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The Madlax Difference: Recruiting

By Coach Ojeda, 08/28/13, 11:45AM PDT


Enjoy the Madlax Difference in Recruiting!

The Recruiting Landscape has changed immensely over the past few years.  In many ways, the summer and fall recruiting circuits have become something that is required to get "noticed" by college coaches.  There are pros and cons to this, but for the most part it has provided more kids with the opportunity to play college lacrosse. In addition, the overall level of play has improved.  With this change has come travel lacrosse clubs. Many tout their ability to get a young man recruited. There is no doubt, each club has its benefits and drawbacks, but read on to find out why Madlax will be able to do the best job in getting you recruited.  The Madlax Difference!

Just the other day I was on the phone with Coach Amplo from Marquette regarding one of our student athletes in Madlax.  I had a great conversation with him about our young player.  Since we were both college coaches we understood there is no beating around the bush.  Honesty is the only policy and both of us spoke candidly with each other about where things stood.  This benefits everyone!  The student athlete is going to win because he will end up somewhere he is happy (Marquette or otherwise).  In addition, Coach Amplo will most definitely want to talk to us about players because he knows he is going to get facts.  

These are relationships we have cultivated throughout the country.  Our staff including Matt Blamey, Co-Director, and Cabell Maddux, Founder, with east coast roots, have valuable relationships and connections with college programs at all levels throughout the country.  They know they are talking to current college coaches who are going to help them get the right young men to the right places.  These relationships cannot be overlooked when you are looking for value added from your club team.  There are few if any other programs that can have the personal touch on the National stage that Madlax has. Madlax has been placing young men into colleges since 1999 and has a proven record to suppot that here, It is the Madlax Difference!

In addition to our relationships, we know what coaches are looking for.  We are current college coaches and are recruiting ourselves right now.  We know what we want for our team and we know what other coaches want.   So often it is all about getting the hardest shot, scoring the most goals, taking the ball away, etc.  While college coaches certainly appreciate the numbers, they look at so much more than that.  In fact, they will cross kids off in spite of those things if they don't have the right attitude, etc.  At Madlax we stress CASE.  We know what it takes and will help you develop to be prepared and be noticed in the college recruiting process.  It is the Madlax Difference!

As a member of our program you will be assessed everyday.  This assessment process allows us to identify young men who need to get additional exposure as opposed to those that need to spend more time developing.  We have catered our schedule as such and created opportunities to 'guest play' with Madlax-Capital, nominate you for a Madlax National Team, an extremely prestigous honor, and recommend you for invitational tournaments.  We will work to make sure that you are getting the exposure that is right for you so you can maximize your recruiting opportunities and end up at the school that is the best fit for you.  Again, see the list of past commitments from Madlax!

Recruiting is a maze with a lot of dead ends and road blocks.  As college coaches, we understand the maze.  Our goal is to help you navigate the maze without costing your family a fortune.  We will recommend college playing opportunities from NCAA D1 to MCLA lacrosse.  At Madlax, working hand-in-hand with you, we will streamline the recruiting process.  It is the Madlax Difference!

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