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Summer 2020 Rosters for 2021-2030 Teams:

2021-2023 High School Teams are posted below but we will hold tryouts in late May/early June to add new players and firm up existing teams. 2024-2030 youth teams will also hold tryouts at that time and new advanced players are welcome. 

Here are the anticipated Summer 2020 Madlax Teams:
2022/23 DMV
2023 DC DOGS


21CAP Game # First Name Last Name Position School Fall 2019
CAP 13 Zach Whittier Attack Georgetown Prep
CAP 11 Liam Savage Attack St. Andrews Episcopal
CAP 4 DJ Batton Att/Mid Apex high school
CAP 10 Dylan Hsu Attack Georgetown Prep
CAP 6 Alex Holmes Att/Mid The Potomac School
CAP 9 Lucas Ingley Att/Mid Parkside 
CAP 44 Matthew Gulley Defense   Apex, NC
CAP 20 Brendan Falatko Defense   Georgetown Prep
CAP 7 John Fontham Defense   St. Stephen's & St. Agnes
CAP 60 Lawson Laverty Defense   Episcopal High School
CAP 26 William Matia Defense   SSSAS
CAP 45 Zachary Rutledge Def/LSM Apex High School
CAP 21 Thomas Neill LSM Mostly Gonzaga
CAP 15 Michael Bath LSM Mostly Gonzaga College High School
CAP 1 Will Barnes Goalie PVI
CAP 77 Cameron Goodloe Goalie Chantilly
CAP 33 Dominick Flora Jr Midfield Parkside High Shcool
CAP 3 Gabe Swanser Midfield Apex High School
CAP 19 Jack Norton Midfield Gonzaga College High School
CAP 35 Brendan Wyka Midfield James Madison High
CAP 66 Peter Veith SSDM Gonzaga
CAP 31 Chantz Harley SSDM Landon
CAP 23 Hayden Dangle Mid/Att Saint Anselm's Abbey
CAP 22 Dante Trader Midfield McDonogh
CAP 16 Michael Crawford FOGO St. Andrews Episcopal
(Note: We will add 5 more players on 2021 Capital so players will have shot to make it before the summer!)
21DMV Game # First Name Last Name Position School Fall 2019
DMV 2 William Heusler Attack McLean HS 
DMV  8 Jared Cook Attack Bullis School
DMV 20 John Douglas, Jr. Defense Paul VI High School, Fairfax, VA
DMV 90 Gabriel Ossi Defense SJCCHS
DMV 66 Colin  Sokolowski Defense W.T. Woodson
DMV 70 Luke Coughlan Defense Gonzaga
DMV 45 John Copes IV Defense National Christian Academy
DMV  66 Zen Smith Goalie South Lakes HS
DMV 38 Adam Phillips Midfield Lake Braddock SS
DMV 18 Malik Sillah Midfield Richard Montgomery 
22CAP Game # First Name Last Name Position School Fall 2019
CAP 3 Clay Almgren Attack Eastside Catholic
CAP 8 Carson Fuchs Attack Canterbury School - Ft. Myers, Fl
CAP 2 Witt  Crawford Attack SSSAS
CAP 17 Zachary Walsh Attack Paul VI
CAP 9 Will McCulloch Attack St. Stephen's
CAP 40 Bob Gross Attack St. Albans
CAP 11 Grayson Schmidt Defense SSSAS
CAP 32 Luke Hackett Defense Delmar (DE)
CAP 4 Gavin Levay Defense Paul VI
CAP 5 Wolfi Gottschalk Defense Madison High School
CAP 27 Charles  Muller LSM Mostly Bullis
CAP 7 Aidan Fairchild LSM Mostly Patriot HS
CAP 13 Colin Flood LSM Mostly Landon School
CAP 24 Briggs Hayes Goalie TC Williams High School
