Stealth – 3
Cavs - 5

The Cavs stormed out of the gate to a quick 4-0 lead 10 minutes into the first half with goals from Tyler Yoder and Noah Han. The Stealth did their best to get back into things early, but Luke Romano turned away several Stealth scoring chances, frustrating a hungry Stealth squad. Cole Stup finally broke the ice with a nice lefty finish to send things into halftime at 4-1 Cavs. Tyler Yoder began the second half for the Cavs at the 15 minute mark but was answered by the stealth’s Manuel Fernandes, After a period of back and forth Cole Stup for the Stealth scored with low time ending the game at 5-3.

MVP's: Cole Stup & Hayden Ribbentrop

Game 2
Evergreen - 8

Roughnecks - 1
After a defensive struggle for the first 10+ minutes, The 
Green Terror broke through late in the first half with a 2-0 lead led by Connor Tinkham. Tinkham put another one in to start the half, solidifying a hat-trick and a 3-0 lead. Green Terror kept finding the back of the cage, netting 3 goals in a 2-minute span, making it 6-0. Tanner Wiles broke the ice for Madlax Roughnecks making things 6-1 mid way through the second half. Tinkham finds the net again at the 5 minute mark, 7-1 Green Terror. Aydin Prell finished things off ripping one past the Roughneck’s keeper at the 2 minute mark as the Green Terror cruise to a 8-1 win.
MVP's: Connor Tinkham & Colton Sirois

Game 3
Cadets - 15

Evergreen - 4
Cadets came out of the gate swinging, finding the net off the opening face-off to make it 1-0. Riley Figueiras makes a slick move inside to give the Cadet’s their second goal, 2-0. James Watson of Evergreen responds with a nice rip to get them on the board, 2-1. However, the Cadets respond quickly and find the net at the 10- minute mark, making it 3-1 Cadets. Niko Kesari of Evergreen answers, 3-2 Cadets. Cadets respond fast, as Chase Cavalier hits the net to make it 4-2 Cadets. Gavin Kelly buries one bottom left, and puts the Cadets up 6-2. Kelly shakes one and finds the top left, back-to-back goals for the freshman, 7-2 Cadets. The Cadets catch fire, and find the net again at the 15 minute mark in the second half, 8-2 Cadets. Evergreen’s Tony Langone responds with a bone crushing rip that hits top left, 8-3. Cadets are quick to answer, 9-3. Gavin Kelly snags a hatty with a vicious top right rip, 10-3 Cadets. Cadets bag another two, 12-3. Richard Checo buries a pass from Luke Rhoa, 13-3. Evergreen answers off of a man up opportunity, James Watson sneaks one past the keep for his second goal, great flow too, 13-4. Cadets are quick to answer, 14-4. Blake Boyd takes one coast to coast for the Cadets in the final minute, 15-4. Cadets throw one final dagger with 10 seconds left, 15-4 Cadets, Final.
MVP's: Richard Checo & 
James Watson

Game 4
Saxons - 4
CBLL Wings - 9

10 minutes into the first half, it has been quite the defensive battle. Great goal keeping. Cam Goodlow broke the ice at the 8-minute mark for CBLL, drove to the net and had a sweet inside finish. 1-0 Wings. James Aldinger get fed on a nifty cut to the net and finished with ease, 2-0 Wings. Jake Pratt throws one threw the five hole of the Saxons keeper and the Wings go up 3-0, 2 minutes left in the first. Saxon’s Oliver Gladys sneaks one in as the clock ticks 0 and the first half comes to a close. 3-1 Wings. At 16:08 Cameron Goodlow scores the first goal of the second half, uses his body to bury another inside finish, 4-1. Jacob Pratt carries his defender behind the goal, toe drags his defender and rips top right to make it 5-1. Pratt then takes one coast to coast and throws two nasty fakes, to snag a hat-trick, 6-1. The wings find the net again, 7-1. Saxons respond as Pearson White takes it coast to coast and finishes left after throwing a few fakes to make it 7-2. The wings respond fast, putting one in off the proceeding face off. Pearson White starts to take matters into his own hand for the Saxons, putting another on the board with a nifty inside finish. White finds the net again, tallying his third of the day, putting the Saxons within reach. With 1:30, left Evan Glaze finds the back of the net for the wings and puts things just out of reach for the Saxons. Connor Kaetzel buries a pass from Cam Goodlow as the clock hits 0. 9-4 Wings over the Saxons.
MVP's: Pearson White & Cameron Goodlow

Game 5
Centerville - 7
Cavalier LC - 3
Joseph Purvis find the net right off the bat, Centerville off to a quick 1-0 lead. Purvis sticks a short- handed goal to make it 2-0. The game starts getting quite chippy as the Cavs go down 2 men and Centerville’s John Marciano got a 10-minute major and ejected for a bone jarring hit post-whistle, although it was a very close call. Playing 4 on 3 until the end of the half, the Cavs go down another man and Purvis misses a penalty shot. Purvis redeems himself and sticks one top right corner, 3-0 Centerville. Penalties continue over into the 2nd half, beginning play 4-4. Purvis Drops a dime, has 4 so far, 4-0 Centerville. Sutton stings top right from 10yds out and gets the Cavs on the board. An unfortunate mistake by the Centerville Keeper, as the ball rolls out of stick mid pass and goes into the goal, 5-2 with 16 minutes to play, Cavs now within reach. Luke Katzen sticks one man-up, 6-2 Canterville. Purvis capitalizes on another man-up opportunity, and tallies his 5th goal of the game, man amongst boys today. 7-2 Centerville with 5:40 to go in the game. Centerville gets a 2 minute minor for a high stick, and Baylor Hunt sticks a 10 yard rip, 7-3 Centerville with 2 minutes left. 7-3 final. Hard fought chippy game by both sides. We're sure the refs are glad this ones over!
MVP's: Thomas Breighner & Luke Katzen

