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Madlax 2019 National Team

Welcome to the Madlax Nationals Program






The Madlax National Program aims to offer 5th-12th grade boys from around the US and Canada an exciting and memorable lifetime lacrosse experience.  

A goal is to provide Madlax National Team Members with a truly exceptional and memorable life experience beyond just great lacrosse. So, with that in mind, players will take part in unique non-lacrosse team building exercises (surfing, hiking, swimming, water-skiing, etc.), a longer, more focused elite training camp before each event, leadership seminars and special trips. We will still try to always compete in the most competitive tournaments in the country but we will also try to select events in unique locations like Lake Placid, NY, Vail, CO, Hershey, PA, Southern California and Florida. Coaches and Directors will emphasize the whole experience (not just wins) but especially creating friendships with teammates from across the country that will hopefully last at least through college. As greater emphasis is placed on being a good teammate and person and enjoying the high level lacrosse and coaching then the wins and championships will take care of themselves! It will always remain a huge honor to be selected so we want every Madlax National player to take pride in being selected to be part of our Madlax family and this exciting National Team approach.   

Play With Passion - Madlax National Team Directors


January 2-6, 2019 2020-2025 - Adrenaline Challenge San Diego/Del Mar, CA
July 6-10, 2019 2020 - Naptown National Challenge  DC & Annapolis, MD
July 6-10, 2019 2021 - Naptown National Challenge 

DC & Annapolis, MD

July 6-10, 2019 2022 - Naptown National Challenge  DC & Annapolis, MD
July 6-10, 2019 2023 - Naptown National Challenge  DC & Annapolis, MD
July 6-10, 2019 2024 - Naptown National Challenge  DC & Annapolis, MD
July 6-10, 2019 2025 - Naptown National Challenge  DC & Annapolis, MD
July 11-14, 2019 2026 - Hogan's Hershey Hershey, PA
August 3-7, 2019 2020 & 2021 - Lake Placid Summit Tourney  Lake Placid, NY
November 23-24, 2019 2020-2023 - East Coast Showcase & Invitational  Landon School, DC Area

Nationals Hotels DISCOUNTS & DEALS


These discounted hotel blocks are from 1/2-7, 2019 for The Adrenaline Challenge (event is 1/5-6, 2019).  Please book and stay here together with your teammates to make it a more enjoyable experience for all! 

You can always cancel later but it is smart to BOOK NOW and SAVE!


The Madlax National Program is extremely excited to host you and your boys on this once in a lifetime lacrosse experience! This trip is about more than just lacrosse. Although we will aim to play high level lacrosse and win Championships, it is an opportunity for the boys to play with guys from around the US, make new friends and enjoy a gorgeous location you may have never been before with your family. Enjoy the holidays with your family and travel safe to San Diego. 
Go Madlax Nationals!


Your registration fee includes: New Game Jerseys, New Game Shorts, New T-Shirt, Helmet Decals and a Friday Team Open Bar Party. Madlax will also provide tents, tables, chairs and coolers for everyone at the polo fields! You just need to bring food, snacks and drinks for your son.

Adrenaline Challenge. Del Mar-San Diego, CA

Travel/Lodging:  CLICK HERE for Team HOTELS

VIDEO of all 5 games and/or Highlight ReelORDER HERE 
If you order video make sure to use the discount code "Scott" on the checkout page.

Head Coaches by Teams:
2020/2021: Coleman Walsh,
2022/2023:  Bruce McCulloch,
2024 STARS: Kevin Murphy,
2024 STRIPES: Cabell Maddux,
2025: Harrison Holak,

Assistant College Coaches:
Nicholas Taylor (Haverford College Head Coach & former Madlax coach)
Joey Severn (Franklin & Marshall Asst.)
Marc Frey (Florida Southern Asst.)
Duncan Fitzgerald (Middlebury Asst.)
1-2 more TBA

General Itinerary

1/2 Wednesday: 
Arrival Day. Get acclimated. Enjoy La Jolla!

