Game 1
Cavalier Blue - 5
Madlax Stealth - 3

In the first half of game one in the Ballers Elite division, Cavalier Blue and the Stealth had a combined total of 16 penalty minutes. In this physical first half, Quinn O'Neill opened the scoring for the Stealth and was quickly answered by Tyler Degman and Luke North for the Blues. Will O'Neill evened the game at 2-2,  until Grant Clarke ripped a rocket over the goalie’s right shoulder, grabbing the lead back for the Cavalier Blue, 3-2 to enter halftime. The 2nd half opened to 4 on 4 play with both teams trading hits, saves and ground balls. Brody Sutch finally broke the scoring drought at the 14-minute mark, extending the Cavalier Blue’s lead. With 5 minutes to play Gabriel Springer dodged three defenders then the net-minder to finish off the win for the Cavalier Blues. Will O'Neill added a late goal for the Stealth.  
MVP's: Will O'Neill & Luke North

Game 2
Madlax Bandits - 9
Cavalier Orange - 7

Cavalier Orange’s Matthew See and Connor Burton scored early giving them an early lead. Then at the 10 minute mark, Lucas Chang dodged his defender and ripped a shot past the Orange goalie, to get the Bandits on the scoreboard. In the waning minutes of the first half, Colin Horner flew out to a fast-break going coast-to-coast scoring short-handed. Connor Burton then beat the Bandits goalie in the last minute of the half, giving Orange a 4-1 lead at halftime. Kai Molter scored early in the second half for the Bandits, cutting into deficit in half. Cavalier Orange scored back-to-back goals from Connor Burton to give them a 6-2 lead midway through the 2nd half. But a four goal run for the Bandits, fueled by two goals from Ryan Antesburger and Zachary Lesniewski tied the game 6-6 with 8 minutes left in the half. Then Kai Molter’s power play goal gave the Bandits their first lead of the game. Riggins Legler score a power play goal with three minutes left tying the game a 7-7. Back-to-back goals by Ryan Antesburger and Zachary Lesniewski in the final 30 seconds of the game, sealed the hard fought 9-7 victory for the Bandits.
MVP's: Ryan Antesberger & Connor Burton


Game 3
Commonwealth - 4
Oscar Mike - 1

In a hard fought, physical game, Commonwealth slowly pushed out to a two goal lead during the first half behind goals from Grayson Oldknow, Delcan Carter and Cooper Woodring. Eli Pilch scored midway through the first half for Oscar Mike. The second half was a defensive battle back and forth until Cooper Woodring scored his second goal of the afternoon, extending the Commonwealth to 4-1. Both teams plays suffocating defense through the game, with Commonwealth’s first half goals being difference to secure the win.
MVP's: Cooper Woodring & Eli Pilch

Game 4
CBLL Rush - 4
Cavalier Blue - 3

A slow start to the first half, both teams clashed in a closely-skilled match. Wyatt Douglas, however, does score a goal for the Madlax Rush while the Cavaliers have yet to answer during the first half. Nate Woodward, Levi Taylor, and Logan Stanard put the Cavalier Blue up early in the second half. But Brent Barlow and Harry Lue’s goals gave the Rush the one goal win.
MVP's: Nate Woodward & Harry Lue

Game 5
CBLL Roughnecks - 5
Cavalier Orange - 1

Jack Amborse’s lone goal for the Roughnecks was the difference in the first half. Cavalier Orange and the Roughnecks played to a 0-0 draw for the first 13 minutes of the contest, until Ambrose ripped a rocket top-shelf over the goalies shoulder. Midway through the second half, the Roughnecks went on a 5-0 run. Goals from Chris Strycharz, Andrew Serafin, Avi Ruiz, and Cullen Carter gave the Roughnecks the cushion they needed to hold off Cavalier Orange for the win. Cavalier Orange’s Mason Brown dodged three defenders before beating the Roughnecks goalie late in the second half.
MVP's: Mason Brown & Andrew Serafin

Game 6
Madlax Mammoth - 7
TRW Wolfpack - 4

Colton Sirois’s two goals put the Mammoth up early in the first half. Wolfpack’s Michael Cowan and Joe Magliocca's sensational goals kept the game even throughout the half. Wesley Tighe scored late to give the Mammoth a 3-2 lead heading into halftime. Joe Magliocca added a second goal in the 2nd half for the Wolfpack, however Colton Sirios’s two more goals in the 2nd half along with goals from Angus Watson and Jude Atkins, gave the Mammoth a three goal edge to hold on for the win. AJ VanHarren added a goal for the Wolfpack.
MVP's: Joe Magliocca & Colton Sirois


