is unmatched. Join Madlax now to participate against teams in these exclusive organizations. Click links to learn about each.


It's NOT too late to register for new Madlax state team tryouts. You must tryout in your state to be invited for Madlax-Capital.

Madlax is excited to announce the formation of two new state programs that are part of Madlax-Capital. It all starts this fall 2015! 

Click the new Madlax State Logo below to learn more and to REGISTER FOR FALL 2015 TRYOUTS! 

How It Will Work:

  • If you live in Maryland you must attend tryouts in Maryland. If you live in Virginia you must attend tryouts in Virginia. All returning and new players must attend state team tryouts. 
  • We will create new Madlax-Maryland & Madlax-Virginia All-Star grade-based teams in 3rd-10th grades. 11th & 12th graders currently in Madlax-Capital will remain in Madlax-Capital. 
  • The best players from Maryland & Virginia will be invited for Madlax-Capital which will be a AAA level team and one of the best teams in the nation. Madlax-MD & Madlax-VA teams will be AA level and one of the best teams in the state!
  • Madlax-Capital players can play for Madlax-Maryland & Madlax-Virginia in local games, league and tournaments throughout the year when Madlax-Capital is off. Madlax-Capital will have a different schedule year round than Madlax-MD or Madlax-VA.  
  • Invites for Madlax-Capital Start August 1, 2015 for current players and continue after fall tryouts for " NEW" players until Madlax-Capital rosters are full.
  • Madlax-Maryland & Madlax-Virginia players can be "called up" at any point throughout the year!