Game 1
Cavalier Orange - 8
Madlax Bandits - 7

The Bandits’ JJ Lowrance began the game’s scoring run, followed by the Cavalier’s Riggins Legler to even the game. Both teams traded goals throughout the period including Bandits’s scorers Lucas Chang (2) and Taylor Jablonski. The Cavalier’s Conner Burton and Tyler Daniel both beat the net-minder with impressive inside moves. The Bandits looked like they were pulling away in the second half after goals from Kai Molter and Emmett Denning-Lee, giving them a 2 goal lead. But the Cavaliers battled back with goals from Tyler Daniel (2) and Brady Sutch, with Matthew See tying the game with a minute remaining, leading to an overtime shootout. The Cavaliers’ Matthew See scored the goal sealing the win to beat the Bandits 8-7.
MVP's: Lucas Chang & Matthew See

Game 2
Cavalier Blue - 4
Madlax Stealth - 3

Madlax Stealth and the Cavalier Blue played a 42 minute defensive battle. Cavalier Blue’s Gavin Rohr had the games opening goal, followed by two goals from Cole Carmichael. Quinn O’Neil scored for the Stealth in the first half, as the went into halftime, down 3-1. In the second half Connor Burton scored the insurance goal for the Blues, and even with a late rally with goals from Michael Muehr, the Blues held on for the one goal win.
MVP's: Michael Muehr & Cole Carmichael


Game 3
Oscar Mike - 5
Cavalier Orange - 4

The Orange and Oscar Mike played to a draw after 44 minutes. First half goals from Manny Fernandes and Junior Vera Puna  were match by goals from Cavalier Orange’s Cole Leier (2) and Mark Lawrence. The Cavalier Orange’s Mark Lawrence (2), then tied the game early in the second half held for its duration, leading to an overtime shootout. After the first round continued to the stalemate, Oscar Mike’s Manny Fernandes scored in the 3rd round of the shootout to clinch the win.
MVP's: Mark Lawrence & Manny Fernandes

Game 4
Commonwealth - 5
Madlax Roughnecks - 4

Avi Ruiz scored early, giving the Roughnecks the lead, but Trent Stewart and Raz Ahmed (2) answered for the Commonwealth and they lead 3-1 at the half. Avi Ruiz added his second goal early the last period of play and lowing with goals from Drew Stewart and Aidan Collins. But Joe Wheatley’s rocket past the Roughnecks net-minder and Trent Stewart's second goal were enough for the Commonwealth to take the game 5-4 in this championship preview!
MVP's: Trent Stewart & Avi Ruiz

Game 5
Madlax Mammoth - 12
Madlax Rush - 3

The Rush and Mammoth both played a tough, defensive battled in the first half to a 3-3 draw. Brent Barlow scored early for the Rush, and Harry Lue had two goals. Ryan Talbot scored a goal and Jack Schomer had two goals for the Mammoth. The undermanned teams showed some fatigue in the second half, as the Mammoth push ahead and did not turn back. Ryan Talbot scored his second goal, Wesley Tighe had 4 goals, and Chris Strycharz added a goal. The Mammoth’s Mac Imperatore added a second half hat trick as he and his team cruised to a big win.
MVP's: Mac Imperatore & Harry Lue

Game 6
TRW Wolfpack - 4
Cavalier Orange - 3

Cavalier Orange and the Wolfpack played to a 2-2 tie in the first half. Orange goals by Logan Stanard and Carter Kyle gave them an early lead, but Wolfpack’s Jacob Strongberg and Mikey Cowan kept the game even. Orange’s Bryce Hart and the Wolfpack’s Mikey Cowan both added goals in the second half, propelling the game into an overtime shootout. TRW Wolfpack outlasted the Orange in the shootout, thanks to goals from Mikey Cowan and AJ Wolfe.
MVP's: AJ Wolfe  & Bryce Hart


Game 7
Dulles South Storm - 5
Madlax Wings (24's) - 6


Game 8
Madlax Seals (25's) - 10
Vienna Eskimos - 8

MVP's: Alex Irisari & Levi Wentz

Game 9
Cavalier Orange - 7
Oscar Mike - 1

Garrison Fletcher’s early goal gave Oscar Mike an early lead, until Fletcher Mezzollo evened the game for the Orange midway through the period. In the second half, Cavalier Orange began to take control with consecutive goals form Mikey Richardson and Caleb Blow. Aiden Ribbentrop, Carter Polly, Francis Hodsoll, and Noah Han’s goals gave the Orange a big lead and they finished, winning 7-1.
MVP's: Fletcher Mezzollo & Garrison Fletcher

Game 10
Cavalier Blue - 11
Hammers - 9

In an action filled first half, both teams trade goals, hits, and fast-breaks. Cavalier Blue’s Xavier Legler and Kobe Link gave their team an early lead. But the Hammers quickly evened the game up with highlight goals from Mikey Richardson and Noah Callahan. Austin Knapp and Mac Colavecchio again gave the Cavs a small cushion, until Jason Falso beat his defender but was taken down in front of the goal - earning a penalty shot. Falso scored cutting the lead to one, but it wasn't enough as Legler and the CAVS hold on to earn their championship berth. 
MVP's: Xavier Legler & Jason Falso