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Madlax Girls Lacrosse Program

Welcome to the Madlax MAGIC Program

Play with Madlax!


Madlax is committed to attending the top tournaments nationally in the fall, winter, next spring in NGLL and in summer, We still encourage multi-sport athletes despite our year round offerings.  We have excellent clinics for exclusively for All-Stars including PRO Series: Taylor Cummings, 2x National Champion and 3x Tewaaraton Award winner at the University of Maryland and Current Team USA Midfielder for October 5th. Penn State, UMD and VTech all in the fall.

Madlax MAGIC Blue (2023, 2024, 2025)
Madlax MAGIC Orange (2024, 2025)
Madlax MAGIC 2026
Madlax MAGIC 2027
Madlax MAGIC 2028
Madlax MAGIC 2029/30
Madlax MAGIC 2031
Madlax MAGIC Rippers (2032, 2033, 2024, 2035)

 Madlax MAGIC is a premier girls program in the greater DC area primarily based in VA and like the boys program, aims to be a top program nationally!  We hope your daughter will join the Madlax MAGIC girls travel All-Star teams this year.

The Girls All-Star travel Program (now Madlax MAGIC) started in August 2017 and is continues each season and includes weekly training  workouts, league play and tournaments. The Madlax club program is based in McLean, VA with fall practices in DC and winter, spring and summer practices in McLean, VA. The All-Star program is year-round with winter, spring, and summer programs including leagues, play days, tournaments, clinics, and camps. 

Play with Passion - Madlax

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MAGIC Program Details

  • 2023-2033 Teams Offered.
  • Youth/MS Participate in Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer.
  • All High School Participate in Fall, Winter & Summer.
  • Girls from DC, MD, VA and neighboring states are welcome.

MAGIC Seasons Breakdown

  • 1-4 tournaments per team in Fall.
  • Academy Programming in all seasons.
  • Development & competitive play in Spring for Youth/MS.
  • 3-5 tournament per team in Summer.

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Play for the MAGIC Teams for grad years 2023-2034, Register Now!

Summer Camps 2022, Register Now! Open to all girls from any school, club or rec team.

Fall Clinics 2022, Register Now! Open to all girls from any school, club or rec team.

Capital Girls Lacrosse League - Winter 2022-23 Individual/Team Registration is Open!

Main Reasons to Tryout & Play for a Madlax MAGIC Team


  • MAGIC teams gain instant validation locally and nationally with association with existing Madlax Boys Program. Madlax has been respected and renowned by local high school and college coaches since 1999.   
  • Two Full-Time College Recruiting Directors on staff to consult every 9th-12th grader and family throughout the process. Madlax has established relationships with colleges, having placed over 400 boys into NCAA programs.  
  • Advanced, up-tempo, organized and professional practices. 
  • Same offensive and defensive system nationwide at all levels across all programs.
  • High level offenses and defenses similar to what top colleges use today.
  • National Team advantage to experience playing with the best players from all future Madlax regional and partner programs on a true national team in some of the most competitive tournaments in the country.
  • High quality positional and team coaches on staff from college and high school for all level teams.
  • C.A.S.E. Program. Character-Attitude-Success-Effort emphasized  
  • Will compete in the most prestigious and elite high school recruiting events nationally. Youth teams will compete in highest level events.  
  • Competitive pricing with fellow clubs in each region and considering our quality level of coaching, advanced players, professionalism, national platform and all of these reasons listed above, we feel playing for Madlax MAGIC is also a GREAT VALUE!


Madlax plays to win in tournaments and spring league games that have a Championship. So, some players will not play at all unless we are leading comfortably in Championship format tournaments or spring league games. That score lead amount is the head coaches decision as it varies from team to team.  In scrimmages or play days or showcases where there is NOT a championship we will play everyone although it will still not be even time.  Ideally, Madlax  coaches can play everyone in games evenly and still be able to win a game no matter what the format.  You will learn, however, that that doesn't always happen.

