Varsity Elite Division 

Game 1: Park View vs. Potomac Falls
Final: 21-0 Potomac Falls defeated Park View
Recap: Excellent passing connections and fluid stick work gave Potomac Falls many scoring advantages over Park View.

Game 2: Dominion vs. Briar Woods
Final: 27-1 Dominion defeated Briar Woods
Recap: Dominion won the game with ground balls and shot placement. Briar Woods defensive doubling fell short to stop the organized Dominion team.

Game 3: Langley vs. VA Metro East
Final: 21-5 VA Metro East defeated Langley
Recap: Langley's great goalie saves and team defense were not enough to slow down the fast transitions and quick cuts VA Metro East players.

Game 4: Riverside vs. VA Metro 20/21
Final: 24-12 VA Metro 20/21 defeated Riverside
Recap: Solid play by Riverside Garland, Kline and Lutz but fell short to the talents of VA Metro's D'Angelo, Rupli, and Fitzgerald, and the incredible saves by goalie Tuma in the second half.

Game 5: Madeira/Maret vs. Woodgrove
Final: 23-16 Madeira/Maret defeated Woodgrove
Recap: Settled attack helped Madeira/Maret take the lead over Woodgrove.

Game 6: VA Metro West vs Madlax Blue
Final: 25-7 VA Metro West defeated Madlax Blue
Recap: Madlax goalie Ketcheshawno played incredibly fighting hard against the likes of Sweeney on VA Metro.

Junior Elite Division 

Game 1: Madlax Orange vs. Briar Woods JV
Final: 24-14 Briar Woods defeated Madlax

Game 2: Cavalier vs. Woodgrove Blue
Final: 18-4 Woodgrove Blue defeated Cavalier

Game 3: Riverside JV vs. VA Metro
Final: 15-12 Riverside defeated VA Metro 

Future Elite Division 

Game 1: Red vs. Black
Final: 17-6 Red defeated Black

Game 2: Pink vs. Green
Final: 12-2 Green defeated Pink