2017 Game Re-Caps:


Bandits - 9
Stealth - 12 
The Stealth pushed out to a 6-1 lead after one period of play. Davis Owens had the Bandits lone goal in the 1st period. Finn Avis and Chris Rothenberger scored two goals early in the 2nd period as the Bandits rallied to cut the Stealth lead to 3 going into the 3rd. Chris Rothenberger scored his 3rd goal early on in the last period. Chris Strycharz helped the Stealth pull away halfway through the final period with a nice finish in tight. Charlie Ball scored his 3rd and 4th goal for the Stealth lkate in the 4th securing the win.
MVP: Chris Rothenberger

Rush - 9
Roughnecks - 7 
Peyton Booth scored behind-the-back to get things going, giving the Rush a very early lead. Rush’s Chase Robertson added on two goals of his own, leading his team into the first intermission with a 3 goal lead. Ryan Duenkel outran his defenders, dodging two more to score and get the Roughnecks going to start the second period. He would add another goal toward the end of the second. Evan Williams then added a 3rd goal in period, cutting the Rush lead to one. Evan Williams scored to start the 3rd period, tying the game at five apiece. The Rush would score two quick goals before Colin McGonagle scored keeping the Roughnecks in the game, then Ryan Duenkel scored his 3rd goal of the game, pulling the Roughnecks to within one. But Peyton Booth scored the cushion goal with 2 minutes left and helped the Rush hold on for the victory.
MVP: Peyton Booth

Cavaliers - 14
Swarm - 12
The Cavaliers and Swarm traded goal after goal, power play after power play throughout the 1st period, scoring 5 goals apiece. Cavalier’s standout Jack Markert and Swarm superstar Nate Kabiri, both scored two goals early on, as the teams traded lead changes. Nate Kabiri scored putting the Swarm up midway through the second period. Sutton Talifaro answered right back for the Cavaliers. Ethan Engel and Andrew Atkins add a goals for the Swarm to make a two goal run, however, quickly ended by Aidan Creech scoring late for the Cavs. The Swarm took a one goal lead into the 3rd. The Cavaliers began the 3rd period with a three goal run, capped off by 10 yard rip by Jack Markert. Ethan Engel ended the slide with a short-handed dodge and goal, then Nate Kabiri pinged the upper post into the goal. Swarm and Cavs were tied 12-12 with four minutes left in the game until Sutton Talifaro and Aidan Creech scored for Cavaliers securing the win.
MVP: Aidan Creech

Gators - 10
Rock - 8 
Andrew Carlineo scored early for the Gators, getting things underway in the four o’clock hour. Gabe Quantrille answered back scored back-to-back goals for the Rock. After a defensive battle the Rock led the Gators by two going into the 3rd period. Lucas Shipe led a rally by the Gators early in the third period, tying the game with 8 minutes to go. Caleb Kemer then put the Gators ahead but for a brief minute, as Gabe Quantrille answered right back for the Rock, knotting us up at eight. Andrew Carlineo put the Gators up two with a minute to play and it was enough to hold on for the win.
MVP: Andrew Carlineo

Team 6 - 7
Evergreen - 15   
Evergreen pushed out to an early led behind Carson Boyle’s two first period goals. Jack Schubert scored twice for Team 6, as Evergreen led by four at the end of the first period. After a series of defensive efforts, Mason Keyser on team Evergreen ripped the top shelf. Team Evergreen added to their lead in the second period with a top cheddar rip by Cole Jones from the box line. Jack Schubert on Team 6 answered right back with two inside finishes. Team Evergreen lead the game 10-5 heading into the third period. Evergreen started off the third period hot with a sneaky finish by Carson Boyle. Team 6 battled back with a 3 goal run, capped off by Harrison Barkely’s rip from 12 yards, cutting the lead to 5, but Evergreen was too much in the end, and held on for the victory.
MVP: Mason Keyser

SJC Sliver - 0 (forfeit)
Mammoth - 1 
Mammoth got after it in an inter-squad game, as their opponent, St. Johns Sliver, did not have players enough to play and had to forfeit the game. All manner of tricks, BTBs and wild shots were on display in the high scoring, high flying four-on-four scrimmage. Bryce Bernier, Holden Patterson, Jackson Reynolds, and Brock Schaffner all showed off their skills in the up-and-down match up.

