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Madlax Team Rosters

A Top Program Nationally.

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MADLAX All Stars Registration

Register for Spring 2018 Season Here if you are listed below on a Madlax roster.



All new players who play on any Madlax team will receive a new game jersey and practice jersey to keep. They are the same game jerseys from the fall 2017 so returners keep using the same jerseys. These jerseys will be the official uniform through May 2018. We will hand out new jerseys & shorts to everyone June 1st for the summer which will last for 2 years. 

In the spring new players must buy game shorts, shooter shirts and either madlax helmet wraps or a helmet here, .  In the summer we will provide new game shorts and shooters at no extra cost but not in the spring since summer is our main tryout season.  

Effective Fall 2017, all Madlax players wear a Madlax helmet or put helmet wraps on their current white helmet if they already own a white Cascade S, R or CPX-R helmet.  We will make custom helmet wraps for all 3 Cascade helmets listed above for summer 2018. You will find team helmets, tees, bags, hoodies, sweatpants, hats and more all in store or here,  or at the McLean retail lax store (1345 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA 22101).   

Play With Passion - Madlax Coaches

Roster Explanation:

Our Coaches CAN'T WAIT to coach your boys! 

Madlax is unique in how we handle rosters. We are very transparent and rosters are fluid year round. We have two teams in some grades (called Capital and DMV All-Stars) but ALL boys in each grade will train together with the best expert Madlax coaches. If a player on any team is deserving to move between teams we will make the change even if mid-season. Each grade has coaches who will really try to build relationships with each and every player which ultimately help boys bond to the team and learn more.

So, this means if we see improvement in player skill, attitude, effort and commitment to Madlax then it is likely we will move them between rosters.  

Advancement in our program is likely if your sons work hard and improve! Madlax Directors and coaches meet at least once weekly to discuss rosters and depth charts much like a varsity or college program. We actually have every single players in our program (350+ boys) on our dri-erase "BIG BOARD" in our national headquarters in McLean, VA. 

We have been doing this since 1999 and it is part of our original Academy system that has proven to work very well. Players in Madlax work harder in practices and have better attitudes towards learning and listening than most teams and programs. The success is proven on the fields as Madlax is consistently one of the top programs regionally and nationally! 

If you have any questions please email us at

Play With Passion - Madlax Coaches

Madlax All-Stars Spring 2018 Rosters:

Team Key:
TBD: To Be Determined.  Coaches need to see you again in practices or scrimmages to make final decision. 
DNA: Did Not Attend. We want to hear from you and can't post you on a team until we see you play.
INJ: Injured. We will evaluate you once you are 100%. 

If your name is posted below on a team and you are new please register by Wednesday, March 7th. If you have any questions or concerns about payments or our program email us directly at If your name is not shown below we will email you privately with details or a plan.  

MADLAX All Stars Registration

Register for Spring 2018 Season Here if you are listed below on a Madlax roster.

If game #'s below are wrong email at once. 

2022 Capital & DMV Teams:

Team Game # First Name Last Name
CAP 1 Caulley Deringer
CAP 2 Witt  Crawford
CAP 3 Nathan Kabiri
CAP 4 Gavin Levay
CAP 5 Wolfi Gottschalk
CAP 6 Jackson Galiani
CAP 7 Coy Mills
CAP 8 Jack Pilla
CAP 9 Will McCulloch
CAP 10 Preston Whitehurst
CAP 11 Grayson Schmidt
CAP 14 Jake Melvin
CAP 16 Charlie Reynolds
CAP 17 Zachary Walsh
CAP 18 Logan Olazabal
CAP 19 Ryder Mattingly
CAP 23 Richard Checo
CAP 24 Briggs Hayes
CAP 25 Victor Salcedo
CAP 28 Tristan Lenard
CAP 30 Braydon Colliver
CAP 32 Calum Wayer
CAP 34 William Aiken
CAP 38 Ike Cymerman
CAP 40 Bob Gross
CAP 44 Ethan Engel
CAP 50 Brock Spalding
Team Game # First Name Last Name
DMV 12 Tyler Chadwick
DMV 13 Liam O'Grady
DMV 15 Michael  Veith
DMV 20 Jack Kolton
DMV 23 Hayden Dangle
DMV 23 Connor Rooney
DMV 24 Briggs Hayes
DMV 26 Chris Brown
DMV 29 Ryan  Zauner
DMV 31 Jack Jones
DMV 33 Peyton Van Stone
DMV 35 Luke Damvakaris
DMV 36 Pierce Ryan
DMV 37 Zachary Lammers
DMV 39 harrison daley
DMV 42 ishaan sethi
DMV 45 Gabriel Quantrille
DMV 46 Austin Lambert
DMV 49 Nolan Balducci

2023 Capital Team:

Team Game # First Name Last Name
CAP 1 Michael Duffy
CAP 5 Makin Blalock
CAP 6 Andrew  Carlineo
CAP 6 Griffin Dabbs
CAP 7 Will Hurley
CAP 8 Declan McCulloch
CAP 14 Jackson Kahn
CAP 18 Sam Rouse
CAP 20 Ryan Hardy
CAP 21 Tanner Lewis
CAP 24 Hunter  Piotrowski
CAP 25 Dylan Frost
CAP 26 Ethan Udler
CAP 31 Ryan Roncskevitz
CAP 35 James Cohen
CAP 37 Andrew Atkins
CAP 41 Max Revis
CAP 42 Brady Leischner
CAP 46 Tommy  Richmond
CAP 48 Aaron Tiao
CAP 50 Brendan Wyatt

