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Madlax-DMV All-Star Team Seasons

Click each season image above to learn more and to register for tryouts or for the upcoming season.

Watch the Video below highlighting the Year 2014 for most Madlax-Capital teams.

How It Works:

  • If you live in Maryland or DC you must attend tryouts in Maryland. If you live in Virginia you must attend tryouts in Virginia. All returning and new players must attend state team tryouts. 
  • We will create new Madlax-Maryland & Madlax-Virginia All-Star grade-based teams in 3rd-10th grades. Ideally, we will have one Madlax-Capital, one Madlax-Virginia & one Madlax-MD team per grade. We will create combined state teams called, Madlax-MD/VA, for certain grades that only have enough for two teams. Capital will always have a grade based team. 
  • The best players by position from Maryland & Virginia will be invited for Madlax-Capital which is a AAA level team and one of the best teams in the nation. Madlax-MD & Madlax-VA teams will be AA or A level and one of the best teams in the state!
  • Madlax-Maryland & Madlax-Virginia teams will only practice in their home states. MD/VA and Capital Teams will move practices around more based on majority geography of each roster.
  • Invites for Madlax-Capital continue throughout the year for current players but are usually after seasonal tryouts for " NEW" players until Madlax-Capital rosters are full.
  • Madlax-Maryland & Madlax-Virginia players can be "called up" to Capital at any point throughout the year based on skill improvement, effort and commitment ! 
  • Madlax All-Stars coaches will directly coach VA, MD and Capital so as to get a better feel for every boy and thus give him greater depth of coaching and opportunity to be recognized and advanced through our program.