Falls Church Marshall - 1
SJC Red - 0 (forfeit)
Falls Church Marshall showed their skills in an inter-squad game, as their opponent, St. John’s Red, did not have players enough to play and had to forfeit the game. All manner of tricks, BTBs and wild shots were on display in the high scoring, high flying four-on-four scrimmage. Luke Mclean, Jason Darling, Taylor Devlin, Ethan Elges, Nicholas Nguyen, and Collin Scheidt all showed off their skills in the up-and-down match up.  

Wings - 5
Hawks - 12 
The Hawks and Wings battled back and forth early on in the 1st period. Dodson Piotrowski, led his Hawks team with two goals early on. Stefan Zamurovic commanded the Wings offense. Cole Damvakaris and Luke O'Donnell both had goals in a 5 goal run for the Hawks in the second period. The Hawks, behind 33 saves from Noah Smith, held on to their lead for the win.
MVP: Noah Smith


Bandits - 8
Roughnecks - 5
Caden Southworth broke through for the games first goal, scoring on the games’ opening power play. Davis Owens then beat the roughnecks goalkeeper on a second power play to put the Bandits up 2 early in the first period. Graham Lesher scored on power play, getting the Bandits on the board late in the first period. Avi Ruiz and Caden Southworth scored back-to-back goals for the Bandits as they moved out to a 3 goal lead halfway through the 2nd period, but Ryan Duenkel scored shorthanded towards the end of the 2nd period to close the gap. Noah Frost of the Roughnecks and Jake Stewart of the Bandits traded goals in an up-and-down 3rd period.  But Caden Southworth’s 3rd goal secured his hat-trick and the game for the Bandits.  
MVP: Caden Southworth

Stealth - 10
Rush - 6
Rush’s Chase Robertson took the opening faceoff, dodged two defenders, and ripped a ten yard shot past the goaltender to get things going in the first period.  Peyton Booth followed up with his first goal of the game at the twelve minute mark, extending the Rush lead. But Charlie Ball then brought Stealth right back, scoring back-to-back goals as part of a four goal run. Chase Robertson and Peyton Booth scored the second goals of the game to open up the 2nd period, quickly knotting things up. Charlie Ball scored his 3rd goal for the Stealth, as they took the lead going into the 3rd period. Hudson Greene caught a long outlet from Michael Michaelis extending the Stealth’s 3rd period lead and they held on for the win.
MVP: Charlie Ball

Rock - 10
Swarm - 11
Nate Kabiri scored 6 goals, had 4 penalty minutes and won 9 faceoffs - in the first 25 minutes of play as the most undermanned match of the day remained tied through two periods. Gabe Quantrille scored behind-the-back to start off the second period as the Rock came from behind going into the second period. Gabe Quantrille and James Cohen add goals in the third for the Rock, bringing them within one with 5 minutes to go in the 3rd period, but the Swarm, playing with zero subs, held on for the one goal victory. Nate Kabiri ended the game with 9 goals, 16 faceoff wins and 4 penalty minutes for the winning Swarm.
MVP: Nate Kabiri

Evergreen - 11
Cavaliers - 1
Bailey Delouis got Evergreen on the board, breaking a scoreless tie halfway through the 1st period. The Cavaliers, starting the game man down pushed an up-and-down game early on. Evergreen led 4-0 after one. Tyler Yang scored on a power play goal early in the 2nd period, getting the Cavaliers on the board.  Carson Boyle scored his 2nd goal toward the end of the period, extended the Evergreen lead to 7 goals. Ethan Lakis had 4 goals for Evergreen in the win. Netminder, Kyle Iamsuri had 45 saves for the Cavaliers undermanned squad.
MVP: Ethan Lakis

Gators 7
Team 6  16
Team 6 started out with a 10 yard rip by Trevor Dougherty. Team 6 adds to their lead with 2 goals by Jack Schubert and Andrew Mosman.  The Gators answer back with an absolute fireball by Zach Swaim, then Swaim scored a second goal minutes later. Jack Schubert on Team 6 answers back with a goal. At the start of the third period, Team 6 leads the Gators 9-5. Harrison Barkley starts off the third period strong with an inside finish for the Gators, but Trevor Dougherty, and Team 6 were too much and pulled away in the 3rd period and cruised to the win.  
MVP: Trevor Dougherty

