Spring 2022 Madlax All-Stars Coaches:

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Spring 2023 Coaches
2027 Capital: Coleman Walsh, Billy Walsh
2027 DMV: Reece Belcher, Kip McGuire
2028 Capital: Cabell Maddux, Josh Tarver
2028 DMV: Charlie Molloy, Jimmy McGlaughlin
2029 Capital: Jude Collins, Dan Neverosky
2029 DMV: Aaron Cargas, Trevor Kolego, Evan Feinberg
2030 Capital: Reece Belcher, Bill Gallagher, Jack Grogan
2030 DMV: Will Catalanello, Kevin Reinecke, Joe Bellomy
2031 Capital: Harrison Holak, John Agnew
2031 DMV: Devin Pinkston, Eric Dauer
2032 Capital: 
2032 DMV:  
2033 Capital: Penn Leachman, Paul Hummer

Teams practice as a grade so both teams are on the field together enjoying the massive benefits of outstanding positional coaches. In Spring we will separate teams by grade, not by age. Birth date doesn't matter in leagues and tournaments. New players are welcome to tryout as there are limited roster spots open on EVERY team. Tryouts are open to any and all boys who attend any school or live in the Greater DC, VA, MD area. Once you make the spring team we expect players to continue through the summer season and commit to our amazing All-Star Academy program upon signed parental commitment. 

Email a Director HERE if you have any questions.