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Capital North Stars Box Lax Travel Program

2017/2018 North Stars MVP & C.A.S.E Award Recipients

Juniors/Midgets - High School
Offensive MVP: Gabriel Perkins - On a team with a revolving door of players, Gabe was the one constant that coach Dye could count on.  Attending every practice and game, Gabe always brought intensity and offensive awareness to the team. His speed and stick-skills made him a lethal box player at all times on the floor! Gabe was a huge part of the Capital Classic Championship and his work ethic is exactly what this program is all about. Well done Gabe!

Defensive MVP: Parker Hylton - Parker's stellar play between the pipes was key to this teams championship run in the Capital Classic! Not only is Parker an exceptional athlete, his knowledge of the game coupled with his leadership qualities helped the team in the huddle as well!  Although Parker will be playing for Randolph Macon in the fall of 2018, the North Stars program is looking forward to having him back as a part-time coach next winter!

C.A.S.E Award: Dwight "Trey" Ware - The North Stars coaching staff cannot say enough about this young man. Only a freshman on a team of older players, Trey constantly was asking how he could improve and never once got down on himself or his teammates. A true team-player, his on the field production was equally impressive as he displayed blazing speed and athleticism all over the field.  Trey's attitude and work ethic is what every kid should aspire to have! Congrats Trey and we'll hope to see you next year!

Bantam AA - 8th graders
Offensive MVP: Will McCulloch - Will was a smooth as they come all winter. The lefties finishing ability was essential in winning some low scoring games in both tournaments this winter. Whenever the team needed a goal, McCulloch provided the answer. His feeding ability was also on display all winter as he provided countless scoring opportunities for his teammates. Madlax is looking forward to having Will as a part-time coach in the summer of 2018!

Defensive MVP: Grayson Schmidt - A beastly defender in the outdoor field game, Grayson showed that it can translate pretty darn well into box lax! His physicality was on display all winter long as he made opponents think twice about cutting to the middle... Grayson's communication and leadership was also key in rallying his other teammates who were not as familiar with the defensive concepts as he was. Well done Mr. Schmidt.

C.A.S.E: Harrison Daley - A big bruiser on the defensive end, Harrison showed up at every single practice and game we had with the same positive attitude and energy needed at this level. A true C.A.S.E player, Harrison led by example on and off the field and always competed with 110% effort. Well deserved Harrison!

Bantam A - 7th & 8th graders
Offensive MVP: Michael Duffy - A talented and shifty short-stick, Michael was all over the goal this winter! His natural finishing ability was on full display with beautiful fakes, dodges, and inevitable goals! Not the biggest kid, Michael made up for it with hustle and scrappy play at all times, challenging even the biggest of opponents. That's the type of play we love to see Michael, well done!

Defensive MVP: Brady Leischner - Another successful field defender, Brady showed that he too could cause some serious havoc in the box game! Brady was a stud out there playing his normal brand of physical defense, coupled with some blazing speed in the open field. He even took advantage of having the short-stick to throw a few one-handed wrap checks, successfully too! (Well, most of the time!)

C.A.S.E: Willie Jacobs - Willie was a dominant force for this team all winter on BOTH sides of the ball. Although this team was not the most successful North Stars team, Willie's mind-set stayed strong and encouraging as he provided sparks on both ends of the floor with physical play on defense, and flat out athleticism in the open floor. Very well done Willie!

Pee Wee  - 5th & 6th graders
Offensive MVP: Peyton Booth - A veteran box player, Peyton's leadership was essential to this teams championship in the Capital Classic and 3rd place finish in the Resolute Midwest Classic. A natural finisher, Peyton led the team in goals and provided some fancy feeding as well with a few BTB dimes!  Madlax is looking forward to having Peyton join our 2024 Capital field team in the spring!

Defensive MVP: Connor Pinto - A stellar field goalie, Connor showed us his reflexes were just as dominant in the box goal! Connor's play between the pipes was crucial in the teams 3rd place victory in the Resolute Midwest Classic! He even played through the last days of his flu, can you say Jordan 97'?!

