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Welcome to the 2029 Madlax-Capital Team Page!

This new team combines the best rising 3rd graders from DC, VA & MD who will graduate high school in 2029.  We are looking for great athletes who are in 3rd grade in fall of 2019.  No matter how much experience your son has, we can turn athletes into excellent lacrosse players in our proven Madlax system. If your son is a good athlete and plays other sports we want him and can likely help him become a advanced player for his age quickly. 

Head Coach: Jude Collins, North Carolina, 3X All-American.
Coach: Roland Miller, Mount St. Mary's, One of the All-Time leading scorers in school history. 
Coach: Penn Leachman, 15 year Varsity Coach at local powerhouse, Landon, and starting defenseman at Virginia. 

Director: Cabell Maddux,
Team General Manager: Harrison Holak,
Parent Managers:  Colleen Leleck,, Erica Tighe,

You will find the team calendar with all practices and games, rosters, pictures, videos and more on this page. All parents can add to this page. Enjoy!

2019 Summer Season Information


We have room on this roster for new athletes so register for upcoming summer 2019 Tryouts HERE

2029 Capital Roster:


29CAP Game # First Name Last Name Year
CAP 1 Nate  Barnes 2029
CAP 3 dallas duffie 2029
CAP 5 Oliver Emilo 2029
CAP 8 Laws Howard 2029
CAP 9 Bo Krantz 2029
CAP 10 William O'Neill 2029
CAP 11 blake Concklin 2029
CAP 12 Maximus Snow 2029
CAP 16 Casey Tighe 2029
CAP 17 Brody Patten 2029
CAP 18 Carter O'Neil 2029
CAP 22 Chase Meeker 2029
CAP 23 Jackson Leachman 2029
CAP 24 Emmett Denning-Lee 2029
CAP 25 William Miller 2029
CAP 26 William Hopkins 2029
CAP 27 Colin Henneberry 2029
CAP 28 MAC Thomas 2029
CAP 30 Charlie Leleck 2029
CAP 36 Ryder  Collins 2029

MADLAX 2029 Capital News