Spring Season Overview:

In the spring Madlax-Capital and Madlax-DMV All-Star Teams compete in the Howard County Select Lacrosse League (HOCO). Capital teams always play in the highest level offered, Elite or AAA division, while DMV competes in the A or AA division in HOCO. HOCO is now by far the most competitive spring youth league in the country. HOCO attracts only club teams from the DC, Annapolis and Baltimore metro areas. You will never travel farther than Howard County for games and occasionally we will have home games.

Madlax-Capital has won 10+ Spring League Championships, has been in the finals on multiple occasions and is always one of the best teams in this league. Our talented players are some of the best players in this region and in the country. This is supported and proven by the fact that we place our top players to top D1 & D3 colleges.

If your son is new and wants to tryout for Madlax All-Stars we welcome him to register and attend tryouts. Capital players from last fall season are guaranteed roster spots in the spring on any Madlax team. Spring tryouts will afford every player, new or old, a fresh chance to make Capital or DMV. We are always searching for new athletic players we can teach and develop. We want the most athletic boys in the region because our coaching staff will develop their skills and overall game understanding (IQ). Specifically, we want boys who will work hard, are motivated, fast, tough and coordinated. The boys will be challenged to achieve at very high levels. Madlax coaches are specifically trained and all utilize similar teaching techniques that focus on advanced individual skill development. In March a considerable time is spent focusing on positional improvement.  A similar and unique team system is taught and carefully implemented by each team to our 2nd-8th grades. Although 8th graders will be doing far more advanced concepts within each offense and defense than the 2nd & 3rd graders, the same general formations and concepts are taught so that there is continuity and consistency from season to season and year to year and most importantly from coach to coach. That foundation enables a higher level of team success on the field during competition. 

So, if your son is one of the better players on his town recreational team then MADLAX All-Stars is perfect for him. Madlax is recognized as one of the premier programs in the country and so we are looking for the area's best players and athletes to tryout and join us. Spring is a PERFECT time to join Madlax-Capital All-Stars if you are new. You will represent the greater DC area on a regional elite team that competes at the highest youth level in the country.

Our experienced and outstanding Madlax coaches will also emphasize our CASE (Character, Attitude, Success, Effort) initiative to the players in every practice and game. This is an added value found only in the Madlax program. Another exciting and unique feature of Madlax-Capital, founded in 1999, is that players can be part of a true national team program that combines players from partner programs in Oregon, Florida, Georgia, Texas. Your sons will have the opportunity to play with players from these parts of the country on true 'National Teams' or 'guest play' on these other regional and partner teams during any season year round.

Madlax-Capital is an elite lacrosse option for the best 2nd through 8th grade boys who want to broaden their lacrosse skills and future opportunities. Players will be challenged in every practice. Whether you are in 2nd grade or in 8th grade we want the best athletes who want to get better, play with the best players in the area and succeed at the high school and college level. Madlax spring season can be in place of or in addition to your town/rec league team but you must understand our policy on practice and games and playing time. We allow our players to play for their town Rec teams but Madlax must be the priority if there is a conflict for practices or games. Practices and games for Madlax-Capital teams are required (if you make one of these teams). If you have a legitimate conflict please email a Director, info@madlax.com, in advance of the season. We want all great players to be afforded the opportunity to play. We are more flexible with our DMV teams but parents must communicate potential conflicts early before the season starts.

Generally, your sons will get way more out of our Madlax practices then rec practices as our practices are all uptempo, intense, challenging and far more advanced. We also provide specific positional coaching for goalies and face-off specialists. If you make one of our AAA Capital teams you are one of the best players at your age in the greater DC area (and likely the country) and deserve the weekly advanced coaching. Based on our college placement history you will play in college. Failure to attend practices or games may jeopardize your playing time and your position in the academy.  Playing time is at the discretion of the head coach but generally we play to win (during the HOCO season games) and the best players will always play the most. Please read our written and detailed playing time philosophy here, www.madlax.com/allstars.  If we can play everyone and win comfortably we will do so. The directors, coaches and staff, sincerely appreciate your commitment as parents to get your sons to practices and games! 

Play with Passion - Madlax Director