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Welcome to the Madlax-Oregon Lacrosse Program

Spring Practices for Summer Teams

Sunday, May 6th:

2019AA & 2019A: 2pm-3:15pm

2020AA & 2020A: 3:15pm-4:30pm

2021AA & 2021A: 4:30pm-5:45pm

Sunday, May 13th:

2022AA & 2026/27AA: 2pm-3:15pm

2023AA & 2022/23A: 3:15pm-4:30pm

2024AA & 2025AA: 4:30pm-5:45pm

All practices at Adidas Campus

5055 N Greeley Ave, Portland, OR 97217

After School Enrichment

Click here for more information on Madlax-Oregon's after school enrichment program!

Contact Program Coordinator Max Fleischman at to inquire about bringing lacrosse to your school. 


Valhalla and Bridge City Lacrosse are THRILLED to announce their cooperative merger with MadLax. Inc and will be rightly named, Madlax-Oregon.  Madlax-Oregon will be part of the Madlax Academy. The Madlax Academy is a Comprehensive Elite Lacrosse and Character Building Program for Boys and Girls. MadLax-Oregon will offer our area a high caliber local coaching staff and one of the strongest national networks for lacrosse education, training, recruiting, camps, clinics, leagues, tournaments and player showcases.  MadLax-Oregon all-stars participants will receive the most comprehensive summer experience, including athletic development, elite level practice programming, film review, skill clinics, and character development. See specific team pages for details.

MadLax Overview

The Madlax All-Stars program progression starts with Madlax Regional All-Star teams like Madlax-Oregon that offer 1-3 teams for each graduation year or youth age level. Teams are generally offered for players grades 3rd through 12th.  The best players on each regional program team (Oregon, Capital, Maryland, Virginia or Florida) combined with the six Madlax partner programs, are recommended and considered for the national teams for each graduation year.  The pinnacle of the Madlax program progression is an invitation to play for the Madlax NATIONALS Team which is comprised of the best players in each respective grade from Madlax regional and partner programs. 

Play With Passion - MADLAX

What Madlax-Oregon Players Receive: 

1) The strongest local coaching staff
2) The most comprehensive team and player training program
3) Nominations and minimum of two MadLax-Oregon players per grade represented on MadLax National team
4) Recommendation to the most premier player showcases in the country
5) Fifteen percent off all MadLax Showcase Events for MadLax-Oregon players
6) Recruiting consultation and free national consultation for players who made the MadLax National Team
7) ‘Guest play’ opportunities on any MadLax regional teams
8) ‘Lifetime’ twenty percent off MadLax gear through full retail site