Spring 2018 Madlax-Capital AAA Level Coaches:

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Spring 2018 Head Coaches
2022 DMV (8th Graders): Kessler Brown, & Jordan Weiss
2023 DMV (7th Graders): Ricardo Vargas
2024 DMV (6th Graders): Matt Stevens
2025 DMV (5th Graders): Alex Wilson
2026 DMV (4th Graders): Brendan Hynes

Teams practice as a grade so both teams are on the field together enjoying the massive benefits of outstanding positional coaches. Our specialty positional experts:
Goalies: Harrison Holak, Ricardo Vargas
Defense: Pat Conroy, Coleman Walsh, Kevin Curtin
Face-Off: Garett Ince, Jack Grogan,
Madlax runs positional stations at many practices. Madlax founder, Cabell Maddux and Harrison Holak, Program Director, will evaluate every player at tryouts for every team.

Communicate with Director, Harrison Holak, Harrison@madlax.com, if you have any questions!