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Madlax Face-Off Camp July 21-23


We are very excited to offer summer camps for boys and girls still in Virginia! All Madlax Camps will be managed so the campers can remain safe and still have fun while learning lacrosse!

How These Camps Will be Managed (until further notice):

  • Every family to sign an additional new COVID waiver for each athlete before the camp, HERE.   
  • We will follow current VA state guidelines that allow gatherings of 50 people. (this may change to 250 people on July 1).
  • We will actually have teams/groups of only 15 or less that your son will be with all week. We will start with teams by grade/age and move players within the first hour if necessary based on size or skill. After that they will literally only be with their team/group of 15 or less all week. 
  • Coaches will run organized and carefully planned drills where limited contact between your child(ren) occurs. There will be unavoidable contact as they play but we will emphasize no 'intentional' body contact to be a lot safer. Lacrosse will be played as a 'low contact' sport at our camps. We will not coach face-offs or have anyone take face-offs.  
  • Campers will not be required to wear masks under helmets or at all before or during camp.   
  • Coaches will try to keep 10+ feet of distance on the field but will NOT wear masks on the field.  Often coaches will be closer than 6 feet in the normal course of players running around and coaches coaching but again it will not be intentional. 
  • Parents should wear masks for check-in and pick-up. 
  • Drop off and pick up by parents and everyone driving the child(ren) is required.  After check-in, we will require that all parents return and stay in cars if they must stay at Linway Terrace Park. When this changes we will communicate it with parents. We need to control exposure, be able to contact trace and stay within our gathering limits on the field. During pick up please do not go down to field. We will send child(ren) to you after you park and come to area off the field to meet them.  
  • Social distancing will be prioritized in camp during water breaks and pre/post camp periods. Again, please understand this will not be the case on the actual field during drills and games when helmets are on. 
  • We will maintain exact records of who is on each field each hour in each team/group in case of future contact tracing needs. 
  • If a player, family member, parent or coach comes in direct contact or tests positive for COVID-19, Madlax MUST be notified so we can communicate with all families. Such occurrences may likely result in 10 days of separation from Madlax camps
  • No playing on the Linway playground at all. Players must bring and use their own gear and equipment. No sharing of anything including water, goggles/gear, masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc. Bags will be separated within group s as well. 
  • We will have hand sanitizer readily available the entire session. 
  • We will not provide water jugs or extra water so please send your child(ren) with 2-3 water bottles. 


"An incredible specialty camp taught by some of the best face-off coaches in the entire region!"

SAVE $$$ !!! 
Attend any 3 camps and save $150. Attend any 2 camps and save $75. Automatically deducted at checkout in cart when you buy 2 or 3 camps AT THE SAME TIME ONLY! 

July 21-23, 2020
Boys Rising Grades 4-10. Advanced & Intermediate Level Only.  

McLean, VA - Ken Lawrence Park Turf
Cost: $240
Overnight Options: CLICK HERE
to see nearby Hotels. We always have players who travel in from around the country for this great event! 

Director: Adam Broeckaert
Asst. Coach (Face-off Specialist) St. Andrews Episcopal
Lafayette 16'
Madlax 2025 Capital Assistant

Face-Off Assistant Directors  & Coaches:
Andrew Tyeryar: North Carolina 2023
Brian Wilmans: Colgate 2023
Jack Grogan: Penn State 2024
Reece Belcher: Sewannee 2019
Carson Hopkins: Fairleigh Dickinson 2022

Register HERE for Summer 2020 Camp

CAMP Details

Sessions: 3; 150 minute Sessions
Positions: Midfield and Longstick Midfield
Experience: ALL but no beginners
Equipment: Full pads required (helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, stick). Also please wear cleats and lacrosse shorts. All lacrosse apparel and equipment is found conveniently at Madlax in McLean or in our online store at

Check-In/Drop Off/Emergency:
Please check-in on first day by 9:00am. After the first day you can arrive at 9:15am for drop-off. We will supply you a reversible game jersey to wear and keep. Bring a re-fillable water bottle. Bring full pads (see list below).

You can email our camp coordinator here,, with any questions before camp. You can call Adam Broeckaert, Camp Director, during camp hours only if an emergency here (703) 483-0121.

Description: This is a specialty clinic for a player wishing to become a dominant face-off midfielder for his age. Face-offs have become the most important part of the boys game. A dominant face-off man can easily win games for his team! The Madlax proven teaching method will enable midfielders to learn techniques that will improve quickness, power and wins. Madlax has produced 4 D1 FOGO recruits in last 4 years that have attended; Duke, Princeton , Syracuse and Loyola. This camp will definitely fill up fast so be sure to register by clicking the "REGISTER" tab above.

Face-Off Camp Plan: 
• Session 1: Fundamentals & The “Plunger”/”Pinch-and-Pop” (5 Step Process). Auxiliary and counter moves
• Session 2: Stalemate and ground strategy. Wing control and controlling play
• Session 3: Mental and game strategies. Competitions and Awards!

Face-Off Concepts:
• Comprehensive lesson regiment; “How to Dominate”
• Proprietary 5-Step Face-Off System 
• Custom F/O style tailored slightly to each specific player’s strengths
• Video analysis & comments
• Written guide outlining face-off specific technique, conditioning, strength training techniques and tips and what to work on email after the camp.

Extra Special Camp Features
• Free Equipment Awarded Daily to Campers of the Day
• 10% Discount in MadLax Stores through August
• MVP Awards 
• Radar Gun / Hardest Shot 2X week
• Face Off Competition with prizes
• Free Reversible Game Jersey
• Sponsored by: Warrior Lacrosse

Andrew Tyeryar, 2019, Madlax-Capital, North Carolina Commit


We will email a 10% in-store discount coupon in June before the camp to all those who are registered at least a week prior to camp. We will also supply reversible jerseys for the campers to keep.

Helmet with Chin Strap
Shoulder Pads
Arm Pads
Complete Stick
Goalies – Chest Protector and a Throat Guard for helmet
(optional) Athletic Supporter with Cup

Brain Wilmans, 2019, Madlax-Capital, Colgate Commit