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The Madlax NATIONAL Teams

Welcome to the Madlax Nationals Program






The Madlax National Program aims to offer 5th-12th grade boys from around the US and Canada an exciting and memorable lifetime lacrosse experience.  

A goal is to provide Madlax National Team Members with a truly exceptional and memorable life experience beyond just great lacrosse. So, with that in mind, players will take part in unique non-lacrosse team building exercises (surfing, hiking, swimming, water-skiing, etc.), a longer, more focused elite training camp before each event, leadership seminars and special trips. We will still try to always compete in the most competitive tournaments in the country but we will also try to select events in unique locations like Lake Placid, NY, Vail, CO, Hershey, PA, Southern California and Florida. Coaches and Directors will emphasize the whole experience (not just wins) but especially creating friendships with teammates from across the country that will hopefully last at least through college. As greater emphasis is placed on being a good teammate and person and enjoying the high level lacrosse and coaching then the wins and championships will take care of themselves! It will always remain a huge honor to be selected so we want every Madlax National player to take pride in being selected to be part of our Madlax family and this exciting National Team approach.   

Play With Passion - Madlax National Team Directors


Nov. 21-22, 2020 East Coast Fall Showcase & Invitational Bethesda, MD
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  2021 & 2022 Nationals  
Dec. 5-6, 2020 Black Jack Classic Las Vegas, NV
  2022-2025 Nationals  
Jan. 1-3, 2021 Club Lacrosse Nationals Orlando, FL
  2022-2027 Nationals  
Jan. 9-10, 2021 ADRNL Challenge San Diego, CA
  2024-2027 Nationals  
Jan. 16-17, 2021 Sandstorm Palm Springs, CA
  2024-2027 Nationals  
June 15-17, 2021 Vail Lacrosse Tournament Vail, CO
  2025-2027 Nationals  

Nationals Hotels DISCOUNTS & DEALS

These discounted resort hotel blocks are for Summer 2020 National Team Tournaments for 2021-2026 Teams.  Please book and stay here together with your teammates to make it a more enjoyable experience for all! 

You can always cancel later but it is smart to BOOK NOW and SAVE!

Madlax NATIONALS Summer 2013 Team. The best 25 players any grade from any Madlax regional or partner program.

2012 Madlax Nationals Team