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Madlax 2027 National Team


The Supreme National Program offers 5th-12th grade advanced  and motivated boys from the US and Canada an exciting and memorable lifetime lacrosse experience!  

A main goal is to provide our National Team players with a truly exceptional and memorable life experience beyond just great lacrosse.  So, with that in mind, players may also take part in unique non-lacrosse team building exercises like: charitable fundraising, surfing, hiking, swimming, water-skiing, roller coaster rides, team dinners, and more.  A focused elite training camp before each event, leadership seminars and special trips may also be part of the experience. We will always compete in the most competitive and fun tournaments in the country but we will also try to select events in unique warm weather, vacation locations like Florida, Colorado, Las Vegas, NV. and Southern California. Coaches and Directors will emphasize the whole experience (not just wins) but especially creating friendships with teammates from across the country that will hopefully last through college and beyond. Greater emphasis is placed on being a good teammate and person and enjoying the high level lacrosse and advanced coaching.  We hope the wins and  Championships will then naturally occur!

In August 2023 we re-branded and changed our National Team name from Madlax Nationals to Supreme Nationals to attract more elite players from around the country, NOT just the best Madlax players who will still be invited.  

We are looking for elite players by grade nationwide who we typically invite 1-4 months prior to each event.  If interested in being considered, apply below today or email HERE anytime.  


Thanks - National Team Director, Paul Hummer

Register here if you want to play for a Madlax National Team!

Fall 2023 Open Tryout Dates for 2026-2031 National Teams:

Selection Process:
Once you register we will contact you and schedule exact times and locations on these days to attend (if we need you to attend a tryout in person after reviewing your video). Often video is sufficient for invites but if not, you can choose any day that fits your schedule below.  All of these practice are either in Arlington, VA, Bethesda, MD or McLean, VA.  Once we lock in a date we will send you exact times and locations. Then after tryouts or a thorough video review we will invite qualified players to select the events they wish to attend! 

9/9: 2031, 2030
9/10: 2029, 2028, 2027, 2026
9/16: 2031, 2030
9/17: 2029, 2028, 2027, 2026
9/23: 2031, 2030
9/24: 2029, 2028, 2027, 2026
9/30: 2029, 2031
10/1: 2030, 2028, 2027, 2026
10/7: 2031, 2030
10/8: 2029, 2028, 2027, 2026
10/14: 2028, 2030, 2031
10:15: 2029, 2027, 2026

If none of these dates work, we likely can find another date. 


Black Jack Classic
December 2-3, 2023
Las Vegas, NV
Teams: 2026-2029 

Club Lacrosse Nationals
December 29-31, 2023
Orlando, FL
Teams: 2026-2031

January 13-14, 2024
Indio Polo Fields, CA
Teams: 2026-2029

Future Champions
May 26-27, 2024
Near Phila, PA (Final 4 NCAA Weekend in Philly)
Teams: 2029-2031

Vail Shootout
June 18-20, 2024
Vail, CO
Teams: 2028-2031

Naptown National Challenge
June 24-26, 2024
DC/Annapolis Area
Teams: 2026-2031

Lake Placid Summit 
July 29-31
Lake Placid, NY
Teams: 2026-2028

(Events subject to changes. 100% full refunds offered if events are canceled)

Washington D.C. "CHERRY BLOSSOM" Uniforms for Naptown June 2023

'ORLANDO MAGIC' Throwback Uniforms for The Club Lacrosse Nationals, Dec. 29-31, 2022

Pure DRIP.  Even Shaquille O'Neill has been seen wearing these!!!

National Team Highlight Videos:

2027 Roster: The Club Nationals - Jan 2022

Nats # Club  First Name Last Name Position
1 Capital Nate Randles Attack
2 Capital Jack Ambrose Midfield
3 Red Hots Tommy Demeter Midfield & F/O
4 Capital Thomas Christiansen Defense
5 Capital Jack Borg Attack
6 Capital Luke Milone Goalie
7 6Star Bruce Pfeiffer Attack
8 Capital Keagan Delaney Midfield
9 Capital Christian Wright Midfield
10 Guest Michael Rodosky Goalie
11 Capital William Klauder LSM  
12 Capital Patrick Henneberry Defense
14 DMV Jack McBrady Midfield & F/O
15 Capital Colton McAndrew Midfield
16 Capital Wyatt  Douglas Midfield
17 Capital JonDavid Bulford Defense
18 Capital Adam Vilasi Defense
19 Capital Tommy  Leland  Midfield & F/O
20 DMV William Lamond Defense
21 Capital Benjamin Phillips Defense
22 Capital Huntley Walsh Attack
24 Capital Dylan Behrens Midfield

Roster Selection Process



Outside players not on a Madlax team who meet our criteria can now apply! 

The Madlax NATIONALS Teams are comprised of the best 20-26 players per grade from ALL regional Madlax All-Star programs; Capital, Virginia, Maryland and Oregon. It also has players from our Partner Programs in Texas, Florida, Maryland, and Canada. Directors from Regional and Partner programs currently recommend their own players so players from those program do NOT need to apply. Players not on a Madlax team who meet our criteria MUST apply and can be selected as well. 

A Madlax Selection Committee made up of all Madlax regional program directors and select coaches from regional and partner programs will choose the rosters for the teams and post each spring for the summer event and each fall for the winter event. Every recommendation and application is given a fair consideration and equal opportunity to have players considered.  There is no official tryout so you need to be seen live or scouted by video. Players can be added or replaced at any point all year based on performance for your Madlax regional team or graduation year National Team.

You can also earn a coveted National Team roster spot in a few other ways:

1. GET SCOUTED at a Madlax Showcase!  Players that show their talent at a Madlax Showcase could be directly invited to join the National Team.  Click Here for more information about Madlax Showcases.

2. National Team Tryouts - Attend a Madlax-Capital seasonal tryout (offered year round) with intention being evaluated for the National. Since so many players on the National teams play for Madlax-Capital we welcome players from around the country to attend any of our seasonal tryouts.  
Summer Tryout Schedule HERE (all grades)
Fall Tryout Schedule HERE (all grades)
Spring Tryout Schedule HERE (only 4th-8th graders)

Play With Passion - Madlax Nationals Coaching Staff