C.A.S.E: Ethan Hulvey, Kyle Pinto, Gavin Lewis, Matthew Harris, Chris Rothenberger - With the competition in Ohio being extremely tight, the third line of 5th grade boys listed above did not see the field as much as they and their coach would have hoped. HOWEVER, these boys were model teammates ALWAYS hyping up their team while maintaining a positive attitude throughout the weekend! When their number was called, each one of these boys stepped up in a big way and played with maximum effort, often times leading to defensive stops and goals!! They truly lived up to this award by showing outstanding: Character, Attitude, Success and Effort. Well done boys, this will pay off next year when your the 6th graders! :)

The First BOX LACROSSE All-Star Teams ever in VIRGINIA, DC & MARYLAND

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The 2017-18 season marks our 4th year as a program and the Capital North Stars are now recognized as one of the strongest box programs in the US!

The Capital North Stars are proud to be the first Canadian box lacrosse travel all-star program in the greater DC Capital area and one of the first on the US!  Founded in fall 2014, these North Stars travel teams are OPEN TO ALL PLAYERS FROM ALL field club programs in the region! To be clear your son does NOT have to be on Madlax All-Stars field team to play. Box Lacrosse is a different sport with unique aspects so we want every boy to be able to take advantage, enjoy and play on one incredible team!

Box lacrosse is the best way for young players to learn how to play the game. There are fewer players at one time, they get more touches on the ball, the walls keep the ball in play, they develop their stick skills better in tighter spaces and it is fun to play! This is why you see so many Canadian players dominating the NCAA college ranks these days. They grew up playing mostly box lacrosse and it shows through their superior skill sets. There are very few programs that teach authentic box lacrosse with the same level of quality coaching that the Capital North Stars do and will for years to come.

Ever since Canada beat Team USA in the field lacrosse World Championships in July 2014 there has been a global trend for more Box Lacrosse. Even though Canadians have been having success in colleges since 2000 (ie: North Stars Director & Box Lax Expert Garett Ince) it has become extremely clear there are massive benefits to playing box lax. Clearly if you possess skills like Canadian box players college coaches will notice and you will become a more valuable recruit! So, if you want to become the best possible lacrosse player who can succeed in the modern field lacrosse game at the highest levels you NEED TO ADD BOX LAX skills and concepts to your game! Register for tryouts today!

Watch This Video !!!

Coach Desko, Syracuse Head Coach, " All young kids should play box lacrosse first."

Joey Epstein, Landon 2018, Johns Hopkins Commit

Connor Shellenberger, Bullis 2019, Virginia Commit

Once invited Please REGISTER HERE. Password emailed.

The logo is a tribute to DC with the Washington Monument, the North land (or Canada) where Box Lacrosse is king and All-Stars which is what the players who make up the teams will be!

How Invitations & Teams Work:

New in 2017-18 Season NorthStars players will only be by invite. Here is how you can be invited:

1. Be a stand out player in the CBLL-Capital Box Lacrosse League. Register for the CBLL HERE TODAY before it fills up. 
2. Be a stand out player from a past NorthStars team.
3. Be a recommended player. An outstanding field player who wants to develop their all-around game and play elite level Box Lax. Coaches recommendations can be emailed to, by 1/1/18
4. Roster Spots  are NOT final until AFTER the first (required) practice/tryout on January 7th.  Full refunds will be given to those who do not make a team.

What Every Player Will Receive

We are treating this first ever box lacrosse program first class and professionally. Don't miss this incredible opportunity!

If you are invited to play on a North Stars team you will receive ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: 

  1. Six professionally run Box Practices (2 led by Joe French)
  2. Two Premier Box Lax Tournaments 
  3. Two Box Clinics prior to CBLL games (if you play CBLL)
  4. Authentic Custom Game Box Jersey (loaned)
  5. Custom Game Shorts 
  6. Practice Reversibles 
  7. Goalie Box Pads head to toe and special Goalie Jersey (loaned)


Shane Cocoran, 2017 Goalie

Ryan McLaughlin, 2015