Championship Week 7 (2024) Scores & MVP's

Baller Division

Thunderbirds: 6
Blazers: 4
MVP: Jax Graham

The crowd came to cheer on for the championship! The place was packed with fans and louder than ever. It gave the game a different feel than what we have had all year.  The game started out with a ton of back and forth transition. Big ground ball from Dom Daniels to push transition. But the Blazers push right back and get on the board fist with Cai Patru running down the ally shooting it far side. Thunderbirds answer the call right away with a goal from Jax Graham. The game went back and forth trading goals but the Blazers eventually get up 2 on the Thunderbirds. The Thunderbirds ended the game with a run to win the game by 2 goals. They stormed the field with equipment flying into the air. Jax Graham was named MVP of the championship game with his hand in the scoring and assisting to give them the 2 goal win. Both teams brought their A game! Congrats to both teams for making it all the way to the Championship. Thunderbirds are your CBLL Baller Division Champs.


Future Elite

Rock: 10
Seal: 4
MVP: Augie Patru

The Rock jumped out to an early lead with Augie doing what he does attempting a diving shot. Crease call. Ball going the other way The Seal get on the board with a big time shot. We saw a scrappy ground balls that led to a breakaway goal. After the Blazers being down they finally tied it up and then never looked back taking the 10-4.

Jr. Elite Division

Mammoth: 10
Knighthawks: 4
MVP: Gabe Springer

This was the most physical game of the year. We saw a lot of big hits and the Mammoth mad the Knighthawks pay for it with quick ball movement. The Knighthawks had a chance in the 2nd period to tighten the score but went on the man down for a 4 minute major. The Mammoth pulled away with what seemed to be a gritty win. The Mammoth was out matched with the physicality and size. But that did not matter because they used ball movement and people movement to get the win. 

Week 1 Scores , Recaps & MVP'S

Game 1:
Thunderbirds - 5
VLC 32/33 Red - 3
MVP's: Jax Graham and August Gaiser
The Thunderbirds defeated VLC Red in the first game of the 2023-2024 CBLL season in dramatic fashion.   The Thunderbirds took control early with three quick goals in the first period, including a breakaway finish from Jax Graham. VLC responded with a goal of their own when Xander Brooks split 3 defenders inside to score. A defensive battle ensued, and despite two goals from August Gaiser, the Thunderbirds were able to outlast VLC 5-3.

Game 2
Warriors - 6
VLC 32/33 White - 1
MVP's: Lincoln Jones & Adam Johnson
In game 2, the Warriors went up against VLC 2032/33 White. The Warriors came out hot, taking a lead into the break after the first period with goals from Harrison Parker, Graham Strunk and Archie Wiedmann. Despite a fantastic finish from Adam Johnson for VLC, Lincoln Jones strong play and great team defense propelled the Warriors to a 6-1 victory.

Game 3
Blazers - 8
VLC 32/33 Blue - 1 
MVP's: Landon Han & Blake Dellarosa
VLC Blue met the Blazers in the third game of the afternoon. Both defenses played well early and the first period ended deadlocked at 0-0. The second period saw more scoring, and Brant McCurdy scored to give the Blazers a lead heading into the break. Landon Han took over the third period, dominating the faceoff X and scoring multiple goals and assists as the Blazers cruised to a comfortable 8-1 victory.

Game 4
Swarm - 6 (Shootout)
VLC White - 5
MVP's: Talbot Biles & Sam Rhines
In the thrilling fourth game today, VLC 31 White faced off against the Swarm. The VLC offense dominated the opening period, establishing a solid 2-0 lead with some beautiful plays from Sam Rhines. However, the Swarm's offensive prowess came to life in the second period, with Talbot Biles securing two goals and Landon Meiring adding another, resulting in a nail-biting 3-3 tie. The teams engaged in a fierce battle, each displaying commendable effort, and it was Lukas Grohs who ultimately tied it up, bringing the score to a tense 5-5 and leading the game into a shootout. In a dramatic turn of events, the Swarm emerged victorious with a final score of 6-5.

Game 5
Rock - 5 
VLC 2030 -1
MVP's: Augie Patru and Jack Fox
The Rock offense asserted its dominance right from the start, seizing control in the opening period with a formidable 2-0 lead. As the game unfolded, the Rock team continued their physical play, with Augie's remarkable four-goal performance and an additional contribution from Alex Boerstling, ultimately securing an impressive 5-1 victory. The Rock team's commanding performance left no doubt about their prowess on the field and will be a team to watch out for!

Game 6
Seals - 6
VLC Red- 4
MVP's: Quinn Riihimaki & Logan Murphy
In an exhilarating sixth game today, VLC Red clashed with the formidable Seals team in a battle of skill and determination. Right from the opening moments, the VLC offense showcased its dominance, claiming a solid 2-1 lead in the opening period. Tyler Poon and Logan  Murphy emerged as standout players, leading their team with skill and toughness.  As the game progressed into the second period, Clark Wright and Solomon Singer of the Seals made their mark on the scoreboard, creating a tense 3-2 situation. Teddy Howard's stellar performance at the faceoff X proved instrumental, contributing to his team's success. However, it was Quinn Riihimaki who sealed the deal with two crucial goals, securing a thrilling 6-4 victory for the Seals in a display of skill and tough play.

Game 7
Knighthawks - 5
VLC Red - 4
MVP's: Mason Hill & George Jackson
In a heart-stopping seventh game today, VLC Red engaged in a fierce battle against the formidable Knighthawks team. The VLC Red offense was peppering the Knighthawks goaltender, gradually gaining momentum, and securing a narrow 2-1 lead. A standout performance from Mason Hill, who netted three goals, combined with a contribution from Ike Moser, swiftly turned the tide in favor of the Knighthawks, establishing a captivating score-line of 5-4. The game unfolded as a true spectacle, showcasing the intense competition between these skilled teams.

Game 8
Mammoth - 8
VLC Red - 1
MVP's: Gabe Springer & Quinn Todd
In a dominant showcase of skill, Mammoth demonstrated their prowess by slamming in two points during the first period, signaling a strong start to the game. The Mammoth team continued to impress with a formidable combination of unselfish offense and tough defense, showcasing their all-around capabilities on the floor. The second period witnessed Mammoth extending their lead with another impressive dunk by Gabe Springer. Despite VLC managing to dunk one home of their own and holding the score at 4-1, the resilient VLC Red goalie thwarted further losses with a strong defensive performance. In the final period, Mammoth added to their triumph by scoring an additional 4 points, sealing their win in a display of skillful and strategic play to round out a fun first week of box lacrosse action!