Parts of the Floor

The Heart: The center of the offense, 1 stick length above the edge of the crease

Low Post: Goal line extended, 1 stick length from the side of the crease, both sides of the floor

High Post: 10 yards above the low post, both sides of the floor.

The Paint: the square space made up inside of the posts. It is the most vulnerable part of the floor for defense, and the most critical to defend.

Key Terms

Interchange: A motion off ball, when the ball is on the opposite side of the floor. Every shift, a player should interchange between 5 and 8 times. Interchanging is a basic exchange, when the player in the high post and the player in the low post both cut to the heart in unison. The high post player tries to bump the low post's defender before cutting to the low post. The low post player is trying to match this, by bumping the high post player's defender before cutting to the high post. 

Cycle: A motion on ball, when the ball is on your side of the floor. The ball begins in either the low post or the high post. Once the ball is passed from 1 post to the other, the player with the ball waits for a pick to be set. The pick setter cuts to the heart, every single time, before running towards the ball carrier and setting a pick. Once the pick is set, the picker rolls to the net and the ball carrier goes to the net. 

Cycles Interchanges are still executed the same way with the 3 player side. 

Interchanging with 3 players means all three players cut to the heart at the same time, each making contact with another teammates defender before replacing each other in the high post/low post/and space in between. 

Cycles with 3 players is the same as with 2 players. The ball is moved from one post to the other. The two players without the ball both cut to the heart, before both players set a pick on the ball carrier at the same time. Both players roll to the net while the ball carrier attacks the net trying to score.