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MadLax All-Stars Winter Season

For Advanced 3rd-12th Grade Boys
2016-2025 Graduation Years
The Premier Boys Lacrosse Travel Program in the Greater DC area...and top 5 in the nation!


Madlax All-Stars have many outstanding lacrosse opportunities this winter. Please read the opportunities and details outlined below in the program. If you have a stick in your hands this winter we want it with your Madlax coaches and teammates, not in a local modified lacrosse league with a rec team. We need to stick together as a premier club and improve properly!  Winter is the season of the year to fine tune your skills, get stronger and get faster for the upcoming spring outdoor season. Madlax will help you achieve that.

One of the best ways to improve skills and overall lacrosse game is to play Real Canadian Box Lacrosse. In the 2015-16 winter season Madlax All-Stars will be playing a LOT of Box Lax. We have seen major advantages the last few years and now Madlax players have sharper skills, can finish better especially inside or on the crease, understand picks, slips and rolls and cuts more than most players on competing field teams. Our defense has actually improved the most as we force our defenders to play with their feet and use short sticks all winter.

If you are new and want to tryout to join Madlax All-Stars you are welcome and that is great. New players can register to tryout this winter for Madlax All-Stars if you are currently in 3rd-8th grades (or U9 - U15). We offer "rolling tryouts" all year until our rosters are full and strong and closed. We will simply evaluate and tryout players in workouts or in actual CBLL games throughout the winter. Please email us to arrange a tryout

Madlax Winter Season Program

We are giving Madlax All-Star families four options this winter season. We are confident these options best prepare your sons for the spring season with their high school teams or with Madlax All-Stars!

Winter Season Details:
1. Capital North Stars Travel Box Team
Learn more and register for upcoming tryouts here,

This winter we want to all our field players in Madlax All-Stars to tryout to play for the newly established Capital North Stars Box Travel Team for 4th-12th graders. If you are not playing a winter team sport for your high school or town rec program, we strongly feel that Box Lacrosse on the North Stars team SHOULD BE YOUR WINTER SPORT!  8 practices and 3 tournaments included! It is going to fun, exciting and you will get so much better. We have experienced box coaches. If you can't make tryouts we'll arrange a tryout for you during a practice in December. Learn more and register for upcoming tryouts here,

2. CBLL-Capital Box Lacrosse League
Learn more and register here to play in this league,

The CBLL-Capital Box Lacrosse League is a games only league and has been moved to Saturdays only! If you make Capital North Stars you get to play in CBLL for FREE! We want every Madlax All-Star player playing in this league. If you play with your rec team in a weak modified lacrosse league this winter that must be in addition to this! We will keep Madlax boys together on same age teams. Madlax players get better faster because they play with and against better competition plus they receive advanced coaching! The coaching in this league will be by professionals who understand how to teach box lacrosse. Learn more and register here to play in this games only league,

To learn about all of our specialty clinics and to register go here,

If Capital North Stars and CBLL don't fit your schedule we hope you can make some of our weeknight positional and specialty CLINICS which are all held indoors at the Dulles SportsPlex in Sterling, VA.  This winter we offer: Face-Off, Shooting & Dodging, Scoopers, Rippers). Receive 15% off when you register for being part of Madlax All-Stars! Use Code: WinterClinics15 at checkout.   These clinics are an excellent way to get more individual attention from Madlax coaches as you focus on specific aspects of your game. To learn about all of our specialty clinics and to register go here,

4. Winter Workouts - Madlax Academy Practices
FREE for all Madlax players of course. See below for dates and times. These are optional and we will emphasize technique and skill improvement and help get everyone ready for the spring! These sessions have really paid off and help separate our program from the rest out there.  AGAIN, see below for dates and times.

We look forward to a productive and fun winter season for all players in Madlax All-Stars! Please let our program directors, Garett and Matthew, know if you have any questions. Feel free to call us at 703.821.7775 or email us at or

Play With Passion! - Madlax Directors 

2017 Winter Workouts - Madlax All-Stars Schedule

We will combine Madlax-Capital, Madlax-Maryland and Madlax-Virginia players for these outdoor winter workouts. If you are free we expect you to attend. These practices will be lighter contact and positional focused but you should still wear full pads! 

Note: If it is nasty outside or below 40 degrees we will cancel.

Landon School Turf Stadium

Jan. 8 @ Landon - CANCELED
1-2:15pm: 2017-2021 Grad Years
2:15-3:30pm: 2022-2023 Grad Years

Jan. 15 @ Landon - CANCELED
1-2:15pm: 2024-2026 Grad Years
2:15-3:30pm: 2022-2023 Grad Years

Jan. 22 @ Landon 
1-2:15pm: 2024-2026 Grad Years
2:15-3:30pm: 2017-2021 Grad Years

Jan. 29 @ Landon
1-2:15pm: 2017-2021 Grad Years
2:15-3:30pm: 2022-2023 Grad Years
3:30-4:45pm: 2024-2026 Grad Years

Feb. 12 @ Landon
1-2:15pm: 2024-2026 Grad Years
2:15-3:30pm: 2017-2021 Grad Years
3:30-4:45pm: 2022-2023 Grad Years

Feb. 19 @ Landon
1-2:15pm: 2024-2026 Grad Years
2:15-3:30pm: 2022-2023 Grad Years
3:30-4:45pm: 2017-2021 Grad Years

Feb 26. @ Landon
Spring Season Starts for 2021-2026, 2nd-8th graders. 2017-2020 is off until summer. Register here,

Play With Passion! - Madlax Directors

ICAL & NGIN APP - Calendars for Madlax Teams

EVERYTHING FOR YOUR SON; practices, games, tournament with all details are posted on the Calendar & mobile APP for your team. We update it almost daily. We strongly encourage you to follow your sons team(s) using both of these features. 

Mobile APP
SportsEngine, SE, our website host company, provides Madlax a FREE, robust and cool mobile APP to Madlax families. Be sure to download the APP on your phones and follow your sons team! From your IPhone or Google Play Store simply search for SportsEngine. After installing the APP be sure follow your sons team. Be sure to turn on notifications and alerts so you are made aware of all updates! 

From your main desktop computer, you should copy the ICAL URL below (beginning with word webcal....) for the specific team that you want to follow. Then paste it to your google calendar or MAC Calendar. If your phone is linked to your desktop which it likely is already, you will get the team schedule on your IPhone or android phone calendar. Then all updates will happen automatically when we make changes.

ICAL URL: Calendar Feeds to Copy:
2018 Capital:  webcal://
2018 MDVA:   webcal://
2019 Capital:   webcal://
2019 MDVA:   webcal://
2020 Capital:   webcal://
2020 MDVA:   webcal://
2021 Capital:   webcal://
2021 MDVA:    webcal://
2022 Capital:   webcal://
2022 MDVA:    webcal://
2023 Capital:   webcal://
2023 MDVA:    webcal://
2024 Capital:   webcal://
2024 MDVA:   webcal://
2025 Capital:   webcal://
2026 Capital:   webcal://