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  • Second place finish at the fall NAL!


This team combines the best players from DC, VA, MD & other neighboring states.  There are limited roster spots open for this team! We are looking for a few advanced players and outstanding athletes who want to compete on one of the best teams in the nation against the top programs in the most competitive tournaments. 

Head Coach: Coleman Walsh,
Assistant Coach: Nate Williams, Univ. of Denver 21'
Assistant Coach: Cam Badour, Duke University, 21'

Team General Managers: Cabell Maddux, & Harrison Holak,
Parent Managers:  Vanessa Forsythe (Brooks Forsythe's Mom), 
Jennifer Kerr (Tommy Leland's Mom),

You will find the team calendar with all practices and games, rosters, pictures, videos and more. All parents can add to this page. Enjoy!

2019-2020 Year Information

We have limited roster space on this team for new athletes.
Register for upcoming 2019  Fall Tryouts HERE


2027 Capital Summer Roster


2027CAP Game # First Name Last Name Year
CAP 1 Nate Randles 2027
CAP 6 Luke Milone 2027
CAP 8 Alexander Len 2027
CAP 9 Wagner Underwood 2027
CAP 11 William Klauder 2027
CAP 12 Nate Harris 2027
CAP 13 Thomas Christiansen 2027
CAP 14 Jack McBrady 2027
CAP 16 Wesley Tighe 2027
CAP 17 Hedges Maddux 2027
CAP 18 Cole Montgomery 2027
CAP 19 Tommy Leland 2027
CAP 20 Patrick Hoffman  2027
CAP 22 Cullen Carter 2027
CAP 25 Jack Ambrose 2027
CAP 27 JD Bulford 2027
CAP 30 Henry Burg 2027
CAP 32 Luke Swigart 2027
CAP 39 Jude Adkins 2027
CAP 45 Benjamin Phillips 2027
CAP 46 Brooks Forsythe 2027
CAP 52 Cole  Campbell 2027

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