SJC Red - 14
Hawks - 5
After a long stretch of great defense, St. Johns scored early in the 1st period with a rip by Ryan Hunter. South Lakes answers back with an inside finish by Dodson Piotrowski. St John's answers back with an impressive Behind-the-Back by Quinton Young. South Lakes opens up the third period with a goal by Alex Stoffel. St Johns starts off the third period with a breakaway goal by Luke Symer. St John's adds to there lead with a goal by Jack Burns. St Johns keeps there lead going with 2 goals by Quinton Young. Noah Smith had 45 saves for the Hawks in the loss.
MVP: Quinton Young

Falls Church Marshall - 4
Mammoth - 16
Gabe Perkins and Holden Patterson scored 4 goals apiece in the lopsided win for Mammoth. Parker Hylton was superb in the goal for Mammoth, saving 33 shots. Luke Mclean had 2 goals for Falls Church Marshall in the loss and Evan Foster had 24 saves.
MVP: Perkins / Hylton

SJC Silver - 13
Wings - 12
Stefan Zamurovic had 5 goals for the Wings, along with Frank Gardner and Cole Roy having a hat trick each as the Wings and St John’s College Silver pushed an up-and-down game. However Jack Songer scored 3 goals, Trent Stewart and Ries Francis had 4 goals apiece for SJC Silver, as they held on for the one goal victory.
MVP: Ries Francis


1pm game:
Stealth - 12
Roughnecks - 13 (SO)
The Stealth and Roughnecks battled back and forth in a defensive first period to get things started at the Sportsplex. Graham Lesher broke a 1-1 tie, giving the Roughnecks the lead at the 10-minute mark, however Jack Bonello’s breakaway goal at the end of the period gave the Stealth a 4-2 lead after one. Michael Michaelis and Charlie Ball got things going for the Stealth in the 2nd period, giving them a 10-7 leading going into 3rd, but James Timmins 4 goals for the and Ryan Duenkel’s hattrick brought the Roughnecks back. After sudden victory OT, Colin McGonagle’s 6th round shootout goal gave the Roughnecks the win.
MVP: James Timmins

2pm game:
Bandits - 5
Rush - 11
Midway through the 1st period, Caleb Kim scored to put the Rush up 2 as they dominated time of possession, however minutes later, Chris Rothenberger stung the corner of the net from 12 yards to get the Bandits on the board. Chase Robertson got things going in the 2nd period, taking the faceoff win right to the goal, extending the Rush lead 5-2. After an impressive penalty kill, Chase Robertson scored his hat trick goal to put the Rush up 8-3. The Rush held on for the 11-5 win.
MVP: Chase Robertson

3pm game:
Cavaliers -14
Rock - 11
The Cavaliers pushed out to a 6-2 lead in the first period, behind goals by Ryan Lindemeyer. Bob Gross got the Rock going in the 2nd period, cutting the Cavs lead in half. The Cavs, behind 2 goals by Matt Han, quickly extended their lead 6, but Logan Yost and the Rock got two back, and the Cavs led by 4 going into the final period. The Cavs, Austin Ashley, scored 2 in the 3rd, sustaining their lead. The Rock scored 3 goals in the last 2 minutes, but Ryan Lindemeyer sealed the win for the Cavs with a late goal.
MVP: Ryan Lindemeyer

4pm game:
Gators - 6
Evergreen - 18
Evergreen pushed out to an early 3 goal lead after Cole Jones beat the netminder on a rebound, halfway through the first period. Andrew Carlineo got things going for the Gators on a Power Play early in the 2nd period and added another 3 minutes later. But Evergreen go things going, scoring 3 straight, capped off by Nate Koch’s dodge inside and shot one past the netminder. But James Gartland, who had a hat trick, and Evergreen was too much and breezed by the Gators for the win.
MVP: James Gartland