1/3 Thursday: 
Afternoon: Team Practice #1
Location of Practice: SDSU (1 field) San Diego State University
1-2pm: GEAR HAND OUT!!!!  Open Field. Shooting, Dodging, Warm Up.
2-3:30pm: (3 teams: 2024 Stars, 2024 Stripes & 2025)
3:30-5pm: (2 teams: 2020/21 & 2022/23)  

1/4 Friday: 
Morning: Team Practice #2.
Location of Practice: Coronado High School & Middle School (2 fields)
9-11am: Middle School 'CUTLER Field' (Both 2024 teams)
9-10:30: High School 'Football Field' (2022/23 & 2025 teams)
10:30-12pm: High School field (2020/21 team will practice for 45 minutes and possibly scrimmage a Japanese club team for 45 minutes. Bring items to trade!). 

Note: Right after practice & scrimmage anyone can join coaches to walk down through Coronado town to grab lunch on own and then continue walking to the famous and spectacular Coronado Beach & Hotel. Bring your suits! 

Evening: 6-9pm. Program Dinner Party with OPEN BAR & All You Can Eat Buffet, $30/person.  Location: Rock Bottom Brewery in La Jolla. 

1/5 Saturday:  
3 Games Per Team. San Diego Polo and Surf Club. All Pool Play game. Schedule will be on Tourney Machine APP. 

1/6 Sunday: 
Championship Day! Up to 3 more games per team.  San Diego Polo and Surf Club.

Activities & Fun To Do (w/ teammates on own):
La Jolla Town Main Info
Torrey Pines Reserve Hike

San Diego Zoo or the Wild Animal Safari Park
USS Midway Air Craft Carrier
GasLamp Quarter

Surfing, Biking, Kayaking Rentals all throughout town


Parents to Remember:  Parents are always 100% responsible for their sons. Parents must oversee boys in between games and get boys to fields for practices and games at least 45-60 minutes early with all equipment and sticks. Behavior on and off the field must be exemplary. Boys must always be respectful everywhere and represent Madlax and your family well or risk being benched or even sent home. Coaches may set curfews if there are early games, so parents are asked to follow these easy requests. Finally, parents must make sure their boys are in rooms with lights out and sleeping and never roaming around the hotel on own past 10:30pm . We do not want any issues with the hotel or the tournament.


2019-20 Roster: East Coast Invitational. November 18, 2018

Register Here if your name is on a National Team Roster or you received an email invite for the East Coast INvitational.





College First Name Last Name Position Grad Year Hand High School
Virginia Connor Shellenberger Attack 2019 Right St. Anne's-Belfield
UPenn Robert Schain Attack 2019 Right Bullis
Colgate Taylor Musa Attack 2019 Right Riverside High School
Dickinson Michael McGraw Attack 2019 Left St. Anne's-Belfield
Secret William Cory Attack 2019 Right Episcopal High School
Air Force Dodson  Piotrowski Defense  2019 Left South Lakes HS
Tampa Brad Lenard Defense  2019 Right Patriot
Furman Ben Lever Defense  2020 Right Middle Creek 
Und. John Ludenia III Defense  2020 Right The Hill Academy
Und. George Hodgson Defense  2020 Right Saint Christopher's
Duke Michael Grogan LSM 2019 Right Episcopal HS
Und. Nick Woodard LSM 2020 Right North Stafford High School
Richmond Devin Craven Goalie 2019 Right Maret
Und. Zachary Vigue Goalie 2020 Right Apex
Notre Dame Emmett Barger Mid/Att 2019 Right St Anne's Belfield
Und. Matthew Kelly Midfield 2019 Left The Bulls School
Navy Johnny Hodges Midfield 2019 Right Quince Orchard HS
Williams Owen Roegge Midfield 2019 - PG Right Taft
Towson Jonathan Bender Midfield 2019 Right Bullis
Und. Jared Andreala Midfield 2020 Right Episcopal High School
Furman William Farrell SSDM 2019 - PG Right SALISBURY SCHOOL
Villanova Stevie Jones SSDM 2019 Right South Lakes HS
Colgate Brian  Wilmans Pure FOGO 2019 Right Bullis
Und. Zachary Dudley Pure FOGO 2020 Right St. Mary's Annapolis

2019 Roster: Lake Placid Tournament Summer 2018

Register Here if your name is on a National Team Roster or you received an email invite.





