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Fall Season 2021

Tryout Registration for Fall 2021

Welcome to the Upcoming Fall 2021 Season with Madlax-Girls All-Stars!

Madlax All-Stars Academy is a Comprehensive Elite Lacrosse and  Character Building Program for Girls.

Advanced 1st-12th Grade Girls
2022-2033 Graduation Years.
Tryouts are First Looks offered through the summer. Register to tryout and you will be contacted by our girls director to schedule your First Look.
Practices start after Labor Day and end before Thanksgiving.  

Fall 2021 Registration is OPEN!

2022-2033 Girls can register to tryout on any Tuesday or Thursday throughout the summer. Lock in your fall season roster spot now!

Tryout Registration for Fall 2021

Returning Players Register Here!

Fall 2021 Practice Schedule - All Teams

We will play 2 weekdays  and SUNDAYS in McLean. Please contact our Girls Director with any questions. 

Loc: McLean, VA
Time: Between 5-7pm

Loc: McLean, VA
Time: Between 5-7pm

Loc: Langley High School, 6520 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA 22101
9-10:30am 1st-8th
10:30am-12pm 9-12th

All-Star Program Details

  • 2022-2033 All-Stars Teams Offered (1st-12th).
  • Youth/MS Participate in Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer.
  • All High School Participate in Fall, Winter & Summer.
  • Girls from DC, MD, VA and neighboring states are welcome.

All-Star Team Training: Included for every player and every team will have a workout on Sunday morning at a local premier facility.  These workout sessions are 75-90 minutes broken up as 30-60 minutes of technical, positional skill work followed by 30-45 minutes of live half or full field. The live half & full field drills will be a way to input team concepts  as we prepare the girls for upcoming tournaments. Players who attend these sessions can expect shooting, dodging, feeding, defense, speed, goalie and draw-control specific training. The scrimmages will be fun, fast and with light body contact as we respect athletes in fall sport seasons who want to stay healthy. 

Tournaments: All players and all teams will play in 1-4 team tournaments or play days in October and November.  High school teams (2022-2025) will attend the highest level college recruiting tournaments on weekends where college coaches will watch them play.  Youth teams (2026-2033) teams will compete against the best teams nationally in all-star tournaments mostly on Sundays in October and November. Each team will have a varied schedule which we will ultimately post on this page. 

All-Star Seasons Breakdown

  • 1-3 tournaments per team in Fall. MORE GAMES!
  • Development & competitive play in Spring for Youth/MS.
  • 3-5 tournament per All-Star team in Summer.

Girls Madlax All-Stars Experience: All-Star team players will learn from a series of top coaches of which include Division 1 head coaches, elite high school coaches, professional speed & agility coaches and more! 

Clinics: Optional and extra for those Madlax All-Stars who have weeknights free and you want more lacrosse skill work you should add an optional and extra clinic. Madlax players all receive 15% off and should email to receive this code before registering. 

Fall 2021 Tournament Schedule - ALL TEAMS!

(subject to change, last edit 8/30)

FALL EVENTS SCHEDULE (subject to change):

Sun. 9/26*: Uproar PlayDay/Stars Round Robin in Bowie, MD and McLean, VA

Sat. & Sun. 10/23-24: National Girls Fall Fest at Poolesville, MD or Thinklax Fall Lax Festival in Washington CO, MD (all-last day for 2029s and younger)

Sat. or Sun. 10/30 or 31**: DC Lax Fest at RFK, DC (2022-2028s)



Sat., Nov. 6 Gatorfest, Baltimore, MD

Nov. 14 and/or 20 TBA (should have details soon)

ICAL & NGIN APP - Calendars for Madlax Teams - Fall Season

Practices, Games & Tournament details are posted on the Calendar for your team below. We are updating it daily.

You should copy the URL below (beginning with word webcal....) of the specific team that you want to follow. Then paste it to your google (GMAIL) calendar or MAC computer and you will get the team schedule on your Iphone or android phone calendar. Then all updates will happen automatically when we make changes. I strongly encourage you to follow your daughters team(s) using this ICAL feed. Also be sure to download the NGIN APP on your phones and follow your daughters team!

ICAL URL: Calendar Feeds to Copy: (will be posted shortly)

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Parents Roles in Madlax All-Stars

You Should be Proud!

Your daughter just made a very, very strong lacrosse program and is going to get a lot better this spring and summer if she commits and works hard. She is a talented and athletic young woman and has a very bright future. Now that she has made it I want to remind returning parents and inform new parents of how we see your roles ideally in Madlax Girls All-Stars.

Stay Positive and Supportive!

We know it's an exciting time to watch your girls play on game day and it can be frustrating at times, trust me, we know. All coaches are trained, experienced and understand the game at a high level having played and/or coached at the collegiate level. We have specific training plan and goals within each team. We simply ask that you are always trusting and supportive of the coaches. If you have an issue with a coach please email the directors but never address a coach right after a game or directly. 

By being supportive of Madlax and the coaches and understanding and trusting of our process you're helping the girls develop their passion for the game of lacrosse. You are also making it such a more fun environment for them to play in.  Although Madlax plays the best players to win in league games and playing time is never guaranteed, we are not a win at all cost club. In fact, it is more important that we are developing the girls skills and overall understanding of the lacrosse while acting in line with our C.A.S.E. initiative. Ideally we are enabling the girls to have fun while they work hard to improve. There is a greater chance of this happening for your daughters if you stay positive and supportive! 

Don't talk to your daughter or coach from the sideline.

When the parents scream 'SHOOT!' or 'PASS!' or "Just RUN!" it is distracting and confusing for them. Often times it is just plain wrong and frustrating for coaches. It's hard not to get caught up in it for players this young. It is VERY hard. We get that. We know we even have some parents who have played college lacrosse but even those parents must refrain from coaching and speaking to your daughters. Talk with your daughters all you want after the game or before but please...NOTHING during the game. Let her learn and enjoy the experience on her own. Also please never stand on the bench sideline or on the endline if possible. We would also strongly encourage you that when you do speak with your daughter about lacrosse that it is positive and about her effort and attitude more than about plays or mistakes she made on the field. You will burn her out if that is all she hears and she just wont want to play anymore for risk of being scolded in the car ride home. Try to celebrate assists more than goals, ground balls more than hits and being coachable and a good teammate more than anything else. 


We understand you are making a sacrifice and taking a lot of time and spending a lot of money in having your daughters play Madlax. We take this fact seriously and therefore try to maximize our time with them. The players who commit and attend the most will have the greatest experiences. Thank you for bringing them to every practice and game and taking on these simple roles as a Madlax parent. Please communicate early and often if you have to miss something or be late for academic or personal reasons. We look forward to a fun and very successful season coaching your girls!

ENJOY the Season! 

Play with Passion,
Cabell Maddux & Aubrey Whittier