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The Madlax NATIONAL Teams

The Madlax National Program - Summer 2018

The Madlax National Program is introducing a new and exciting experience for its players!  The National Teams have had great success over the past four years since inception, both on and off the field, and the one thing we consistently hear from our partners and players is “WE WANT MORE”!

Our new goal is to provide Madlax National Team Members with a truly exceptional and memorable life experience. So, with that in mind, players will take part in unique non-lacrosse team building exercises (surfing, hiking, swimming, water-skiing, etc.), a longer, more focused elite training camp before each event, leadership seminars and special trips. We will still compete in the very best tournaments in the country but now we will try to attend in nice locations like Lake Placid, California and Florida. Coaches and Directors will emphasize the whole experience especially creating friendships that will hopefully last through college and maybe even beyond which should allow for the wins and championships to take care of itself! It will always remain a huge honor to be selected so we want every Madlax National player to take pride in being selected to be part of our Madlax family and this exciting new National Team approach.   

We will post details about the Summer 2018 Madlax Nationals Experience by March 1st! 

Madlax NATIONALS Summer 2013 Team. The best 25 players any grade from any Madlax regional or partner program.

2012 Madlax Nationals Team

Play for a Madlax Regional Team (Capital, California, Florida) to be considered for this NATIONALS Team.