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Face-Off Clinic - Winter

Face-Off Clinic

Dates: Wednesdays: 1/9, 1/16, 1/23, 1/30, 2/6, 2/13
Times: 6-7pm
Location:  Perfect Performance, Tysons, VA
Positions:  Any Face Off Guys. Normally Middies and LSMids. 
Who: Boys 3rd-10th graders
Experience: All Skill Levels except pure beginners. Mostly Intermediate-Advanced - (split by skill)
Class Size: 12 MAX (we have an indoor astro-turf field) 
Cost: Only $285! 
Equipment: Full Equipment.  Also please wear only basketball or training or turf shoes.  No cleats. All lacrosse apparel and equipment is found conveniently at Madlax in McLean or in our online store at

Jack Grogan - Paul VI & Penn State
Adam Broeckaert - Lafayette 2016

Clinic Details

Sessions: 6; One Hour Sessions
Positions: Midfield and Longstick Midfield
Experience: ALL/ANY except no beginners
Class Size: 12
Equipment: Full pads required (helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, stick). Also please wear cleats and lacrosse shorts. All lacrosse apparel and equipment is found conveniently at Madlax in McLean or in our online store at

Description: This is a specialty clinic for a player wishing to become a dominant face-off midfielder for his age. Face-offs have become the most important part of the boys game. A dominant face-off man can easily win games for his team! Madlax's proven teaching method will enable midfielder to learn techniques that will improve quickness, power and wins. This clinic will definitely fill up fast so be sure to register by clicking the "Online Application" tab on this page.

Face-Off Clinic Plan: 
• Session 1: Fundamentals & The “Plunger”/”Pinch-and-Pop”
• Session 2: Auxiliary and counter moves
• Session 3: Stalemate and ground strategy
• Session 4: Wing control and controlling play
• Session 5: Mental and game strategy
• Session 6: Finale! Fun competitions. Combine all knowledge & finish strong. 

Face-Off Concepts:
• Comprehensive lesson regiment; “How to Dominate”
• Proprietary 5-Step Face-Off System 
• Custom F/O style tailored slightly to each specific player’s strengths

Registration for Winter Clinics is OPEN

Coach Garett Ince in action vs Duke