Coaches will hand out and clinic jerseys at the first clinic. 

All equipment and gear and more is available at our McLean, VA lacrosse specialty retail store at:
1345 Chain Bridge Road
McLean, VA 22101

or online at

We will require full pads and a complete stick for all groups.  We do not want anyone using fiddlesticks or other mini-sticks so please buy a regulation stick. Madlax store will easily cut sticks down for them the first session. Length should be 37"-39" from the top of head to bottom of shaft for boys ages 5-9. 

Boys Pads/Equipment/Gear
Shoulder Pads
Arm Pads
Complete Stick (not a fiddle or beach stick)
Cleats (soccer cleats or football cleats are great)
Compression shorts under shorts 
Cup (optional) that slides in compression shorts for max comfort