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Dodging & Shooting Clinic Fall

Camps Registration

Registration for Fall Clinics is OPEN NOW!

Dodging and Shooting Lacrosse Clinic

Days: Tuesdays
Dates: 9/12, 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10, 10/17
Time:  5-6pm (4:45-5:45pm starting 10/3 due to daylight) 
Cost: Only $295 for 6 sessions!
Location: Langley Fork Park, McLean, VA
Coaches:  Paul Hummer, Hunter Campbell and more elite offensive coaches. All of these outstanding coaches are current Madlax All-Stars coaches and experienced with this age group. Your kids will love them and learn a lot in advanced skill specific drills!

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Clinic Details

Sessions: 6; 60 minute sessions
Who: Intermediate to Advanced boys in 4th-12th grades. No Beginners.
Positions: ANY
Experience: At least 2 seasons of playing experience
Class Size: 20-30 Boys
Equipment: Full pads required (helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, stick). Also please wear cleats and lacrosse shorts. All lacrosse apparel and equipment is found conveniently at Madlax in McLean or in our online store at

Description: After properly being warmed up and improving your quickness and speed, we will go into pure dodging and shooting.

It is a very light contact where all facets of dodging and shooting will be taught for all skill levels. Advanced players should attend as they will definitely learn and be challenged.
Dodges covered: Split, Speed, Inside Roll, Outside Roll, Finalizers, Rocker and more. 
Shots covered: Overhand, underhand, sidearm, 3/4 arm, bouncers, low-high, high-low, fakes and more. 
Fun and challenging drills with massive repititions will enable mastery.

Our experienced Madlax All-Stars coaches will ensure safety in this clinic and be sure to match size accordingly. WE have experience in teaching this age group and have many games and drills ready! This clinic will definitely fill up fast so be sure to register soon.

Bonus: Every camper will receive a free reversible jersey and Madlax Branded T-Shirt upon completion of the clinic. Also all campers will be emailed a 10% discount coupon to use in Madlax stores once you register for any clinic.

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