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Boys Camp June 2019

Coach Holak & Coach Walsh side by side at Catholic University!

Madlax Boys Virginia Lacrosse Camps #1-3

"One of the best, pure teaching camps left in the country. Since 1995!"

SAVE $$$ !!! 
Attend any 3 camps and save $150. Attend any 2 camps and save $75. Automatically deducted at checkout in cart when you buy 2 or 3 camps AT THE SAME TIME ONLY! 

June 15-18, 2020
Boys in rising 1st-8th grades.  All Players! All Levels! All Positions!
McLean, VA - Linway Terrace Park Turf Field
Cost: $280

June 22-25, 2020
Boys in rising 1st-8th grades.  All Players! All Levels! All Positions!
McLean, VA - Linway Terrace Park Turf Field
Cost: $280

July 6-9, 2020
Boys in rising 1st-8th grades.  All Players! All Levels! All Positions!
McLean, VA - Linway Terrace Park Turf Field
Cost: $280

Please check-in on Monday by 8:30am. After the first day you can arrive at 8:45am for drop-off. We will supply you a reversible game jersey to wear and keep. Bring a refillable water bottle. Bring full pads (see list below).

We will only delay, not cancel, in case of lightning or thunder. We will play in rain. You can email our camp coordinator here,, with any questions before camp. You can call Harrison Holak, Camp Director, during camp hours only if an emergency here (215) 622-1262.


This is a fun, instructional camp where emphasis is placed on improving individual skills and basic team concepts.  Players will be divided by size and skill and all levels will be challenged!

The goal of this camp is to provide the best instruction and learning environment for young, aspiring players. Focus will be placed on teaching and showing proper individual skills for each camper. Perfect technique will be emphasized. We will aim to teach only those precise fundamentals which will last throughout their young careers as they develop into complete lacrosse players.
In the first two hours of each camp, athletes will be placed in groups according to size, skill, and experience. In those groups we will teach specific individual skills and basic team concepts. We utilize competition small group drills to teach specific aspects of the game. In the final hour campers will play games and scrimmages. "Fireball" is a Madlax Camp specialty. Every day Madlax camps always reward one "Camper of the Day" who exemplifies a great attitude. This award can range from a stick to a stringing kit and it does not necessarily go to the best player. Rather it goes to the kid who asks the best questions, is tough, hustles, and proves to the coaches that he wants to get better while having fun! Don't miss this rare opportunity to be taught by the best!


We will email a 10% in-store discount coupon in June before the camp to all those who are registered at least a week prior to camp. We will also supply reversible jerseys for the campers to keep.

Helmet with Chin Strap
Mouthpiece (optional)
Shoulder Pads
Arm Pads
Complete Stick (no fiddle sticks)
Goalies - Chest Protector with Throat Guard on helmet
Athletic Supporter with Cup (optional)

Camp Staff:

Director: Harrison Holak
• National Program Director, Madlax. 2017-Present
• Madlax All-Stars & National Team Head Coach, 2017-Present
• Capital North Stars Box Head Coach, 2017-Present

More Coaches:
Zach Johnson, Michigan - Midfield
Drew Wellington, Bucknell- Defense
Alex Trippi, UNC - Attack & Offense
Brian Townsend, Penn State, Midfield
Luke Carraciolo, Bryant, Goalie
Michael Grogan, Duke, LSM
Jonathan Bender, Towson, Midfield
Bear Lockshin, Princeton, Midfield
Robert Schain, UPENN, Midfield
RJ Barnes, VMI, Midfield
Will Sterret, RIT, Goalie
Cam Badour, Duke, Midfield
Nate Williams, Denver, LSM
Reid McDonald, Trinity, Attack
Michael McCormick, Gettysburg, Midfield

Extra Special Camp Features
• Free Equipment Awarded Daily to Campers of the Day
• 10% Discount in MadLax Stores through August
• MVP Awards 
• Radar Gun / Hardest Shot 2X week
• Face Off Competition with prizes
• Free Reversible Game Jersey
• Sponsored by: Warrior Lacrosse