Locked and Registered:

College  Team Game # 1st Name Last Name Position High School
UPenn Capital 1 Robert Schain Att/Mid Bullis
Colgate Capital 2 Taylor Musa Attack Riverside
  Capital 3 Michael McGraw Attack St. Anne's Belfield 
  Capital 4 William Cory Attack Episcopal High School
  Capital 2020 5 Jackson Eicher Attack Episcopal High School
  Capital 2020 6 Kyle Webster LSM Mostly Bishop Ireton
  Capital 7 George Schlesinger Defense Gonzaga
Duke Capital 8 Michael Grogan LSM Mostly Episcopal
  Capital 9 Brad Lenard Defense Patriot High School
Ohio State Sentry 10 Gabe Galbraith Defense Highland Park (TX) HS
  Capital 11 McKay Brue Defense Archbishop Spalding
Hopkins Capital 12 Tim Marcille Goalie Gonzaga
  Capital 13 Devin Craven Goalie Maret
  Capital 14 Matthew Kelly Midfield Wootton HS
Towson Capital 15 Jonathan Bender Midfield Bullis
Army Capital 2020 16 Porter Lewis Mid/Att St. Christopher's
  Capital 2020 17 TJ Haley Mid/Att St. John's
  Capital 18 Luke Fisher Mid/Att St. Stephen's

2019 Roster: NLF Championships 2018 (National Lacrosse Federation)

Register Here if your name is on a National Team Roster or you received an email invite.





Locked and Registered: 

Program # 1st Name Last Name Position
Madlax-Capital 1 Michael McGraw Attack
Apex LC (CAN) 2 Marcus Needham Attack
Madlax-Oregon 3 Carson Kiichle Attack
Madlax-Oregon 4 Connor Kiichle Attack
Madlax-DMV 5 Leo Cowie Attack
Madlax-Capital 6 McKay Brue Long Stick Midfield
Madlax-DMV 2020 7 Ryan Svienty Long Stick Midfield
Madlax-DMV 2020 8 Charlie Miller Defense
Madlax-Capital 9 George Schlesinger Defense  
Madlax-Capital 10 Brad Lenard Defense  
Madlax-Capital 11 Douglas Brooks Defense  
Madlax-DMV 12 Matthew Reheuser Goalie
SOFLOW 13 Zebulon Fuller Goalie
Madlax-Oregon 14 Alex Coco Midfield
Madlax-Capital 15 William Farrell Midfield
SOFLOW 16 Brennen Gelinas Midfield
Madlax-Oregon 17 Shadrack Hawkins Midfield
Madlax-DMV 18 Brandon Allen Midfield
Madlax-DMV 2020 19 Bryce Bernier Midfield
Madlax-DMV 2020 20 Cole Roy Midfield


Roster Selection Process



Outside players not on a Madlax team who meet our criteria can now apply! 

The Madlax NATIONALS Teams are comprised of the best 20-26 players per grade from ALL regional Madlax All-Star programs; Capital, Virginia, Maryland and Oregon. It also has players from our Partner Programs in Texas, Florida, Maryland, and Canada. Directors from Regional and Partner programs currently recommend their own players so players from those program do NOT need to apply. Players not on a Madlax team who meet our criteria MUST apply and can be selected as well. 

A Madlax Selection Committee made up of all Madlax regional program directors and select coaches from regional and partner programs will choose the rosters for the teams and post each spring for the summer event and each fall for the winter event. Every recommendation and application is given a fair consideration and equal opportunity to have players considered.  There is no official tryout so you need to be seen live or scouted by video. Players can be added or replaced at any point all year based on performance for your Madlax regional team or graduation year National Team.

You can also earn a coveted National Team roster spot in a few other ways:

1. GET NOTICED at a Madlax Showcase!  Players that show their talent at a Madlax Showcase could be directly invited to join the National Team.  Click Here for more information about Madlax Showcases.

2. National Team Tryouts - Attend a Madlax-Capital seasonal tryout (offered 2-3 times for each grade) with intention being evaluated for the National. Since so many players on the National teams play for Madlax-Capital we welcome players from around the country to attend any of our seasonal tryouts.  
Summer Tryout Schedule HERE (all grades)
Fall Tryout Schedule HERE (all grades)
Spring Tryout Schedule HERE (only 4th-8th graders)

Play With Passion - Madlax Nationals Coaching Staff