CAP 28 Tristan Lenard Goalie Patriot High School
CAP 16 Charlie Reynolds Midfield Robinson High School
CAP 34 William Aiken Midfield SSSAS
CAP 22 Harrison Dunton Midfield Gonzaga College HS
CAP 50 Brock Spalding Midfield South County
CAP 12 Luke Musser Midfield st. john's
CAP 1 Gavin Schwartz Midfield Landon
CAP 14 Jake Melvin Midfield St. Stephens St. Agnes
CAP 33 James Jacob Midfield Episcopal High School
CAP 19 Ryder Mattingly SSDM St. Johns 
CAP 15 Michael Veith SSDM Gonzaga
CAP 23 Chase Watson  SSDM St. Albans School
CAP 24 Christian MacArthur FOGO Bullis
CAP 25 Victor Salcedo FOGO Episcopal High School
22/23 DMV Game # First Name Last Name Position School Fall 2019
DMV 8 Andrew Murphy Attack Winston Churchill High School
DMV 29 Tyler Kenney Attack Wilson HS
DMV 10 Manoa Weber Attack Highland School
DMV 11 Jake  McClure Attack Middletown HS
DMV 21 Luke Peterson Defense St Johns DC
DMV 20 Kenny Cay II Defense Sussex Academy
DMV 30 Ike Cymerman Defense Georgetown Day
DMV 26 Wyatt Lahr Defense McLean HS
DMV 31 Nick Chirite LSM Mostly Flint Hill
DMV 44 Grady Cole Goalie St Marys
DMV 35 Will Single Midfield Landon School
DMV 12 Thomas Bentivoglio Midfield Bullis
DMV 13 Cameron  Barnes Midfield Dr Henry a wise 
DMV 5 Van Fraser Midfield Episcopal High School 
DMV 14 Liam O'Connor Midfield Walter Johnson
DMV 19 Ethan McNamara Midfield St. Andrews Episcopal
DMV 28 Grant Maiden Midfield & F/O Freedom High School
DMV 23 Andrew Atkins Midfield & F/O Landon
23DOGS Game # First Name Last Name Position School Fall 2019
DOGS 22 Tommy Arata Attack Prep
DOGS 20 Caulley Deringer Jr. Attack Episcopal
DOGS 8 Drew Stahley Attack Sherwood High School
DOGS 0 Colin 'BBQ' Burns Attack Georgetown Prep
DOGS 58 Austin Cunningham Defense   Mountain View High School
DOGS 44 Grant Ettinger Defense   Bullis
DOGS 17 Matthew Rienzo Defense   Gonzaga College HS
DOGS 14 Isaiah Rose Defense   Georgetown Prep
DOGS 23 Will Hoff Defense   North Cross School
DOGS 82 Brian Henneberry Defense   Gonzaga College HS
DOGS 6 Connor Keegan Defense   Georgetown Prep
DOGS 16 Ty Reyes Defense   Landon
DOGS 24 Brady Leischner LSM Mostly Mountain View high school
DOGS 1 Mason Bryer LSM Mostly Georgetown Prep
DOGS 99 Mac Christmas LSM Mostly Georgetown prep
DOGS 5 Declan Monahan Goalie Gonzaga 
DOGS 21 Declan McCulloch Goalie SSSAS
DOGS 7 Aidan Besselman Midfield upper st clair high school
DOGS 26 Connor Rhoades Midfield Norfolk Academy
DOGS 12 Matthew Han Midfield Paul VI
DOGS 15 Larry Horning Midfield Georgetown Prep
DOGS 10 Patrick Dunn Midfield Georgetown Prep
DOGS 25 Dylan Frost Midfield Brooke Point High School
DOGS 9 Rafe Bradshaw  Midfield Swanson Middle School 
DOGS 2 Deuce Lee Midfield Gonzaga
DOGS 4 William Keegan Midfield Georgetown Prep
DOGS 19 Jack Leland Midfield & F/O Gonzaga
DOGS 11 Jackie Weller Pure FOGO Georgetown Prepatory School