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Welcome to the 2019 Madlax-Capital Team Page!

You will find the team calendar with all practices and games, rosters, pictures, videos and more. Enjoy!

Head Coach: Garett Ince,, 571-268-7343
Asst. Coach: Blake Hollinger,
Director: Cabell Maddux,, 703-582-5291

Parent Manager: Jim Wilmans, 

2019 Capital Roster - Summer 2017

Connor Shellenberger Attack
Michael McGraw Attack
Taylor Musa Attack
Jackson Reynolds Attack
Robert Schain Attack
William Cory Attack
Bryce Kearney Defense (Close or LSM)
George Schlesinger Defense (Close or LSM)
Coleman Marlatt Defense (Close or LSM)
Dodson Piotrowski Defense (Close or LSM)
Brad Lenard Defense (Close or LSM)
John Ludenia III Defense (Close or LSM) FO
McKay Brue Long Stick Midfield
Devin Craven Goalie
Tim Marcille Goalie
Mitch Laughlin Goalie
Emmett Barger  Midfield
Jonathan Bender Midfield
Jake Cates Midfield
Johnny Hodges Midfield
Matthew Kelly Midfield
Owen Roegge Midfield
Jack Ryan Mid/Att
Miles Tonkel SSDM
Stevie Jones SSDM
Brian  Wilmans Pure FOGO

Recent 2019 Madlax-Capital News

Madlax All-Stars Fall 2017 Tryouts & Season - REGISTER NOW

By Madlax Directors 07/22/2017, 5:15pm EDT

Tryout Dates Posted - New Players Welcome!

The 2017 Madlax All-Stars Fall Season...AMAZING!


Register for tryouts (new players) or the season (returners). New players are always welcome in Madlax every season. 


This fall Madlax plans to field 20 teams between Capital and DMV All-Star Teams. The youngest team will be the 2027 Capital Team (rising 3rd & 2nd graders) and the oldest will be the 2018 Capital Team (rising 12 graders). 

Once again Madlax-Capital teams will attend only the premier recruiting invitation events for 2018-2021 grades. The 2022-2027 grades will attend the most competitive tournaments in the country. Madlax-DMV teams attend top tournaments as well, many the same as Capital teams, and play at a level where they can have success and still be challenged. Regardless, our Madlax teams usually do very well and have had a lot of wins. See some HERE.   

Without question, Madlax has the best coaches in the greater DC area by far. Trained, professional & experienced. They teach intensely and aim to build a passion for lacrosse in our boys.

Finally, Madlax places it's players into NCAA programs at an impressive rate. Over 400 boys have or currently played NCAA lacrosse from Madlax. See all here,


Play With Passion - Madlax Directors