2017 Game Re-Caps:

Saturday, December 9, 2017 (Week 1)

Game 1:
Stealth - 11
Bandits - 4
MVP: Will Swezey
In the first game of the 2017-2018 CBLL season, future elite division, the Stealth pulled away early led by Hank Maddux’s 2 goals, 2 assists, and 5 ground balls. In this physical match, Will Swezey, normally a defenseman in field lacrosse, scored 2 goals, and won 4 faceoffs for the Bandits. The Stealth will face an equally hot Roughnecks team in week 2!

Game 2:
Roughnecks - 5
Rush - 1
MVP: Evan Williams
Evan Williams scored 2 goals and had 5 ground balls in the Roughnecks opening game of the season. This game remained close early but the Roughnecks slowly added to the lead by the second half. Chase Robertson had 1 goal and scooped 3 ground balls for the Rush in the defeat.

Game 3:
Rock - 10
Swarm - 5
MVP: Zach Walsh
The Jr. Elite division began with a tightly contested first half, only to have the Rock pull away in the second half securing the week one win over the Swarm. Zach Walsh scored 2 goals and 7 ground balls for the Rock, matching Ethan Engel’s 2 goals and 2 assists for the Swarm.

Game 4:
Evergreen - 4
Cavaliers- 5
MVP: Kyle Iamsuri
The Cavaliers were able to hold off Evergreen in the second match of the Jr. Elite division after stellar performances in goal. This defensive battle kept the game tight throughout.  Kyle Iamsuri had 30 saves in the win, matched by Nick Levy who had 32 saves for Evergreen in the loss. Very good game between two equally tough opponents. 

Game 5:
Gators - 6
Team 6 - 8
MVP: Kenny Ward
In the last game of the Jr. Elite division, Team 6 held on for the win. Andrew Carlineo scored 3 goals and had 5 ground balls for the Gators in the close defeat. Kenny Ward led all scorers with 4 goals for his team, as they took the win behind his stellar performance.

Game 6:
Wings -5
St. Johns Silver -8
MVP: Julius Terrell
The first High School division game was close, physical and full of talent on both teams. St. Johns, led by Julius Terrell’s 4 faceoff wins, 3 goals, 6 ground balls and 2 hits, pulled away in the second half to secure the win. Stefan Zamurovic won 6 faceoffs, had 2 goals, and 5 ground balls for the Wings.

Game 7:
St. Johns Red - 5
Hawks - 6
MVP: Noah Smith
In the most exciting game of the day, the HRYL Hawks took the win in the 8th round of the shootout. The game was physical throughout, with talent on display from both teams. Quinton Young had 40 saves for St. Johns Red, besting Noah Smith’s 35 for the Hawks. These two teams meet again in week 6...mark your calendars fellas!

Game 8:
Falls Church/Marshall - 7
Mammoth -6
MVP: Luke McLean
Falls Church/Marshall, led by Luke Mclean with 4 goals, 7 ground balls, bested Mammoth in the 2nd overtime of the day. Parker Hilton had 28 saves for Mammoth, while Ben Drennan had 3 goals leading all scorers for Mammoth.