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Season Highlights - 2019 Howard County Spring League Champions

Team Action Photos: 6.16.19 vs LIE & Hawks (C/O Bob Latchford)

5-0 and Tournament Champions! LIE was semi-final win, 4-2, and Championship was Hawks win, 7-5.

Team Action Photos: 5.19.19 vs Team 91MD (Championship) (C/O Bob Latchford)

7-3 in Championship! 9-0 Final Record and 2019 Howard County League Champions!

Team Action Photos: 5.19.19 vs T91MD (C/O Bob Latchford)

More Live Action Photos from the Championship!

Team Action Photos: 5.18.19 vs Hawks (Semi-Finals) (C/O Bob Latchford)

6-5 Win. 8-0 Record. Advance to Championship!

Team Action Photos: 5.12.19 vs FCA (C/O Bob Latchford)

16-2 Win. 7-0 Record to end regular season.

Team Action Photos: 4.28.19 vs Looney's (C/O Bob Latchford)

15-4 Win. Now a 5-0 record in HOCO league.

Team Action Photos: 4.27.19 vs Bethesda (C/O Bob Latchford)

8-5 Win. Brings record to 4-0 in HOCO spring league.

Team Action Photos: 4.7.19 vs Crabs (C/O Bob Latchford)

18-1 Win. Now a 2-0 Record in HOCO league.

Team Action Photos: 3.17.19 MADNESS Play Day (C/O Bob Latchford)

Madness Play Day at Bullis vs Primetime, Team Carolina & Crabs. Won all three games by a combined score of 32-1.

TEAM ACTION PHOTOS 10.21.18 (c/o Bob Latchford)

MD Invitational. 3-0. Wins over: Roughriders, Looneys, FCA

TEAM ACTION PHOTOS 10.28.18 (c/o Bob Latchford)

Battle on the Bay - CHAMPIONS. Wins over: Express North 2X, Hawks, Richmond Hawks, Dukes Nationals

Welcome to the 2024 Capital Team Page!

This team combines the best rising 8th graders from DC, VA, MD & other neighboring states.  There are very limited roster spots open for this team. We are looking for a few advanced players and outstanding athletes who want to compete on one of the best teams in the nation against the top programs in the most competitive tournaments. 

Head Coach: Cabell Maddux,, 703.582.5291
Summer College Asst. Coach: Drew Wellington, BUCKNELL 21'
Summer College Asst Coach: Zach Johnson, MICH 21'

Parent Managers: Helen Bath
General Manager: Harrison Holak
Stats: Lael Campbell & Steve Robertson
Video: AutomaticSports & GameTime Footage

summer 2019 Season Information


We have room on this roster for new athletes so register for upcoming summer 2019 Tryouts HERE


2024 Capital summer Roster:

24CAP Game # First Name Last Name Year
CAP 0 Jewel Walker 2024
CAP 1 Frank Cull 2024
CAP 2 James Timmins 2024
CAP 3 Harris  Sands 2024
CAP 4 John Grennan 2024
CAP 5 Odynn Daher 2024
CAP 6 Kevin Miller 2024
CAP 7 Owen Horning 2024
CAP 8 Wyatt Daher 2024
CAP 9 Ryan Pels 2024
CAP 10 Robert Bath 2024
CAP 11 Chase Robertson 2024
CAP 12 Graham Lesher 2024
CAP 13 Davis Owens 2024
CAP 14 Steele Maddux 2024
CAP 15 Nathan Furgeson 2024
CAP 16 Hank Maddux 2024
CAP 18 T.S.  Roth 2024
CAP 19 RYAN Duenkel 2024
CAP 20 Jack Bonello 2024
CAP 21 Alexander Latchford 2024
CAP 22 Anthony Panetti 2024
CAP 23 Porter Malkiel 2024
CAP 24 Sam Whitehurst 2024
CAP 26 Charlie Musser 2024
CAP 27 Henry Weller 2024
CAP 28 Jake Campbell 2024
CAP 40 JJ Kim 2024
CAP 44 Christian Daymude 2024
CAP 48 Michael Michaelis 2024
CAP 88 Alex Washington 2024

Madlax All-Stars Gear!!!

Fall 2014 - League CHAMPIONS (3rd graders. 1st season together as complete team)

Half-Time of Denver v Gtown Game. Spring 2016

Robert Bath Scores Game tying goal with 5 seconds left in semi-final game vs LI Legacy (6.19.16)

Sam Whitehurst in a BRAVEHEART vs LI Legacy, scores game-winning goal (6.18.16).

2024 Madlax-Capital News