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Capital North Stars Box Lax Travel Program


The logo is a tribute to DC with the Washington Monument, the North land (or Canada) where Box Lacrosse is king and All-Stars which is what the players who make up the teams will be!

The First BOX LACROSSE All-Star Teams ever in VIRGINIA, DC & MARYLAND

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The 2016-17 season marks our 3rd year as a program and Capital North Stars are now recognized as one of the strongest program in the US!

The Capital North Stars are proud to be the first Canadian box lacrosse travel all-star program in the greater DC Capital area and one of the first on the US!  Founded in fall 2014, these North Stars travel teams are OPEN TO ALL PLAYERS FROM ALL field club programs in the region! To be clear your son does NOT have to be on Madlax All-Stars field team to tryout. Box Lacrosse is a different sport with unique aspects so we want every boy to be able to take advantage, enjoy and play on one incredible team!

Box lacrosse is the best way for young players to learn how to play the game. There are fewer players at one time, they get more touches on the ball, the walls keep the ball in play, they develop their stick skills better in tighter spaces and it is fun to play! This is why you see so many Canadian players dominating the NCAA college ranks these days. They grew up playing mostly box lacrosse and it shows through their superior skill sets. There are very few programs that teach authentic box lacrosse with the same level of quality coaching that the Capital North Stars do and will for years to come.

Ever since Canada beat Team USA in the field lacrosse World Championships in July 2014 there has been a global trend for more Box Lacrosse. Even though Canadians have been having success in colleges since 2000 (ie: North Stars Director & Box Lax Expert Garett Ince) it has become extremely clear there are massive benefits to playing box lax. Clearly if you possess skills like Canadian box players college coaches will notice and you will become a more valuable recruit! So, if you want to become the best possible lacrosse player who can succeed in the modern field lacrosse game at the highest levels you NEED TO ADD BOX LAX skills and concepts to your game! Register for tryouts today!

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Coach Desko, Syracuse Head Coach, " All young kids should play box lacrosse first."

Capital Area MADLAX All Stars Registration

Registration IS OPEN

Joey Epstein, 2018

Connor Shellenberger, 2019

Capital North Stars Box Season Recap 2016-17

Another excellent North Stars winter box season is in the books! Coaches and directors would like to thanks all parents and players for a very fun and exciting season.  All players clearly worked very hard and improved tremendously throughout the winter. Though each team faced adversity at different points in the season, it was a pleasure to witness each team's camaraderie and work ethic from start to finish. We are so proud of the way each team competed while developing critical box lacrosse skills that will undoubtedly enhance their field lacrosse ability this spring and onward! A special congrats to all award winners listed below for the 2016-17 season.


2016-2017 SEASON

Super Elite
Most Valuable Player- Jake Cates
Coaches Award- Brandon Peretin
Most Valuable Player- Leo Cowie
Coaches Award- Roan Schumann and Devin Patnaik
Junior Elite
Most Valuable Player- Owen Hegadorn
Coaches Award- Andrew Morin
Future Elite
Most Valuable Player- Declan McCulloch
Coaches Award- Jack Leland and Peyton Booth
Capital Area MADLAX All Stars Registration

Registration IS OPEN

Madlax is proud to support USBOXLA.

Every player in 2016-17 season will receive this entire set. See entire list of 'what you get' below!

What Every Player Will Receive

We are treating this first ever box lacrosse program first class and professionally. Don't miss this incredible opportunity!

If you make a North Stars team you will receive ALL OF THE FOLLOWING for one price.

  1. At least eight (8) professionally run Box Practices
  2. Three (3) Team Tournaments per team
  3. 25% Discount to the CBLL-Capital Box Lacrosse League (up to 8 more games!)
  4. Authentic Custom Game Box Jersey (see pictured above)
  5. Box Only Lacrosse Helmets ($220 value)
  6. Box Slash/Bicep Pads ($35 value)
  7. Box Hard Plastic Kidney/Rib pads ($60 value)
  8. Box Lax Face Mask and attachment kit ($90 value)
  9. Game Shorts - Custom MadGear
  10. Shooting Shirts - Custom MadGear
  11. Hat - Custom MadGear w/ Northstars Embroidery
  12. Practice Reversibles 
  13. Side Box Helmet Decals - North Stars Logo
  14. Goalie Box Pads head to toe and special Goalie Jersey. ($1400/goalie value)
  15. Season Awards and Final Party.


Shane Cocoran, 2017 Goalie

Ryan McLaughlin, 2015