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Welcome to the 2029 Madlax-Capital Team Page!

Head Coach: Jude Collins, North Carolina, 3X All-American.
Assistant Coach: Paul Hummer (Loyola Maryland)
Assistant Coach: Dan Neverosky (Naval Academy)
Assistant Coach: Drew Wellington (Bucknell)

General Managers: Cabell Maddux & Harrison Holak,
Parent Managers: Lauren Conklin

You will find the team calendar with all practices and games, rosters, pictures, videos and more on this page. All parents can add to this page. Enjoy!

2029 Capital Roster:

Ryder Collins 2029 Attack
Benny Neverosky 2029 Attack
William O'Neill 2029 Attack
Boden Shipp 2029 Attack
Christian Tomasso 2029 Att/Mid
Caleb Arata 2029 Defense
Spencer Jones 2029 Defense
Brody Patten 2029 Defense
Chase Jana 2029 Defense
blake concklin 2029 LSMidfield
Dylan Macaleer 2029 LSMidfield
Nate Barnes 2029 Goalie
Bradley Barnes 2029 Midfield
G Callen 2029 Midfield
Connor Chun 2029 Midfield
Laws Howard 2029 Midfield
Charles Leleck 2029 Midfield
Ryan Lutz 2029 Midfield
John Turco 2029 Midfield
Ryan Arata 2029 FO & Mid
Jake Mobley 2029 FO & Mid

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  • CHAMPIONS of their first solely 2029 bracket! Congratulations boys! The future is very bright for this crew.

MADLAX 2029 Capital News