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Welcome to the 2024 Madlax-DMV Team Page!

Head Coach: Hunter Campbell
Asst. Coach: Brendan McGrath
Summer College Asst. Coach: RJ Barnes (Lynchburg)

Team General Manager: Cabell Maddux, and Harrison Holak,

Team/Parent Manager: need. Please email if interested in helping organize some fun!!!

You will find the team calendar with all practices and games, rosters, pictures, and more. Enjoy!

2024 Madlax-DMV Roster:

From Summer/Fall 2021:
(we will update this roster and team in early June 2022 after OPEN TRYOUTS. We have roster space at every position! Register for tryouts HERE today! 

# First Name Last Name Position
3 William Avon Attack
6 William Donovan Attack
7 Ahmed  Zaid SSDM
8 Chance turner Attack
9 Michael C. Settles Midfield
11 Peter Bolanis Attack
13 Kevyn Orr  Defense
14 Dominic Mangino Midfield
15 Matthew Maier Midfield
20 Caleb Park Pure FOGO
21 Kendall Skeete Midfield
22 Alexander Fernandez Attack
29 Sean Casserly Midfield
30 Kamal Skeete LSMidfield
32 Jack Verdery Midfield
34 Colin McGonagle Attack
36 Jack Judd Midfield
38 Nate Quattrone Defense
39 George Shaw Defense
40 Jeff Feaganes Goalie
42 Lucas Lopez Forastier FOGO / SSDM
43 Charlie Schnell Defense
44 Julien Holbrook Defense
45 Matthew Magee Defense
48 Dean Farber Midfield
49 Bryan Lannom FOGO
51 Peri Christopoulos  Goalie

Click Image to See all Madlax All-Stars Gear for players, parents & fans!

Summer Exposure, June 2019. Finalist, 2nd Place.