Madlax plays to win in tournaments and spring league games that have a Championship. Playing time is not guaranteed or promised for any player on any team. It is earned. The coaches have the right to play the best players to help Madlax teams win any game. If players miss practices coaches reserve the right to not play or limit playing time in games and tournaments. Therefore, some players will not play at all unless we are leading comfortably. In scrimmages, play days, or showcases where there is NOT a championship, we will play everyone, although it will still not be even time.  

Players should address playing time concerns directly with their coach on their own, but never the parents. If parents still want to discuss playing time, they may email a director 24 hours after a game but should never address a coach on the field, during a tournament in person, or in an email.

It is our wish that all parents try to remain positive and support the TEAM your child is on rather than focus solely on their playing minutes. Practices are where the most improvement is made and playing time is truly earned so consistent attendance is crucial.

Thanks for your support. Best of luck to your athletes.

Play With Passion - Madlax Directors and Coaches