Registration Instructions for Madlax Summer All-Stars Program

Summer Tryouts Cost: $50

Only New Players pay for summer 2020 tryouts. Returning players from fall or spring seasons do not have to pay for tryouts again. Returners are expected to register for summer season (see below) by April 1, 2020. 

Summer 2020 Season Cost is determined by the team level.

All costs include: CASE Mini Camp, 3-5 Tournaments, 8-12 practices and a brand new, custom Uniform Package ($150 value) that boys will keep for one year. 

Once you have been invited to be part of the program you will register and pay for the entire season. You will have the option upon check out when you register to pay all at once or pay in 3 convenient installments. Also if you register by 2.1.20 you can save up to $150! 

Season pricing is done by high school graduation year for summer 2020 as follows:
2021-2023 - $1600
2024-2028 - $1250
2029-2030 - $925

All RETURNING & CURRENT Academy All-Stars in all grades
1. Simply Click the 'Summer Payment' Button above. You do NOT need to also register for a tryout. By submitting Summer Payment above you officially lock in your roster spot for the summer!
2. Current/Returning Players tryout for FREE yet they must attend tryouts to determine their summer team.

ALL NEW players (and those who make a team after tryouts) in all grades who want to tryout for our All-Stars Academy
1. Simply Click the 'Register for Tryouts' Button above by the first day of open tryouts.
2. Once you make a team you will be asked to click the 'Summer Payment' button above to lock your roster spot.
3. Once you make a team you will be asked to submit a Commitment Form and officially join the Madlax All-Stars Academy. This form will be emailed after tryouts.

There are no refunds for missing practices or games. Once registered and paid, there is no backing out for any reason. Partial refunds are only granted if your son is injured severely and can't play an entire season. Full refunds are never granted.   If we can recoup payment from the tournament itself or replace you for a tournament you will receive a partial refund. We have already paid for your participation in advance so receiving refunds from tournaments is not easy and out of our hands. 

If you need to discuss financial aid please contact Madlax in confidence, Madlax aims to allow everyone who make a team the opportunity to play!

The summer season is just one season and aspect of the comprehensive Madlax All-Stars Academy.  If you participate in the summer season you will be expected to join the comprehensive year round academy. Current and new players do so simply by signing the above 'parents commitment form' enabling their sons to join the Academy. Read All-Stars Academy details here,