5pm game:
Team 6 - 17
Swarm - 9
The Swarm roared out to a 4-1 goal lead in the 1st period, but Harrison Barkley’s goal on the power play cut the lead 4-2. Team 6 then scored in the waning seconds, cutting the lead to one to end the 1st period. Zach Lammers answered a quick Team 6 goal to hold on to the lead early in the 2nd period. They game quickly became an up and down affair. Sammy McVoy set up Harrison Barkley for his 3rd goal of the game to up Team 6 up 9-7 in a back-and-forth 2nd period. Team 6 led 10-7 going into the 3rd pd. Jack Shubert scored with 9 minutes to go, putting Team 6 up 13-7, then Zach Lammers, scoring his 6th goal, answered back and began a 2 goal run, but Team 6 was too much going down the stretch. Team 6 coasted to a 17-9 victory .
MVP: Zach Lammers

6pm game:
Hawks - 11
Mammoth - 10
After an up and down 1st period the Hawks led 3-2. The Hawks’ Filip Stanisalijev scored two goals, and Mammoth’s, Gabe Perkins add one of his own, as we were all tied at 6-6 going into the 3rd period. Luka Post and Greg Osipov scored goals for the Hawks, matched by Leo Cowie and Brock Schneider for Mammoth, as the teams stayed deadlocked going in the finals of play. Jackson Reynolds followed up a Greg Osipov goal in the last 1:30seconds, and the Hawks held on for the win. Noah Smith had 33 saves in the win Hawks.
MVP: Noah Smith

7pm game:
Falls Church Marshall - 6
SJC Sliver - 13
SJC and Falls Church Marshall played a close first period until SJC pulled away scored 3 unanswered goals and pulled away. SJC Sliver was up 6-2 to start the 2nd and never looked back. Thomas Howe and Luke Symer and 2 goal games for SJC Silver in the 13-6 win. Taylor Devlin scored 2 goals for Falls Church Marshall.
MVP: Thomas Howe

8pm game:
SJC Red - 1
Wings - 0 (forfeit)
With the Wings not having enough players, St John’s Red took the official win. The teams played an up-and-down 4 v 4 game. Spencer Simmons had 25 saves for SJC Red. Dylan Definbaugh had 3 goals for SJC Red. Stefan Zamurovic scored 2 goals in the friendly match for the Wings.


1pm game:
Roughnecks - 10
Rush – 13
Evan Williams scored first for the Roughnecks to get them on the board. Then Ryan Duenkel dodged two defenders to put the Roughnecks up early. But Peyton Booth answered right back for the Rush and 30 seconds Chase Robertson tied the game.  After one, we remained tied at 4. After two power plays, Graham Lesher erased the Rush’s two goal lead and tied that game for a 3rd time today. Then Ethan Hulvey shot one past the netminder and the Rush took a one goal lead into the final period. Chase Robertson made a beautiful feed to Hudson Greene giving the Rush a quick two goal lead to start the 3rd. Ryan Duenkel added is 3rd and 4th goal of the game for the Roughnecks in the 3rd, but Hudson Greene and the Rush were too much, and held on for the win.
MVP: Ryan Duenkel

2pm game:
Stealth - 11
Bandits - 7
Charlie Ball caught a long outlet from his Stealth teammate, dodged a defender and ripped a shot past the goalie to get things started in the 1st, then he scored 2 more as the Stealth took a 6-2 lead into the 2nd period. Avi Ruiz picked right up where he left off last week, scoring two for the Bandits in the 2nd. At the end of the 2nd period, Stealth lead 9-4. The 3rd period got off to quick start for the Bandits as they score 3 straight to narrow the gap to 3, after Avi Ruiz scored his 3rd, for a hat trick for the day. However the Stealth pulled away late in the 3rd to secure the victory.
MVP: Charlie Ball

3pm game:
Evergreen -16
Swarm -9
Evergreen and the Swarm traded a pair of goals during the first 2 minutes of an run-and-gun game. Evan Granahan and Carter Diamond scored man down to give Evergreen a two goal lead at the end of the 1st. Zach Walsh scored a hat trick for an undermanned Swarm.  Carter Diamond scored 5 goals for Evergreen as they pulled away for the win in the 3rd period.
MVP: Carter Diamond 

