1. All players from the same grade on both Capital and DMV teams will typically train together in all practices on the same field at the same time for 75-90 minutes. 
  2. Each practice session there will be 30-45 minutes of focused positional work for every position by expert positional coaches! There will then be 30 minutes of controlled half field or full field play as teams.    
  3. All players in every grade can attend the SPEED & EXPLOSION sessions directed by a professionally certified trainers from Project Athlete AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. See video Here. These one hour sessions will be followed by 30-60 minutes of advanced shooting drills. Again, all grades attend this as it is only helmets and gloves and sticks. Learn to run properly and get faster! 
  4. The very best and experienced coaches in Madlax will run these fall training sessions so your sons will be taught directly by our most experienced coaches!  Every player & coach will be on the same page running the same offenses, defenses, clears, rides, EMO/MDD and using the same language.  Coaches will get a better feel for every boy and thus give him greater depth of coaching and opportunity to be recognized and advanced through our program.
  5. We will carefully evaluate all players on DMV and Capital teams in the fall practices.  We will create two Madlax All-Star teams per grade before the first tournaments. This is a very thorough and fair process and allows your sons to improve and move up the depth chart for their position all fall . 
  6. We will NOT play in a fall league. We feel our coaching is one of the best features in Madlax and so we want our best coaches to coach your boys instead of them just playing weekly fall games. After all it is the off-season when players should work on specific skills to get ready for fall tournaments and the spring season. If players choose to play on their rec or school teams in fall league they must still attend our Madlax practices on weekends as a priority if there is a conflict. 
  7. We will attend 3-4 Tournaments or Play Days per team in late October - December November after the training sessions have prepared us. This will allow for 9-16 tournament games after training properly all fall. 
  8. Madlax-DMV players can be "called up" to Capital at any point throughout the year based on skill improvement, effort and commitment!
  9. This new training style will be implemented as often as possible year round but spring and summer are a more team focused practice style.