The Madlax Rippers Team combines clinics with weekend outdoor modified lacrosse games. The clinics act as the practice and are a fun, instructional, intermediate level sessions where emphasis is placed on improving individual skills and basic team concepts. Games are Saturdays in a The Rippers League. Games are cross field and 7v7 which is ideal for more touches of the ball and rapid skill development! 

Clinic/Practice/GAME Format:

Wednesdays are 60 minute sessions that typically include 30-40 minutes of individual or small team skill drills followed by 20-30 minute games or fun team competitions. Saturdays are "Game Days" that consist of two back to back game for every player!

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Our fun and effective skill stations followed by games format has proven to engage the players even though they are quite young. It is the goal of Madlax coaches to instill a love for sports through this lacrosse league. We want every player to leave RIPPERS loving lacrosse and wanting more! We will provide the best instruction and safe learning environment for young, aspiring athletes. Focus will be placed on having fun, safety, teaching and showing proper individual skills for each camper.

We will teach specific individual skills and basic team concepts like dodging, shooting, defense. We will incorporate 1v1's, 2v1's, 3v2's to teach transition and ball movement. We will play games that keep them moving and play modified scrimmages. We utilize fun competition in small and various group drills to teach specific aspects of the game. Each session Madlax will reward one "Player of the Day" who exemplifies great attitude and effort for the session. This is a small part of the exciting CASE initiative that can't start too young for future Madlax All-Stars! This award goes to the camper who shows the best effort that day, asks great questions, hustles, and proves to the coaches that he/she wants to get better while having fun! 

Pre-Travel Team:

Rippers is Pre-Travel and will prepare your son to eventually be part of Madlax All-Stars, a top travel program for boys in the country, which generally starts in 2nd or 3rd grade.  RIPPERS boys can actually play for the Madlax All-Stars travel program and for Rippers if they are in 2nd grade. 3rd grade Madlax travel players can't also play Rippers to get more lacrosse.  

Who Can Play?

This Rippers league is for experienced, motivated and qualified 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th graders. Boys should be able to pass and catch most of the time. 1st graders must show the skill ability and have the size.  4th graders are only allowed to play if they are NOT on a travel team. 

Experienced Madlax All-Stars Coaches will oversee and coach this team in practice/clinics. Parents have choice to have their son attend one practice, whichever is more convenient, during the week in VA, MD or DC.

So, again, RIPPERS is pre-travel lacrosse team for boys. If your son proves he is outstanding on this Rippers Team he will be invited to tryout and play for the Madlax-Capital All-Stars travel club team that competes in a local elite spring league and in summer & fall tournaments! Madlax-Capital All-Stars are the premier travel program for boys ages 9-18 in the greater DC area. If, after watching your son play if he is not ready for Rippers, we will refund you that portion and he can attend clinics only. 

Extra Special Clinic Features
• Players of the Day Recognition Awards
• 10% Discount in MadLax Stores
• Free Reversible Game Reversible Jersey
• Free Rippers T-Shirt

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