4pm game:
Gators - 5
Cavaliers - 11
The Cavaliers pulled away late in the 1st period to take a 4-1 lead and started the second right were they left off the first. Jacob Holz’s capped off a 5 goal period for the Cavs.  Zach Swain got the Gators going in the second period with a beautiful shot past the goalie. Andrew Carlineo scored off a dynamic offensive set to cut the lead in half, but the Cavaliers, led by high scorer Tyler Yang, were able to keep possession through the 3rd, holding on for the win.
MVP: Tyler Yang

5pm game:
Team 6 - 8
Rock - 11
Team 6 answered an early Rock goal with a great dodge and shot by Harrison Barkley. Luke Musser scored with 4 minutes left in the period for the Rock, answered immediately by Fin Gelbech for Team 6. At the end of the 1st, we were all tied at 3-3.  Will McCulloch helped the Rock stretch a 2 goal lead until Sammy Mcavoy ripped a shot past the netminder to bring Team 6 right back. At the end of the 2nd, we were tied 7-7. Jack Shubert led all scorers for the Team 6 with 3 goals. Rock were able to take advantage of the power play and pulled way in the 3rd, securing the win.
MVP: Jack Shubert

6pm game:
Falls Church Marshall - 7
Wings - 13
In the most undermanned game of the night, the Wings blew out to a 6-1 lead in the second period and they never looked back. Leo Cowie lead all scorers with 6 goals and 4 ground balls. Collin Scheidt score a hat trick for Falls Church Marshall, but it wasn't enough and the Wings coasted to the win.
MVP: Leo Cowie

7pm game:
SLC Red - 6
Mammoth - 16
Mammoth flew out to a 5-1 lead in the first period behind Parker Hylton’s 14 saves. Owen Cleary go things going for SLC Red in the second and third period, but Mammoth never let up their lead throughout the game. Jackson Reynolds had a hat trick for the Mammoth and Mason Edwards lead all scorers with 5 goals and 2 assists for Mammoth. Julius Terrell had a hat trick for SJC Red, along with 5 saves in the 3rd period.
MVP: Parker Hylton

8pm game:
SLC Silver - 10
Hawks - 4
After one, SLC Sliver led the Hawks 4-3. The first period was dominated by physical as the boys got after it in transition. SLC pulled away in the second period behind the dominate play of Jack Burns and 2 goals by Quinton Young. Filip Stanisaclijev had a goal and Dodson Piotrowski had a goal for the Hawks.
MVP: Quinton Young


1pm game
Stealth -9
Rush - 12
The Rush got on the board first in the Future Elite Division's first game of the new year, but the Stealth answered back 3 minutes later. The Rush, led by Chase Robertson’s faceoffs domination, took the 7-2 lead at the end of the 1st period. Sutton Taliaferro started the Stealth off in the 2nd period with a 15 yard rip past the goalie. At the end of the 2nd, the Rush held a 9-5 lead. Charlie Ball led the offense, setting up two goals in the 3rd period, closing the gap to 2, but Chase Robertson and the Rush were too much in the end and held on for the 12-9 win.
MVP: Chase Robertson

2pm game
Bandits - 12
Roughnecks - 9
Roughnecks’ Evan Williams broke the 5 minutes scoreless run with a breakaway goalie to get things started in the 1st period, he added a 2nd and 3rd goalie 5 & 7 minutes later respectively. Karl Schreiber got the Bandits on the scoreboard midway through the 1st.  The Roughnecks led 4-2 after one. After 3 unanswered Bandits goals, Avi Ruiz scored 2 back-to-back goals for Roughnecks halfway into the 2nd period. The Roughnecks took a 7-5 lead into the 3rd pd. Colin Dean scored early in the 3rd, cutting the Roughnecks lead to 1 and the game was tied 2 minutes later on Will Sweezey’s goal. Avi Ruiz then put the Bandits ahead with 8 minutes to go in the game and the Bandits never looked back. Colin McGonagle had 2 goals in the loss for the Roughnecks. Avi Ruiz finished the game with 5 goals.
MVP: Avi Ruiz

