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Calendar of ALL Madlax Events

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EVERYTHING FOR YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER; practices, games, tournament with all details are posted on the Calendar & mobile APP for your team. We update it almost daily. We strongly encourage you to follow your sons or daughters team(s) using both of these features. 

Mobile APP
SportsEngine, SE, our website host company, provides Madlax a FREE, robust and cool mobile APP to Madlax families. Be sure to download the APP on your phones and follow your sons or daughters team! From your IPhone or Google Play Store simply search for SportsEngine. After installing the APP be sure follow your sons or daughters team. Be sure to turn on notifications and alerts so you are made aware of all updates! 

From your main desktop computer, you should copy the ICAL URL below (beginning with word webcal....) for the specific team that you want to follow. Then paste it to your google calendar or MAC Calendar. If your phone is linked to your desktop which it likely is already, you will get the team schedule on your IPhone or android phone calendar. Then all updates will happen automatically when we make changes.

ICAL URL: Calendar Feeds to Copy:
Boys Teams:

2020 Capital:   webcal://
2021 Capital:   webcal://
2021/22 DMV:  webcal://
2022 Capital:   webcal://
2022 DMV:    webcal://
2023 DC DOGS:  webcal://
2023 DMV:  webcal://
2024 Capital:   webcal://
2024 DMV:  webcal://
2025 Capital:   webcal://
2025/26 DMV: webcal://
2026 Capital:   webcal://
2027 Capital: webcal://
2028 Capital: webcal://
2027/28 DMV:   webcal://
2029 Capital: webcal://

Girls Teams:
2020 Girls: webcal://
2021 Girls: webcal://
2022 Girls:  webcal://
2023/24 Girls:  webcal://
2025/26 Girls: webcal://

You can filter the calendar below to just show the information relevant to you!

Welcome to the Madlax MASTER Calendar Page. Here you will be able to find ALL the events that are happening within Madlax! The calendar displays all of the information based on "tags". Each team has a tag, and each key area of the website has a tag. If you would like to see your teams event schedule please select the correct team and season near the bottom of the tag menu.

  • Click on "Show Tag Menu"
  • Click on the check boxes that relate to the information you want to see. If you click in the "Select All Tags" button, all of the available calendar events will be displayed. If you click "Clear All Tags", all of the boxes will uncheck. This is a quick way to remove all tags so you don't need to uncheck each one.
  • Your internet browser will remember your preferences so the next time you log in on that system, you'll see the same information. If you create a login id, you will be able to log in from any location and see the expected information.
  • Another option is to go to your team page, where the relevant information for you team will always be displayed.

Once you get the calendar customized, you may use the buttons on the bottom to subscribe to the feeds (i.e. bring them into your desktop calendar, or smartphone)!

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