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Character * Attitude * Success * Effort

"Build a Strong CASE with Madlax"

Do The Right Thing & Be a Good Person!

Madlax All-Stars

Madlax started this exclusive program in June of 2010 and is honored to be the only elite all-star lacrosse club in the nation taking on such an exciting intitative.

Madlax All-Stars Academy will emphasize and develop a strong 'CASE' for every player in our program over the course of the 7-8 years we offer all-star teams (ages 9 through seniors in high school). Each Madlax player will be exposed to a unique aspect of our CASE initiative throughout the year at different events and in different ways as we aim to positively shape their young lives. The simple yet effective motto they hopefully all remember easily is, 'Do the right thing and be a good person".

"Character cannot be developed easily and quietly. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved".

It is this philosophy that we believe in and will emphasize as we create opportunities for our young men to build character. Our All-Star Academy players will be asked to work hard and experience the highs and lows that come from playing lacrosse at this level. One reward of hard work is the achievement of personal and team goals which we will encourage them to set. All players will learn relevant life skills and understand how to best implement them to achieve success in everything they do on and off the lacrosse field. 

A. Character   B. Attitude   C. Success   D. Effort  

A. Develop and grow character through our year around events; tryouts, mini-camps, tournaments, practices, losses and WINS.
B. Have a positive attitude. Have fun, display good sportsmanship and show a willingness to improve, to be coached and to learn the game.
C. Success will be achieved through advanced team play and desire to play at very high level consistently together. Success is NOT just wins but playing your best as an individual and as a team.
D. Greatness is only achieved with constant effort. You should always want to get better as a player and make the extra effort to do so on your own. It will pay off!  

CLICK HERE to read an important article on player attitudes we are trying to cultivate at Madlax. Find a way to make your team better!


Brooks Singer - Director. Head Lacrosse Coach at Catholic University of America and law professor at CUA. 
Cabell Maddux - Co-Founder, Coordinator and Founder of Madlax and Madlax All-Stars
Matt Rienzo - Co-Founder, AD at UDC, Former Georgetown University Assistant Coach, Madlax Consultant, M.A. in Sports Industry Management at Georgetown Un.

Matt Rienzo, former Madlax CASE Director, has created a website for his program he is sharing with all Madlax Academy all-stars. Click here to read his website which details his presentations he has given and will give as we go through this process.

All of these partners are outstanding role models for our young athletes and each will be involved in our exciting CASE initiative in unique ways. All of these orginal partners cooperatively agree to share responsibility for achieving the 'building of a strong Character, Attitude, Success and Effort through elite lacrosse with madlax all-stars'. In addition, and as important, EVERY new Madlax partner and coach will be trained to emphasize CASE as they coach within the Madlax system.

One of our main goals is to teach life lessons through elite lacrosse.

We have excellent role models and the ideal platform who will present, coach, teach and mentor our all-stars in every opportunity possible. They exemplify exactly what Madlax aims to grow in our elite young student-athletes. Our players can aspire to and look up to all of these leaders both for their coaching ability and off the field community positions. Whether or not your son makes it to the collegiate varsity level, the life lessons he will absorb during his years with Team MADLAX and CASE wll be with him throughout his college years and beyond.  This initiative will ultimately give our players positive exposure to college coaches who want to recruit kids that we recommend and who come through the Madlax CASE program. CASE will improve our national reputation and your sons will benefit from being part of it.


1. Direct presentations and stories to kids and parents about this overall goal of Madlax as we develop and emphasize CASE in all we do now. 
2. Tell and re-tell our who display great attitudes and character on the field and around the recruiting circuit attract more college coaches.  Talent is getting so deep now that college coaches are recruiting great players with great character over just great players.
3. New stories and posts on by 'partners' in our goal to achieve a positive CASE.