Game 7
Madlax Wings (24's) - 19
Hard Lax Elite - 1

Kevin Miller scored 7 goals, while Anthony Panetti scored 8, as the Wings took an early lead and never looked back. Alex Washington added a hat trick and Fin Avis scored a late second half goal for the Wings. Avi Ruiz score in the second half for the Hard Lax Elite.
MVP's: Kevin Miller & Avi Ruiz

Game 8
Cavalier Blue (24's) - 17
CBLL Knighthawks- 0

Cavalier Blue came out firing on all cylinders with first half goals from Kobe Link (2), Luke Winfield (2), Xavier Legler, Caleb Blow, Brady Carmical, Tyler  Degman, and Noah Christie. The Blue’s ensemble of scores took at 9-0 lead in halftime. The Cavalier Blue’s picked up where they left off in the second half with James Petres, Brady Echols and Mac Colavecchio (2) adding goals. Tyler Degman added his second goal of the game and Lars Enge scoring two. Luke Winfield added his hat trick midway through the period. The Knighthawks' Peri Christopoulos had 42 saves in the loss.
MVP's: Peri Christopolous & Kobe Link

Game 9
Madlax Seals - 22
Cavalier Orange - 3

Madlax Seals scored early and often in the final game of the evening. Chris Dilorenzo had two goals, along with Andrew Allen. Alex Irisari, Cole Stup, Timmy McGrail, Jack Gans, and Grady Gentile all had goals for the Seals. Bryson Brown beat two defenders and ripped a shot past the Seals goalie for the Cavalier Orange. The Seals led 10-1 at the half.  The Seals pick up the scoring early in the second half as Andrew Allen add his hat trick goal. Miles Wolins and Caden Southworth scored goals. Cole Stup added his second goal at the 16 minute mark and Jack Gans followed with his second goal of the night along with Timmy McGrail and Alex Irisari. Noah Han took a fast-break and scored the Orange’s first goal of the second half, followed by a rocket ripped by Brady Carmical, beating the net-minder topshelf. Nikko Baskot had two goals and Ethan Hulvey added a goal for the Seals as they cruised to a 22-3 win.
MVP's: Brady Carmical & Chris Dilorenzo

Game 10
Dulles South Storm - 10
Vienna Eskimos - 9

Both teams start the game with long possessions, but it’s Vienna who gets on the board first with a nice goal from Quinn Smith. Vienna’s Levi Wentz gets another quick goal to go up 2-0. Both teams continue to play strong defense and goalie play. Vienna's Levi Wentz gets his second of the night on a crafty transition goal, making it 3-0. Levi Wentz gets a hat trick early in this game to put Vienna up 4-0. Dulles South continues to run a nice motion offense with a lot of 2-man pick play. A penalty by Vienna gives Dulles South a man-up opportunity. Vienna goes up 5-0 with a nice one-on-none goal from Will Rubley. Brian Dowley gets another man-up goal for Vienna, making it 6-0. Vienna’s Will Rubley gets his second of the night as time expires in the half, making it 7-0 Vienna. Dulles South kills the penalty then gets on the board first in the second half with a nice goal from Cory Peterson. Ryan Dowley responds with a goal for Vienna, making the score 8-1. Dulles South continues to run great pick play resulting in high quality shots. Matthew Kamon gets on the board for Dulles. Dulles gets another goal from Jack Wheatley, cutting the lead to 4. Bryce Gunn gets another tough goal for Dulles, making it 8-5. Dulles continues to keep fighting and never giving up. Dulles Tyler Yoder scores again, then heads to the face-off, wins the draw. Cory Peterson gets on the board again for Dulles, cutting the lead to 1.  Mark Rubely responds for Vienna, making it 9-7. Vienna goes man up, but it’s Dulles’ Justin Posey that finds the back of the net short-handed. This has been one very competitive, fast-paced and well-coached games from both teams. Dulles’ Mason Clavelli finds the top right corner, tying the game at 9. Dulles gets the deciding goal from Ryan Kehoe with a minute to go as the storm hold on for the 1 goal win!
MVP's: Levi Wentz & Tyler Yoder

Game 11
Hammers - 15
Oscar Mike - 2

MVP's: Trey Talucci & Brady Gallagher

Game 12
PW Warriors - 16
CBLL Swarm - 4

MVP's: Cole Bonnell & Hall Pritchard

Game 13
CBLL Wildcats - 11
Chantilly - 5

MVP's: Colton Zampiello & Grant Maiden