2018 Spring Age & Grade Eligibility for Madlax Teams:

In Spring 2018 we will separate teams by grade, not by age. Age is now irrelevant. Some of these DMV teams below may not be created if numbers do not allow. 

2022 Capital - 8th Graders
2022 DMV - 8th Graders
2023 Capital - 7th Graders
2023 DMV - 7th Graders
2024 Capital - 6th Graders

2024 DMV - 6th Graders
2025 Capital - 5th Graders
2025 DMV - 5th Graders 

2026 Capital - 4th Graders 
2026 DMV - 4th Graders
2027/28 Capital - 2nd & 3rd Graders

New players are welcome to tryout as there are roster spots open on EVERY team. Tryouts are open to any and all boys who attend any school or live in the Greater DC, VA, MD area. Once you make the spring team we expect players to continue through the summer season and commit to our amazing All-Star Academy program upon signed parental commitment.