3pm game
Evergreen - 10
Rock - 8 
Logan Yost scored on a power play to get the Rock on the scoreboard. But seconds later off the face, Evergreen answered to tie the score 1-1. Carter Diamond then scored off a rebound to give Evergreen a led. At the end of the 1st period the Rock led 3-2. Drew Ambrose took a feed from Bob Gross scoring for Rock, during a back and forth 2nd period. Pat Smith quickly answered for Evergreen extending ties and lead changes that dominated the period. Evergreen led 7-6 after 2 periods of play. Carson Boyle scored late in the 3 period, putting Evergreen up 2 goals and they held on for the 10-8 win.
MVP: Carter Diamond

4pm game
Gators - 8
Swarm – 7
The Gators took advantage of an undermanned Swarm, sprinting out to a 4-1 lead early the 1st period, until the Swarm, led by Nate Kabiri, cut the lead too 4-3. The Gators took a 6-3 lead into the first intermission after Lucas Shipe ripped a shot past the Swarm netminder. Zach Swaim scored midway though the 2nd period, extending the Gators lead, but the Swarms scored a late power play goal, and the Gators led 8-6 at the end of the 2nd period. A Nate Kabiri goal cut the deficit to 1, at the 10 minute mark of the 3rd period, but the Swarm fell just short.

MVP: Nate Kabiri

5pm game
Team 6 - 8
Cavaliers - 14 
The Cavaliers took an early 2-0 lead with rip for the top of the box by Jack Markert, then an inside finish. At the end of the first, the Cavaliers commanded the game with a  7-0 lead. Cavaliers pull away in the second period starting with a goal by Adian Vanvorse.  Team 6 fires back with a rip by Ryan Padgett. The Cavs’ Henry Fleckner answered back to extend the Cavaliers led. Cavaliers continue to hold the lead 12-4 going into the 3rd period. Team 6 scored off the opening faceoff of the 3rd period with a rip from Sammy Mcavoy, then scored mandown cut the lead in half, and Jack Schubert scored to bring Team 6 within 5. However, Jack Markert answered right back for the Cavaliers as the held on for a 14-8 win.
MVP: Jack Markert

6pm game
SJC Red - 20
SJC Silver - 16
SJC Red starts off strong with a rip by Owen Cleary. SJC Silver answers back with a goal by Jack Burns to make it 1-1. SJC Red jumps out for a 6-2 lead at the end of the first. SJC Silver starts off the second half hot with a ripper by Thomas Howe to make the score 6-3. SJC Red starts out strong with a goal by Conor Segreti. Ultimately, the teams swapped scoring runs with SJC Red being the more prolific.
MVP: Jack Burns

7pm game
HRYL Hawks - 10
Falls Church Marshall - 6 
Falls Church Marshall broke out to a 3-1 behind Luke Mclean’s top-of-the-box goals. Then the Hawks came storming back, taking a lead in to the 1st intermission. The Hawks pulled away in the 2nd behind 2 goals by Dotson Piotrowski. Colin scheidt and Carson Hopkins dominated faceoffs in the 3rd and Falls Church Marshall closed the gap to 2. But EJ Javier and Kyler Silata scored for the Hawks as they held on for the 10-6 victory.
MVP: EJ Javier

8pm game
Mammoth – 12
Wings – 15
The 1st period got off to a rocket start with the Wings and Mammoth’s trading goals and lead changes. Bryce Beriner scored 2 for Mammoth, while Stefan Zamurovic had two goals for the Wings. The Wings took a 6 -4 lead into the 1st intermission. The back and forth game began the 3rd period all tied up at 9-9. Holden Patterson 5 goals for the Wings and Devin Schneider scored 4 goals for Mammoth. Behind Jackson Reynolds 5 goals and 3 assists, the Wings pulled away in the 3rd period for victory.

MVP: Holden Patterson


Game 1pm:
Bandits- 3

Rush (red) – 7
MVP:  Chase Robertson
In  a slow starting, defensive game with both teams taking the first 12 minutes to settle in, the Rush took a 2-1 lead into the first half. The Rush then pulled away in the second half, dominating time of possession with methodical offensive sets resulting in goals. Chase Robertson recorded 4 goals leading the Rush in the second half. But with 4 minutes to go Caden Southworth darted down the field, scoring the breakaway goal getting the Bandits going with 2 unanswered goals. But the Rush came back to score 2 in the final minute, including a flashy finish by Peyton Booth, to seal the victory.

