The MADLAX NATIONALS Team is a true elite national lacrosse team comprised of the best players from around the country from any graduation year who play on a Madlax All-Stars regional team (Capital, Virginia, Maryland or Florida). It also has players from our Partner Programs in Texas, Oregon, Maryland, Michigan and Canada. Players not on a Madlax partner or regional program can now apply as well. Players must meet our criteria of being an elite lacrosse player with high character. The Madlax Nationals coaching staff will be in charge of managing and coaching this elite team. Madlax wants players who will appreciate the opportunity to play with extremely talented players in the most competitive tournaments each year. Elite players who share a passion for lacrosse, play hard, have respect for teammates, the game of lacrosse and will have fun playing games will be sought out by the selection committee.

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Play With Passion - Madlax Nationals Coaching Staff

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ROSTERS: East Coast Invitational, Nov. 19, 2017

As of 11.15.17 (will update as necc.)

Madlax Nationals Team #1

# First Name Last Name Position
1 Connor Shellenberger Attack
3 Robert Schain Att/Mid
4 Michael McGraw Attack
5 Taylor Musa Attack
7 William Cory Attack
25 Jeremy Barrett Defense
11 Will McLeish Defense
15 Brad Lenard Defense
17 Bryce Kearney Defense  
18 Dodson Piotrowski Defense  
19 Nick Woodard LSM Mostly
20 John Ludenia III LSM & FO
25 Devin Craven Goalie
22 Zachary Vigue Goalie
23 Jake Cates Mid/Att
NP Ricky  Miezan Midfield
10 Kyle Jung Midfield
25 Emmett Barger Midfield
21 Jonathan Bender Midfield
26 Matthew Kelly Midfield
27 Owen Roegge Midfield
24 Stevie Jones SSDMid
30 Brian  Wilmans Pure FOGO


Madlax National Team #2

3 AJ Stamos Midfield
5 Doug Brooks Defense
6 Dante Trader Midfield & F/O
10 Kuper Jenks-Lawson Att/Mid
14 Jackson Eicher Attack
14 Jack Lee Midfield
15 Ben Lee Defense
16 Michael Laycock Defense
17 Michael Bath LSM & FO
19 Kyle Webster LSM & FO
23 Zebulon Fuller Goalie
24 Nicholas Klos Goalie
24 Jasper Doyle Midfield
25 James Hassett Defense
25 Andrew Poore Midfield
26 Levi Harmsen Attack
26 Jacob Pickett Midfield & F/O
27 Jacob Himeon Attack
27 Sam Crane SSDMid
28 JT Thomas SSDMid
29 Chad Calderwood Pure FOGO
30 Dominick Flora Jr Midfield

Roster: Lake Placid Summit Classic, July 2017

First Name Last Name Position Program Commitment
Joey Epstein Attack Capital Johns Hopkins
Connor McCulloch Attack Capital
Taylor Musa Attack Capital Colgate
Gilbert Sentimore Attack Capital Utah
William McLeish Defense Capital
Kyle Greenfelder Defense Capital
Steven Cornwell Def/LSM Capital Maryland
Gabe Galbraith Def/LSM Sentry Ohio State
Mo Sillah Defense Capital Towson
John Ludenia LSM Capital
Luke Caracciolo Goalie Capital Bryant
Will Sterrett Goalie Capital R.I.T.
Robert Schain Midfield Capital
Zach Johnson Midfield Capital Michigan
John Geppert Midfield Capital Maryland
Austin Stewart Midfield Capital Denver
Ricky Miezan Midfield Capital North Carolina
Stevie Jones SSDM Capital Villanova
David Dorsett SSDM Capital Fairfield
Andrew Tyeryar FOGO Capital Michigan
Brian Wilmans FOGO Capital Colgate


Summer 2017 Tournament:
Lake Placid Summit Classic. July 29-August 2, 2017
Note: We have been officially accepted and invited!

Description of Event
One of the coolest experiences of any lacrosse tournament nationally and we are extremely fortunate to be admitted as a program. The competition will be high level however this will be more than just about lacrosse and winning. The coaches and players will participate in hiking, fishing, swimming and non-lacrosse activities that will create greater levels of bonding with life lasting memories.  Parents are welcome to attend but should stay in another location as all players will stay together with all coaches. The coaches will monitor the boys and make sure they all act in line with Madlax standards.  

Practices/Team Events:
Please arrive as early as possibly on Saturday, July 29th. We will have a practice and team dinner and function on Saturday evening. We expect to practice 1-2 times on Sunday as well. 
We are planning a team hike that includes swimming and fun activities. 

Cost & Registration:  $625.  This covers all rooms, meals, tournament fees and events for the week in Lake Placid and all custom National Team Shorts, Team Shirt & Helmet Decals..  Players will want some spending money for snacks and other miscellaneous items.  When you are posted on the roster for this team you must register to lock your roster spot and make it official. Congrats!

Hotel and Flights:
CLICK HERE FOR TEAM HOTEL. Parents are not expected or required to attend and stay.  All Madlax coaches will stay with the boys and monitor them. 

Video Services:


Fall 2017 Tournament:
East Coast Invitational. Sunday, November 19, 2017

Description of Event:  One of the top High School lacrosse tournaments of the fall circuit.  Held at Landon School in Bethesda, MD.  15 of the best high school teams in the country will be competing.  

Practice:   No Practices

Cost & Registration: $145

Hotel and Flights: Players and Families should fly into one of the 3 airports in the DC metro area.  Hotels will be blocked off during the summer.

Video Services: TBA



Winter 2017-18 Tournament: 
Adrenaline Challenge. January 6-7, 2018. Del Mar, CA
Waves, Beach, Lacrosse!!! This is a once in a lifetime experience. 

Description of Event
Held in southern California on the spectacular Del Mar Polo Fields right near the Pacific Ocean, it is the most beautiful lacrosse tournament in the western US. 75+ Colleges attend and scout. We hope families will arrive Thursday, January 4th as we plan to have a team Surf/Beach Day on Friday, January 5, 2018.

We will practice on 1/5/16 either on or near the beach after we surf and chill all day. 

Cost & Registration:

Hotel and Flights:
Book Flights on own but we recommend arriving 1/3/17 like coaches and staying until at least Sunday night, 1/7/16 as we could be in the Championship Game. 

Book to stay together in THIS HOTEL (coming soon). 

Video Services: TBA