The MADLAX NATIONALS Team is a true elite national lacrosse team comprised of the best players from around the country from any graduation year who play on a Madlax All-Stars regional team (Capital, Oregon, DMV). It also has players from our Partner Programs in Texas, Florida, Oregon, Maryland, Michigan and Canada.  Now outside players not on a Madlax team who meet our criteria can apply! 

Players must meet our criteria of being an elite lacrosse player with high character. The Madlax Nationals coaching staff will be in charge of managing and coaching this elite team. Madlax wants players who will appreciate the opportunity to play with extremely talented players in the most competitive tournaments each year. Elite players who share a passion for lacrosse, play hard, have respect for teammates, the game of lacrosse and will have fun playing games will be sought out by the selection committee.

Be sure to apply today! 

Roster Selection Process



Outside players not on a Madlax team who meet our criteria can now apply! 

The Madlax NATIONALS Teams are comprised of the best 20-26 players per grade from ALL regional Madlax All-Star programs; Capital, Virginia, Maryland and Oregon. It also has players from our Partner Programs in Texas, Florida, Maryland, and Canada. Directors from Regional and Partner programs currently recommend their own players so players from those program do NOT need to apply. Players not on a Madlax team who meet our criteria MUST apply and can be selected as well. 

A Madlax Selection Committee made up of all Madlax regional program directors and select coaches from regional and partner programs will choose the rosters for the teams and post each spring for the summer event and each fall for the winter event. Every recommendation and application is given a fair consideration and equal opportunity to have players considered.  There is no official tryout so you need to be seen live or scouted by video. Players can be added or replaced at any point all year based on performance for your Madlax regional team or graduation year National Team.

You can also earn a coveted National Team roster spot in a few other ways:

1. GET SCOUTED at a Madlax Showcase!  Players that show their talent at a Madlax Showcase could be directly invited to join the National Team.  Click Here for more information about Madlax Showcases.

2. National Team Tryouts - Attend a Madlax-Capital seasonal tryout (offered year round) with intention being evaluated for the National. Since so many players on the National teams play for Madlax-Capital we welcome players from around the country to attend any of our seasonal tryouts.  
Summer Tryout Schedule HERE (all grades)
Fall Tryout Schedule HERE (all grades)
Spring Tryout Schedule HERE (only 4th-8th graders)

Play With Passion - Madlax Nationals Coaching Staff