2024 CAPITAL & 2023/24 DMV Teams:

Team Game # First Name Last Name
CAP 1 Frank Cull
CAP 2 James Timmins
CAP 3 Cam Kelley
CAP 4 John Grennan
CAP 6 Peyton Booth
CAP 7 Finn Avis
CAP 9 Ryan Pels
CAP 10 Robert Bath
CAP 11 Chase Robertson
CAP 12 Graham Lesher
CAP 13 Davis Owens
CAP 14 Steele Maddux
CAP 16 Hank Maddux
CAP 18 Jake Campbell
CAP 20 Jack Bonello
CAP 24 Sam Whitehurst
CAP 30 Callan Keane
CAP 33 Aidan Olazabal
CAP 35 Mason Elkas
CAP 40 JJ Kim
CAP 44 Christian Daymude
CAP 48 Michael Michaelis
Team Game # First Name Last Name
DMV 5 Matthew Mahony
DMV 8 William Swezey
DMV 23 Andrew Walker
DMV 25 Colin McGonagle
DMV 25 Armer Harrison
DMV 26 Nate Quattrone
DMV 27 Wiley Rothrock
DMV 28 Ryan Kehoe
DMV 29 Hudson Greene
DMV 30 Will Walters
DMV 32 Oliver Hau
DMV 33 Aidan Olazabal
DMV 34 Alex Fernandez
DMV 36 Andrew Metzger-Sloan
DMV 37 Jack Metzger-Sloan
DMV 38 Alex Jones-Aiken
DMV 39 Zol  Rainey II
DMV 41 TK Kenney
DMV 42 Aidyn Shatarsky
DMV 43 Mikey Kieffer
DMV ? Alex Forrester

2025 Capital Team:

Team Game # First Name Last Name
CAP 3 Charlie Ball
CAP 4 Quentin Oconnor
CAP 5 Gavin Lewis
CAP 6 Andrew Allen
CAP 7 Jack Gans
CAP 8 Zakkary Chesteen
CAP 9 Alex  Irisari
CAP 10 Cooper Revis
CAP 11 Kyle  Pinto
CAP 12 Matthew Harris
CAP 13 Connor Pinto
CAP 14 Cole Stup
CAP 15 CHRIS Rothenberger
CAP 16 Caden Southworth
CAP 19 Evan Williams
CAP 20 Tookie Organek
CAP 23 Chris DiLorenzo
CAP 24 Bobby Schroder
CAP 26 Ethan Hulvey 
CAP 32 Kellen Burns
CAP 44 Talan Smith
CAP 46 Zachary Thompson

2026 Capital & 2025/26 DMV Teams:

Team Game # First Name Last Name
CAP 1 Jack Knutson
CAP 3 Charles Carey
CAP 6 Matthew Dougherty
CAP 9 Rowan Banks
CAP 21 John Henry Schroder
CAP 22 Chris Strycharz
CAP 24 Hudson Owens
CAP 26 Daniel Gutierrez
CAP 27 Miles Wolins
CAP 28 Dylan Fletcher
CAP 31 James Hughes
CAP 34 Aidan Collins
CAP 36 Jaden Jablonski
CAP 38 Logan Schwartz
CAP 39 Nathan Golesorkhi
CAP 41 Victor Maddux
CAP 44 Ryan Talbot
CAP 50 Kedren Smith
TBD 46 hudson fang
Team Game # First Name Last Name
DMV 8 Andrew Porto
DMV 13 Jude Cook
DMV 17 Benjamin Vineyard
DMV 18 Paul Anglade
DMV 21 Michael Gore III
DMV 23 Daniel Cecere
DMV 25 Karl  Schreiber
DMV 27 Jake Hagen
DMV 28 Alex Heisterkamp
DMV 29 Caleb  Kim
DMV 29 U.B. Zaid
DMV 30 Phelps Henry
DMV 37 William Fischer
DMV 43 Trey Sheridan
DMV 45 Ford Lohnes
DMV 49 Avi Ruiz
DMV 56 Charles Clark

2027 Capital Team:

Team Game # First Name Last Name
CAP 1 Max Murray
CAP 6 Wagner Underwood
CAP 11 William Klauder
CAP 12 Nate Harris
CAP 14 Jack McBrady
CAP 16 Wesley Tighe
CAP 17 Hedges Maddux
CAP 18 Cole Montgomery
CAP 19 Tommy Leland
CAP 22 Jordan Kanski
CAP 27 JonDavid  Bulford
CAP 30 Henry Burg
CAP 32 Luke Swigart
CAP 45 Ben Phillips
CAP 46 Brooks Forsythe
CAP 52 Cole  Campbell

2028 Capital Team:

* denotes will be invited to play some 2027 Capital games also!

Team Game # First Name Last Name
CAP* 1 Luke Campbell
CAP 2 Trey McDonald
CAP* 3 Oscar Boulanger
CAP* 4 Logan Kaetzel
CAP* 5 Thompson Grennan
CAP 6 Nicholas Woodward
CAP* 7 Brendan Levay
CAP* 8 Davis Lesher
CAP* 15 Colton Maddux
CAP 17 Grant Israel
CAP 18 Monty McShane
CAP 20 Zack Lesniewski
CAP 21 Henry Wilson
CAP 22 Michael Muehr
CAP 23 Ben Samuel
CAP 24 Emmett Denning-Lee
CAP 26 Lucas Chang
CAP 31 Michael  Farrow