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The Capital North Stars Box Lax Travel Program Tryouts Starts this Saturday, October 25. Field players from all field clubs are welcome!

By Capital North Stars, 10/21/14, 7:45AM EDT


This should be your new winter sport! Box Lacrosse Travel All-Star Teams. Register today.

The Capital North Stars announce the DC area's first real Canadian Box Lacrosse Travel program. It is one of the first American box travel programs as well.  Tryouts will start on Saturday, October 25, and are OPEN TO ALL PLAYERS FROM ANY field lacrosse club in Virginia, DC or Maryland. We want all field players, no matter what field program you play, to reap the massive benefits of playing box. You will become a better player overall by spring and have a lot of fun playing a new sport. North Stars players will compete in three box tournament during the winter and the local box league, the CBLL. See the incredible list of 'what players get' below if they make one of the four teams that are planned.

For complete details and to Register for Tryouts go here, WWW.MADLAX.COM/NORTHSTARS

There is no denying the fact that box lacrosse is popular right now especially after Canada dismantled Team USA in field lacrosse at the 2014 World Games in Denver. Every player on Team Canada has a box lacrosse background. Also just about every top D1, D2 and D3 NCAA team has amazing Canadians who have played more box than field lacrosse. Colleges are heavily recruiting players with box skills because they know how much it makes them a better field player.

The Capital North Stars will have experienced box coaches (see website for BIOS) teaching the box game properly. All players will be given and wear full proper box pads which are FAR MORE PROTECTIVE than outdoor pads. The Capital North Stars will play the game like the youth plays in Canada. No modifications to suit Americans. The true Canadian game is unique and has so many positive aspects that translates easily to the field game...ultimately making EVERY player better at field lacrosse.

Register today for tryouts and have a lot fun playing a new sport this winter! If you play you will be so much more prepared and so much better by the spring season that your coaches will be incredibly impressed!

What Every Player Will Receive (if you make a team)

We are treating this first ever box lacrosse program first class and professionally. Don't miss this incredible opportunity!

If you make a North Stars team you will receive ALL OF THE FOLLOWING for one price.

  1. Professional Box Training Mini-Camp led by NLL (National Lacrosse League) Pros (Jordan Hall and Drew Westervelt) ($250 value)
  2. Eight (8) Box Practices
  3. CBLL - Capital Box Lacrosse League (No extra cost. $200 value & savings!) More games just for making the North Stars team!
  4. Three (3) Team Tournaments or Play Days
  5. Authentic Custom Game Box Jersey (see above)
  6. Box Only Lacrosse Helmets ($200 value)
  7. Box Slash/Bicep Pads ($40 value)
  8. Box Hard Plastic Kidney/Rib pads ($60 value)
  9. Box Only Face Mask and attachment kit ($90 value)
  10. Game Shorts - Custom MadGear
  11. Shooting Shirts - Custom MadGear
  12. Practice Reversibles w/ #'s
  13. Side Box Helmet Decals - North Stars Logo
  14. Goalie will be provided Box Pads head to toe. ($1400/goalie value)
  15. Play Day to conclude season. Awards.