Game 2pm:
Stealth - 7
Roughnecks (red) - 2
MVP: Charlie Ball
The Stealth’s Jack Bonello flew past the Roughnecks defense to score a breakaway goal, propelling the Stealth to a quick 3 goal lead in the first 4 minutes of the first half.  Aidan Collins then ripped one past the goalie to get the Roughnecks within 2 at the end the first half.  James Timmins scored early in the second half for the Roughnecks coming of a great pick, but minutes later Charlie Ball threw a 30 yard assist to get the Stealth going in the second half. This assist added to Ball's 2 goal performance. The Stealth never looked back and cruised to the 7-2 win.

Game 3pm:
Cavilers - 7
Swarm - 5
MVP: Jack Markert
The Cavilers, led by high scorer Jack Markert, controlled time of possession during the first half, and took a 4-1 lead into the break. The Swarm drew to within 1 midway through the second half led by the team’s high scorer, Nate Kabiri.  However, bolstered by 3 power plays, the Cavilers took control during the last four minutes of the game and held on for the two goal win. The Cavaliers improve to 2-0 on the season!

Game 4pm:
Gators - 1
Rock - 9
MVP: Will McCulloch
The Rock earned an early 4 goal lead with Will McCulloch scoring two of the four.  As the first half was drawing to a close, Gabe Quantrille added two more to go into half time with a six goal lead. They continued their run into the second half as they scored another goal in the opening minutes, and McCulloch added another shortly after. Thomas Wilson on the Gators answered back with a goal, and added a plethora of good shots, but the Rock’s goalie, Briggs Hayes, stood tall making 32 saves in the contest. 

Game 5pm:
Team 6 –11
Evergreen – 12 (OT)
MVP: James Gartland
Team 6 came hot out of the gate with a quick goals from Sammy McAvoy and Andrew Mosman.  Evergreen got the spark they needed from Johhny Kidd as he charged up the field to put Evergreen on the board. After another Evergreen goal, James Gartland put his Evergreen squad up 3-2 with a quick goal off a face off.  The teams then exchanged goals up to halftime making it 6-6 at the break. Team 6 started the 2nd with a great goal by Sammy McAvoy, only to have Evergreen respond with a great goals of their own by Carter Diamond and James Gartland to put the score at 10-8. Team 6 was not finished though as they scored the next 3 to put them up 11-10! But with just seconds on the clock, Evergreen managed to tie things up with another goal from Gartland! Evergreen goes on to win it with a beautiful pick play and goal by Cole Jones.

Game 6pm:
MVP: Mason Bowman / Sam Levy
The game started off as a defensive struggle, with the Hawks’ goalie, Noah Smith, and the Wings’ goalie, Sam Levy both making great saves. No goals were scored for the first 8 minutes until Max Deleon of the Hawks scored on a man up. No other goals were scored in the remainder of the first period.  Early in the second, the Wings scored off of an assist by Mason Bowman. This was followed up by another Wings goal from Dodson Piotrowski to put the Wings up 2-1. The game was tied up shortly after on another Hawks goal. Hawks player Griffin Scanlan then grabbed the lead with another goal, which was built upon by a goal from Luke O’Donnell and assist from EJ Javier. The second period ended with a score of 4-2 Hawks.  The Wings battled back to tie the game up and eventually take the lead 6-4 with the 6th goal being scored by Bowman. Both teams added more goals but the Wings ended up coming out with the win. Noah Smith was phenomenal once again in the loss, and his counterpart, Sam levy, also made a name for himself with a 35 save performance.

