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Welcome to the 2022 Madlax-DMV Team Page

On this page you will find the team calendar with all practices and games, rosters, pictures, videos and more. Enjoy!

Head Coach: Bobby Guill,

Asst Coach:  TBD

General Manager: Harrison Holak,

Parent Manager:  We need a volunteer please for summer so email us at if interested. 


2022 DMV Roster - Fall2017

Rosters will be updated in October

Team        First Name          Last Name
2022 Bob Gross
2022 Will McCulloch
2022 Caulley Deringer
2022 Witt  Crawford
2022 Jack Pilla
2022 Alex Wilson
2022 Wolfi Gottschalk
2022 Grayson Schmidt
2022 Tyler Chadwick
2022 Jackson Galiani
2022 Gavin Levay
2022 Pierce Ryan
2022 Richard Checo
2022 Preston Whitehurst
2022 Briggs Hayes
2022 Tristan Lenard
2022 Ethan Engel
2022 Coy Mills
2022 Nathan Kabiri
2022 Ryder Mattingly
2022 calum wayer
2022 Charlie  Reynolds
2022 Zachary Walsh
2022 Brock Spalding
2022 Victor Salcedo
2022 Gabriel Quantrille
2022 Zachary Lammers
2022 Willie Jacobs
2022 Isaac Cymerman
2022 Harrison daley
2022 Luke Damvakaris
2022 Weston Hicks
2022 Carlos Sue
2022 ishaan sethi
2022 Jack Jones
2022 Chris Brown
2022 Nolan Balducci
2022 Liam O'Grady
2022 Peyton Van Stone
2022 Connor Rooney
2022 Braydon Colliver
2022 William Aiken
2022 Ethan Do
2022 Jack Kolton
2022 Austin Lambert
2022 Jake Melvin
2022 Ryan  Zauner
2022 Michael  Veith
2022 Logan Olazabal

Recent Madlax-Capital News

Madlax All-Stars Fall 2017 Tryouts & Season - REGISTER NOW

By Madlax Directors 07/22/2017, 5:15pm EDT

Tryout Dates Posted - New Players Welcome!

The 2017 Madlax All-Stars Fall Season...AMAZING!


Register for tryouts (new players) or the season (returners). New players are always welcome in Madlax every season. 


This fall Madlax plans to field 20 teams between Capital and DMV All-Star Teams. The youngest team will be the 2027 Capital Team (rising 3rd & 2nd graders) and the oldest will be the 2018 Capital Team (rising 12 graders). 

Once again Madlax-Capital teams will attend only the premier recruiting invitation events for 2018-2021 grades. The 2022-2027 grades will attend the most competitive tournaments in the country. Madlax-DMV teams attend top tournaments as well, many the same as Capital teams, and play at a level where they can have success and still be challenged. Regardless, our Madlax teams usually do very well and have had a lot of wins. See some HERE.   

Without question, Madlax has the best coaches in the greater DC area by far. Trained, professional & experienced. They teach intensely and aim to build a passion for lacrosse in our boys.

Finally, Madlax places it's players into NCAA programs at an impressive rate. Over 400 boys have or currently played NCAA lacrosse from Madlax. See all here,


Play With Passion - Madlax Directors