Game 6
South Lakes - 3
Prince Williams Warriors - 12
Kristofer Huber gets the PWW off to a hot start as he buries one back right 3 minutes into the first half, 1-0. Griffin Brock keeps the train rolling, 2-0 PWW. Jon Dixon hits an incredible spin move to put PWW up 3. Jackson Cook gets South Lakes on the board making it 3-1.  Jonathan Durrett comes out of the box and pins one right away, bringing South Lakes within 1, 3-2 PWW. Huber bags his second of the day, PWW up 4-2, 8 minutes left in the first half. Gabriel Quantrille goes between the legs and 5 holes South Lakes Keeper, takes the award for goal of the day, 5-2 PWW. Gabriel Wilbanks walks threw the South Lakes defense throwing a disgusting fake and quick roll and then finished top right, 6-2 PWW. PWW sticks another, 7-2. Cole Bonnell rips a spicy right, top ched, 8-2 PWW at the end of the half. Henry Shafer gets PWW flowing in the second half, 9-2 PWW. PWW buries another, 10-2. Michael Klares catches and finishes inside, puts PWW up 11-2 with 10 minutes left. Jonathan Durrett finds the net for South Lakes, their first of the half, 11-3. Unsportsmanlike both ways, playing 4v4 until the final 45 seconds. Gabriel Quantrille answers and bags his second of the day, 12-3. Prince Williams Warriors strung together a strong two halves and it showed, taking down South Lakes 12-3, final.
MVP's: Jackson Cook & Gabriel Quantrille

Game 7
CBLL Swarm - 6
Evergreen - 8
2-1 Evergreen at the 10 minute mark in the first half. Evergreen sticks another, 3-1. Mikey Kieffer takes hard rip and Peyton Booth picks up the rebound and puts it in to bring CBLL within one, 3-2 Evergreen. Ezekiel Christian tip toes the crease and puts one past the CBLL keeper, 4-2 Evergreen. Wes McAfee follows up and buries one himself on the next play, unassisted. 5-2 Evergreen. Peyton Booth rips his third goal of the day as the clock winds down to end the first half, 5-3 Evergreen. CBLL Swarm is right on their heels, should be tight second half. Wes McAfee, shreds 2 defenders and buries a goal, his second of the game, 6-3 CBLL. McAffe takes it coast to coast and slings a shot past the keeper, McAffe’s third goal, 7-3 Evergreen. Booth sends one through the five hole, his fourth of the day, 7-4 Evergreen. Booth buries another, on a five kill streak, 7-5 Evergreen. CBLL within striking distance. Booth toe drags his way to another goal, 7-6 with 7:30 to play. Timeout Evergreen, 5:16 left to play. Logan Yost stings the right corner to put Evergreen up two goals, 8-6 with 2:45 to play. Evergreen keeps the two-goal lead, 8-6 final. Peyton Booth with a big night, scored all 6 of CBLL Swarm’s goals.
MVP's: Peyton Booth & Logan Yost

Game 8
Team 6 - 15
Dulles South Storm - 4

Team 6 storms out to a quick 2 goal lead. Corey Peterson shake one and lets it fly to get the Storm on the board, 2-1 Team 6. Quinn Grimes is quick to answer, 3-1 Storm. Henry Fleckner puts in 2 quick ones in, 5-1 Team 6. Fleckner runs one coast to coast and puts one top right, his third so far, 6-1 Team 6. Garret Wing slings one in to buy himself a spot on the stat sheet making it 8-1 Team 6. Fleckner pump fakes and buries one bottom left, 9-1. Team 6 continues to push the action, punches one in transition, 10-1 as the first half comes to an end. Jack Wheatley scores off the opening draw to put the Storm on the board first in the second half, 10-2 Team 6. Finn Gelbach finds the back of the net to put Team 6 on the board here in the second half, 11-2 Team 6. Justin Posey waxes his defender and rails one top right, hoping to get some momentum going for the Dulles South Boys, 11-3 Team 6. Adam Collison capitalizes on a man up opportunity for the Storm, puts another on the board. 11-4 Team 6 with 9 minutes left to play. Fleckner pops and shakes himself to another goal, leaves his defender in the dust, 12-4 Team 6. 15-4 Team 6 over Dulles South, FINAL
MVP's: Henry Fleckner & MVP-Justin Posey

Game 9
Cavalier Orange - 13
CBLL Rock – 5
MVP's: Andrew Carlineo & Jack Bonello

Game 10
Beach Dawgs - 8
Cavs Blue - 4
MVP's: Manoa Weber & Alex Vuttarezzi