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Premier Prospects Boys Camp, June 25-28, 2018


Players from every club nationally are welcome to attend and learn advanced concepts from outstanding coaches!

July 25-28, 2018

Jones Branch Park Turf Field in McLean, VA (Tyson Corner Area)
Cost: $240

Who: Rising 3rd-9th Grade Boys. 2021-2028 HS Grad Years. 
For intermediate to advanced level boys of ALL positions. 1st class coaching staff! This camp attracts only the region's premier lacrosse prospects in these grades who want to learn and compete at the highest level in the area and/or country for their age.

See all Bios Here of our incredible coaches & directors for this camp.

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This is a camp where our elite Madlax-Capital All-Stars staff and select guest coaches will teach you in an intense, uptempo playing environment. Emphasis is placed on improving advanced individual skills in the first 90 minutes and then on team skills in final 90 minutes. The boys will work hard and have fun as they compete in most drills.

9:00: Camp Meeting
9:10: Stickwork. Warm-Up the eyes, hands, legs and finish with a complete Dynamic Stretch
9:30: Positional Stations (Goalie, Face-Off, Dodging/Shooting, Defense)
We will do very specific position breakdown and teaching of all advanced concepts. A highly qualified specialist will direct each station!
10:00: Small Group (by age and size) Drills & Competitions. Evens (1v1, 2v2, 4v4), Un-evens (2v1, 3v2, 4v3, 5v4, 6v5), Scrambles, Break-Outs, Rides, Picks, Sliding. Compete!
10:30am: Team Drills: 6v6 Live Compete.
Team Offensive Sets. On and off-ball motion, cutting, spacing, picking, Slips, dodging, finishing! 
Team Defensive Sets. On and off-ball defense, sliding, 2nd & fill slides, Angles, Talk, Breakouts
11:30: All Camp Game/Competition. Create competitive environment in a fast-paced uptempo game.
11:55: Camp Meeting, Awards & Finish

Shane Corcoran, Madlax 2017 Goalie, Heights, Naval Academy Commit