This is a instructional clinic for players where emphasis is placed on having fun while improving individual skills and basic team concepts. It is a main goal of the experienced staff to build a passion for lacrosse through these sessions!
Our effective yet fun skill stations followed by modified games is a format that has proven to engage these younger players for the entire session. It is the goal of the experienced Madlax coaches to instill a love for sports through this lacrosse clinic. We want every player to leave SCOOPERS & RIPPERS spring clinic loving lacrosse and wanting more. We will provide the best instruction and safe learning environment for young, aspiring athletes. Focus will be placed on having fun, safety, teaching and showing proper individual skills and basic team concepts for each camper.

Campers will be placed in groups according to size, skill, and experience. In all groups we will teach specific individual skills and basic team concepts. We create various fun yet competitive drills in small groups to teach specific aspects of the game. We will play numerous games that keep them moving. We will finish the sessions playing modified games like 4v4, Fireball, Steal the Bacon, Races, and Musical Balls. Occasionally Madlax will reward one "Camper of the Day" who exemplifies great attitude and effort for the session. This is a small part of the exciting CASE Initiative that can't start too young for future Madlax All-Stars! This award goes to the camper who shows the best effort that day, asks great questions, has fun, hustles, and proves to the coaches that he wants to get better!