Game 7pm:
St. Johns Sliver - 12
Mammouth - 16
MVP: Holden Patterson
Holden Patterson opened up the scoring for the Mammoth and tallied another 2 for a quick 3-0 lead out the gate. St. Johns stormed back with 3 goals of their own from Young, Burns, and Scala to even it up. The teams then went goal for goal until Gabe Perkins put the Mammoth on top 6-5 with a beautiful roll to finish in the heart of the field. At the start of the second period, St. Johns stormed out with 2 goals from Quinton Young and another from Tj Haley.  The Wings did not go away easily however, as they answered with 2 goals of their own from Ben Drennan half way through the 2nd to tie it up. After St. Johns took back a one goal lead, Patterson added his 5th goal of the day to tie it up. Schaffner then added his second of the day to put the Mammoth up 10-9 heading into the third period. The Mammoth came out in the third looking to seal it with 4 straight goals from a myriad of players putting them up 14-9.  Travis Scala had other plans as he came back with 2 straight goals of his own, cutting the Mammoth lead to 3 with 8 minutes to play. In the end, Parker Hylton was dominant and secured the 3 goal win for the Mammoth behind his 38 save performance.

Game 8pm
Falls Church Marshall - 4
St. Johns Red - 14
MVP: Quinton Young
St. Johns Red flew out to a 6 -0  lead before Falls Church/Marshall got on the board with a faceoff win and rip by Colin Scheidt. St. Johns lead 6-1 at the end of the 1st period. Brett Rogers had 3 goals, and Benjamin Zanger had 2 goals for St. Johns as they ran away with the game. Quinton Young also scored 4 of his own in the lopsided victory. Colin Scheidt won 90% of the face-off draws and had 2 goals for Falls Church/Marshall.


Game 1:
Stealth - 11
Bandits - 4
MVP: Will Swezey
In the first game of the 2017-2018 CBLL season, future elite division, the Stealth pulled away early led by Hank Maddux’s 2 goals, 2 assists, and 5 ground balls. In this physical match, Will Swezey, normally a defenseman in field lacrosse, scored 2 goals, and won 4 faceoffs for the Bandits. The Stealth will face an equally hot Roughnecks team in week 2!

Game 2:
Roughnecks - 5
Rush - 1
MVP: Evan Williams
Evan Williams scored 2 goals and had 5 ground balls in the Roughnecks opening game of the season. This game remained close early but the Roughnecks slowly added to the lead by the second half. Chase Robertson had 1 goal and scooped 3 ground balls for the Rush in the defeat.

Game 3:
Rock - 10
Swarm - 5
MVP: Zach Walsh
The Jr. Elite division began with a tightly contested first half, only to have the Rock pull away in the second half securing the week one win over the Swarm. Zach Walsh scored 2 goals and 7 ground balls for the Rock, matching Ethan Engel’s 2 goals and 2 assists for the Swarm.

Game 4:
Evergreen - 4
Cavaliers- 5
MVP: Kyle Iamsuri
The Cavaliers were able to hold off Evergreen in the second match of the Jr. Elite division after stellar performances in goal. This defensive battle kept the game tight throughout.  Kyle Iamsuri had 30 saves in the win, matched by Nick Levy who had 32 saves for Evergreen in the loss. Very good game between two equally tough opponents. 

Game 5:
Gators - 6
Team 6 - 8
MVP: Kenny Ward
In the last game of the Jr. Elite division, Team 6 held on for the win. Andrew Carlineo scored 3 goals and had 5 ground balls for the Gators in the close defeat. Kenny Ward led all scorers with 4 goals for his team, as they took the win behind his stellar performance.

Game 6:
Wings -5
St. Johns Silver -8
MVP: Julius Terrell
The first High School division game was close, physical and full of talent on both teams. St. Johns, led by Julius Terrell’s 4 faceoff wins, 3 goals, 6 ground balls and 2 hits, pulled away in the second half to secure the win. Stefan Zamurovic won 6 faceoffs, had 2 goals, and 5 ground balls for the Wings.

Game 7:
St. Johns Red - 5
Hawks - 6
MVP: Noah Smith
In the most exciting game of the day, the HRYL Hawks took the win in the 8th round of the shootout. The game was physical throughout, with talent on display from both teams. Quinton Young had 40 saves for St. Johns Red, besting Noah Smith’s 35 for the Hawks. These two teams meet again in week 6...mark your calendars fellas!

Game 8:
Falls Church/Marshall - 7
Mammoth -6
MVP: Luke McLean
Falls Church/Marshall, led by Luke Mclean with 4 goals, 7 ground balls, bested Mammoth in the 2nd overtime of the day. Parker Hilton had 28 saves for Mammoth, while Ben Drennan had 3 goals leading all scorers for Mammoth.