Playing time is not guaranteed or promised for any player on any team. It is earned. The coaches have the right to play the best players to help Madlax teams win any game. If players miss practices coaches reserve the right to not play or limit playing time in games and tournaments. That said, in high school recruiting tournaments or showcases, Madlax coaches will make every effort to play every player evenly.   

Players should address playing time concerns directly with their coach on their own at any point, but again, never the parents. Players might ask, "Coach, what can I do or what do I need to do better to earn more playing time?"  If parents still want to discuss playing time they may email a director 24 hours after a game but should never address a coach on the field or during a tournament in person or in email regarding playing time.

It is our wish that all parents try to remain positive and support the TEAM your child is on rather than focus solely on their playing minutes. Parents are requested to encourage their players to work harder in practice to earn playing time. Practices are where the most improvement is made and playing time is truly earned.

That said, the Madlax directors and coaches understand it is hard to watch your daughter not play. Please trust that we are working hard in practices to help your athlete improve so they get more minutes. We always try to preach that a player who has 1 shift in a game or 15 shifts can have equal impact if you treat every shift as a chance to prove yourself.  Finally, practices are where players improve the most and earn playing time more so than in games so emphasize attendance there for your athlete.

Thanks for your support. Best of luck to your athletes.

Play With Passion - Madlax Directors and Coaches

Parents Roles in Madlax MAGIC

You Should be Proud!

Your athlete just made a very, very strong lacrosse program and is going to get a lot better this year if she commits and works hard. She is a talented athlete and has a very bright future. Now that she has made it I want to remind returning parents and inform new parents of how we see your roles ideally in Madlax MAGIC.

Stay Positive and Supportive!

It's an exciting time to watch your athletes play on game day and it can be frustrating at times, trust me, we know. All coaches are trained, experienced and understand the game at a high level having played and/or coached at the collegiate level. The Directors and coaches have a specific training plan and goals within each team. We simply ask that you are always trusting and supportive of the coaches. If you have an issue with a coach please email the directors but never address a coach right after a game or directly. 

By being supportive of Madlax and the coaches and understanding and trusting of our process you're helping the players develop their passion for the game of lacrosse. You are also making it a much more fun environment for them to play in.  Although Madlax plays the best players to win in league games and playing time is never guaranteed (read written playing time policy here), we are not a win at all cost club. In fact, it is more important that we are developing the athletes skills and overall understanding of the lacrosse while acting in line with our C.A.S.E. initiative. Ideally we are enabling the girls to have fun while they work hard to improve. There is a greater chance of this happening for your athletes if you stay positive and supportive! 

Don't talk to your athlete or coach from the sideline.

When the parents scream 'SHOOT!' or 'PASS!' or "Just RUN!" it is distracting and confusing for them. Often times it is just plain wrong and frustrating for coaches. It's hard not to get caught up in it for players this young. It is VERY hard. We get that. We know we even have some parents who have played college lacrosse but even those parents must refrain from coaching and speaking to your athletes during games. Talk with your athletes all you want after the game or before but please...NOTHING during the game. Let them learn and enjoy the experience on his own. Also please never stand on the bench sideline or on the endline if possible. We would also strongly encourage you that when you do speak with your athlete about lacrosse that it is positive and about her effort and attitude more than about plays or mistakes she made on the field. You will burn her out if that is all she hears and she just wont want to play anymore for risk of being scolded in the car ride home. Try to celebrate assists more than goals, ground balls more than hits and being coachable and a good teammate more than anything else. 


We understand you are making a sacrifice and taking a lot of time and spending a lot of money in having your athletes play Madlax. We take this fact seriously and therefore try to maximize our time with them. The players who commit and attend the most will have the greatest experiences. Thank you for bringing them to every practice and game and taking on these simple roles as a Madlax parent. Please communicate early and often if you have to miss something or be late for academic or personal reasons. We look forward to a fun and very successful season coaching your athletes!

ENJOY the Season! 

Play with Passion,
Aubrey Whittier, Madlax MAGIC Director/Co-Founder
Tylar Abrams, Madlax MAGIC Director
Cabell Maddux, Madlax Founder