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Madlax Discounted Team Hotel Blocks

Hotels for all Madlax families attending out of town tournaments only

Welcome to the new consolidated Hotel Booking Page, Save that URL for future quicker ease of use.

We ask that all families make every effort to stay in these hotel blocks with teammates. Not only is it way cheaper, but the Madlax players and parents have so much more fun and become closer friends when we all stay together!  You can always cancel later but it is smart to BOOK NOW and SAVE!

Madlax All-Star Teams – Summer 2021 Hotel Links


North American Lacrosse
(ONLY Teams: 2025 Capital, 2026 Capital, 2027 Capital)

June 12-13, Savich Tract Fields, NJ

Deadline: April 30

Hotel Link: Crown Plaza


North American Lacrosse
(ONLY Teams: 2028 Capital, 2029 Capital, 2030 Capital)

June 12-13, Maplezone Sports Complex, PA

Deadline: April 30

Hotels Link: CLICK HERE


Vail Lacrosse Shootout

June 19-23, Vail, CO

Only 2025-2029 Capital Teams

Deadline: Based on availability.

Hotel Link: CLICK HERE


Summer Celebration
Only 2024DMV and 2022DMV)

June 20, Warhill Sports Complex

Deadline: June 3

Hotel Link: Click Here


ADRN Platinum Cup

July 5-7, DE Turf

Only 2022-2028 National Teams

Deadline: June 10

Hotel Link: CLICK HERE


Hogan’s Hershey

July 10-11, Hershey, PA

2025 DMV, 2026 DMV, 2027 Capital, 2027 DMV, 2028 Capital, 2028 DMV, 2029 Capital, 2029 DMV, 2030 Capital, 2031 Capital

Deadline: June 2

Hotel Link: Hershey Lodge Booking Code: MadLax-344

Hotel Link: Three more Hotels HERE


NLF Championships

July 16-18, UMass, Amherst, MA

2022 Capital, 2023 DC Dogs, 2024 Capital, 2025 Capital, 2026 Capital, 2027 Capital, 2028 Capital

Deadline: Based on availability. 

Hotel Link: Sheraton Hartford

Hotel Link: DoubleTree by Hilton


North American Lacrosse

July 24-25, DE Turf

2022 Capital, 2023 DC Dogs, 2024 Capital

Deadline: Based on availability.

Hotel Link: CLICK HERE